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"I would recommend Rick Latham's book Advanced Funk Studies to all " Advanced Funk Studies is a well written and informative addition to drum set literature. Download Rick Latham Advanced Funk Studies:Creative Patterns for the Advanced Drummer for free without registration. Advanced Funk Studies - Rick ppti.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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PDF Drum Book - (Drum-Lesson) - Rick Latham - Advanced Funk Studies. DownloadReport. Published on Oct View Download AddThis. "Advanced Funk Studies .one of "The 25 Greatest Drum Books Ever Published" "This book was mentioned by several professionals as their book of choice". Advanced Funk Studies: Creative Patterns for the Advanced Drummer [Rick Latham] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Included in Modern.


Jim Chapin: Neil Peart: Dave Weckl: David Garibaldi: Peter Erskine: Behind the Player: Terry Bozzio: Marco Minnemann: Paul Wertico: Anton Fig: Discover any specific books that you want to read online today. All depending on what exactly books that you are looking for.

Get it only at our library now. Percussion Audition Requirements eBooks is available in digital format. Drum instruction syllabus Contact info eBooks is available in digital format.

Drum Kit Repertoire Rhythmscape eBooks is available in digital format. Your name. Close Send.

Both definitely require a bit of experience with reading, as well as some independence; if you've been playing for a few years, you should be able to get into them. As for "ease of use," I'm not exactly sure what you mean Thunderstix , PM Thanks all!

I think I'm gonna settle with the 25th edition of Latham. The blue book has some very interesting concepts and Garibaldi's books, from what I've read, are generally playalongs.

If I get disappointed, I'll blame the forum!! It is not a book. This is another product I would also highly recommend to you Thunderstix , PM I own all of Rick's material shown. As much as I like watching videos, you still need the books to study, right?

You will need the books. Rick just came out with a new DVD but I am on the broke right now so it will be next month till I pick it up.

Chaffee's books are great along with Garibaldi's. Another good one. The blue includes contemporary rudiments, 16th notehand patterns, 16th note patterns, with bass drum, triplet hand patterns, triplet hand and bass drum, tom toms, drum set interpretation hi hat foot substitution, shuffle, hip hop, ghosting shuffles, contemporary patterns and fills Sounds a bit basic, or am I wrong?

His books are out of print, but you might be able to find them online. You'd be missing the core of the style. A Funky Primer by Charles Dowd might also be a good place to start, though he doesn't give you much help with interpretation.The tape includes discussion and playing of contemporary rudiments, drumset interpretation, hand doubles, hi-hat foot substitutions, shuffle patterns, ghost notes, cymbal patterns and hip-hop patterns.

If I get disappointed, I'll blame the forum!! The options available when playing rhythm guitar are vast.

I think I'm gonna settle with the 25th edition of Latham. Like their classical predecessors, these rules directly tie careful, generous listening to sound argumentation.

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