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Considering the Differences between Phones and Tablets Android Application Development For Dummies is a beginner's guide to developing Android. AndroidTM Application Development For Dummies®, 2nd Edition Groupon, Digg, TripIt, and OpenTable Android apps, among others. He's . Part IV: Tablets . Read Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies PDF Ebook by Donn ppti.infohed by For Dummies, ePUB/PDF

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android tablets for dummies is available in our book collection an online access to it is set as public Android App Development For Dummies, 3rd Edition - pdf. Do Beginning Android™ Application Development Introduction. Besides smartphones and tablets, Android is also beginning to appear in dedicated devices. If you want to break into the growing Android tablet application development market, look no further than Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies!.

All of those images and repetition make this a huge book — at over pages, it can seem intimidating at first glance and is intended as a full classroom replacement rather than a quick-reference guide. You'll need a good working knowledge of Java, but don't need to be an expert already.

Practical exercises abound, and homework is set at the end of each chapter.

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These are key aspects of the guide's approach — you'll rarely find yourself simply reading the material and moving on. If you're a visual learner, or otherwise struggle to retain information when it's presented as a dense wall of text, Head First Android Development will be a welcome change of pace.

Often using strong language and unafraid to express an opinion, the author suggests his guide as an alternative to "dry, humorless, life-sucking coding books [ Available in printed or ebook form, it takes the reader through Android development from the absolute basics to finishing your first application. Along the way, you'll learn how to set up the Android Studio development environment, create an interactive user interface with XML, get different Android components to communicate with each other, and plenty more.

If you're easily offended, you may want to look at one of the other Android development guides — but if not, this is an entertaining and useful place to start. With over "recipes" for things like user interfaces, multimedia, and location services, plus dealing with hardware-specific aspects like cameras and sensors, the guide is aimed at those already reasonably familiar with developing for Android devices.

Around 40 developers contributed to the book, and it benefits from the wide range of perspectives and experience.

Each recipe comes with sample code that you can use in your own projects, either a snippet or full working solution as appropriate.

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If you're looking for straightforward answers to knotty Android development issues, this cookbook deserves a place on your desk. Interoperable with Java in many ways, yet more concise to write in and with dozens of useful new features, many existing Android coders are making the switch. Big Nerd Ranch has written a definitive book on coding in version 1. Aimed at experienced Java developers looking to learn Kotlin, the guide covers all of the language's key concepts and APIs, as well as the IDEA development environment.

Starting from first principles, then diving deep into the language's mix of object-oriented and functional programming approaches, it's the ideal way to get started with Kotlin, both for Android and other platforms.

Activities are the building blocks of an Android application. You will learn how to link activities together to form a complete Android application using intents, the glue to links activities and one of the unique characteristics of the Android OS. You will learn about the various layouts you can use to build the UI of your application, and the numerous events that are associated with the UI when users interact with the application. You will learn three main groups of views: basic views, picker views, and list views.

Chapter 5: Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views continues the exploration of views. Here, you will learn how to display images using the various image views, as well as display options and context menus in your application.

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This chapter ends with some additional cool views that you can use to spice up your application. Chapter 6: Data Persistence shows you how to save, or store, data in your Android application. In addition to learning the various techniques to store user data, you will also learn file manipulation and how to save files onto internal and external storage SD card.

In addition, you will learn how to create and use a SQLite database in your Android application. Chapter 7: Content Providers discusses how data can be shared among different applications on an Android device. You will learn how to use a content provider and then build one yourself. Chapter 8: Messaging and Networking explores two of the most interesting topics in mobile programming — sending SMS messages and network programming.

Finally, you will see how Web services can be consumed in an Android application. Chapter 9: Location-Based Services demonstrates how to build a location-based service application using Google Maps. You will also learn how to obtain geographical location data and then display the location on the map.

Chapter Developing Android Services shows you how you can write applications using services. Services are background applications that run without a UI. You will learn how to run your services asynchronously on a separate thread, and how your activities can communicate with them. You will also learn about the steps to publishing and selling your applications on the Android Market.

Appendix B: Using the Android Emulator provides some tips and tricks on using the Android Emulator for testing your applications. Appendix C: Answers to Exercises contains the solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises found in every chapter. How This Book Is Structured This book breaks down the task of learning Android programming into several smaller chunks, enabling you to digest each topic before delving into a more advanced one.

If you are a total beginner to Android programming, start with Chapter 1 first. A tablet or, in some cases, a smartphone provides a better way to access console features. Whatever your reason, app development will challenge your design, technical, and logical skills.

And the result of this exercise a working and useful application for Android is a great accomplishment that can serve as a portfolio piece.

Getting Ready to Create Your App

There are many avenues to creating your app, including different toolkits, programming languages The Best Languages for Mobile App Development in The Best Languages for Mobile App Development in The world of mobile app development is still going as strong as ever.

If you want to get started, it's not too late! Here are the languages you should think about learning. Read More , and publishing outlets Google Play vs. Amazon Appstore: Which Is Better? Google Play vs. The Google Play Store isn't your only option when it comes to downloading apps -- should you give the Amazon Appstore a try?

At a high level, these break down into the following two categories. You can select controls such as buttons or text boxes, drop them onto a screen as shown in the image below , and provide some parameters on how they should behave. All without writing any code. These types of applications have the advantage of a shallow learning curve. You can typically jump right in and at least begin laying out your screen. In addition, a lot of these tools are targeted at large companies and can be expensive.

After signing in with a Google account, you can click together an app in a couple minutes, and preview it either on your phone or via an Android emulator. Write from Scratch The other option is to write your application from scratch. While real-life hacking is hard, movie hacking often involves just pounding away on a keyboard like your fingers are going out of style. We've already covered a few reasons why you might want to do this -- now is the time to try it yourself!

Read More into an executable application. While it may sound boring, in reality, much more of your time in programming is spent in design, or thinking through how things should work. Though it isn't strictly necessary to know it works in order to program in Java, it's still good to know because it may help you become a better programmer.

Text Editors vs. Choosing between an advanced IDE and a simpler text editor can be hard. We offer some insight to help you make that decision.

Read More do handle some of the routine elements of programming, understand that the learning curve for this method is steep. Read More , and you can develop for desktop and server-side applications including web-based ones in addition to Android apps. The investment will pay off in many other ways down the line.

In addition, consider using both! Then re-implement them in Java if needed to take advantage of its flexibility. Have a relatively complete picture of your app first. For example, imagine the ideal picture of your app is something that lets you video-log your entire life for posterity.Architecture Components.

In order to learn Android development or become better at Android development, you need to get your Java fundamentals right and this book is the perfect place to start. Hence, learning this language will put you one step ahead of all your competitors and will help you grab the best of jobs within the industry.

As you add buttons, text boxes, etc. The example in this book is enough to get a good hold on the language of Kotlin.

The first screen may seem useless, but it may come in handy later as we add features. Around 40 developers contributed to the book, and it benefits from the wide range of perspectives and experience.

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