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Hindi Book Valmiki Ramayan Part I by Gita Press - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Hindi Book-Valmiki-Ramayan-Part-I by. Valmiki Ramayan I - Gita Press ppti.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Valmiki Ramayan I - Gita Press ppti.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

Valmiki Ramayana Gita Press Pdf

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Valmiki Ramayan II - Gita Press ppti.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. ppti.info: Ramayan Ke Jyoti Stambh ppti.info: An excellent commentary on Valmiki Ramayana in English. Gorakhpur: Gita Press, Srimad Valmiki Ramayana ( ). ppti.info Gita Press Gorakhpur, India. Founded in to Ramcharitmanas .pdf files) is available here for viewing and for download.

Lost Prophets of Hinduism and India. Forgotten duty of islam — dawah. Does Islam permit sex with slave? How many ayah of quran are abrogated? Difference between original ramayan and the ramayan you know f.

What is the name of Allah?? Haraam-Halaal contradiction and islam j.

Idol worship Sakar Upaasna - Belief of Hinduism k. Marriage with Ahle Kitab women l. Hindu-Muslim unity through Conciliatory approach! Does Islam teach to kill apostate? Jesus - dead or alive?

Belief of Christianity — Original Sin r. An introduction to Hindu Scriptures t.


Does Quran prohibit befriending non muslims? Author is highly indebted to Shanti Sandesh kendr, Patna and especially Maulana Abdul Majid Qasmi for his effort and pain in publishing the book. Shanti Sandesh Kendr is very actively propagating peace in the society by educating people about the true concept of God, by mutual discussions and by programs for communal harmony.

May God accept efforts of the center and bless all its associates. Author can be contacted at imam. This is the book that introduced people to the story of Shri Ram chandr ji. This great epic was written by Shri Valmiki ji. Owing to the popularity of this book; several versions of Ramayana were written afte rwards.

Several centuries later Ramcharitmanas written by Tulsidas came into existence. Now days it is Ramcharitmanas that is read widely. Valmiki Ramayan is not read as much, but thankfully it is accessible and available to people. To know about some differences between Original Ramayana and the Ramayana that you know - click here.

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This issue of "meat eating" has even become a political tool for some mischievous elements of society. However when we go through Sacred Books of Sanatan dharma or Hinduism then we find several references that not only permit or justify meat eating but also encourage in some case.

When killing of animal for sacrifice or eating is done by revered personality or those who are worshipped then it poses a very big 4 Meat eating and animal killing in Valmiki Ramayan question mark over the issue of meat eating. In this article we will look at very few such references wherein sacred personalities of Hinduism kill animal for sacrifice and for eating purpose.

Kindly note: I am not presenting research work on all references related to meat eating in Hindu Scriptures but only showing very few references from one book only!!

Another important point is that I would like to draw attention of dear readers of gross mistranslation done by some publishers. It is not difficult to understand that there are deliberate mistranslations done for some verses which speak about meat eating or animal killing. Why this literal fraud? Of course; to conceal truth from the common mass and let them not understand the reality of the issue.

For the ease of user we are presenting at least different translations for each shlok Verse. Glorification of roasted meat for eating by Shri Ram chandr ji and others 1.

Having shown to Sita the mountain-river Mandakini and gratifying her with meat, Rama sat on the mountain slope. Righteous Rama was seated in Sita's company and remarked saying "This meat is sacred.

This is savoury roasted in fire". Shri Ram chandr ji and Shri Lakshman killing animals for meat 2. Being famished, Rama, Lakshmana hunted and killed a boar, a Rishya animal a white footed male antelope , a spotted deer and a great deer with black stripes and quickly partaking the pure meat reached a tree by the evening to spend the night. The intentional mistranslation by Geeta Press, Gorakhpur: Yet again we can see entirely different translation.

People are being fooled. Shri Ram chandr ji and lakshman ji killing animals for sacrifice 3. O Lakshmana! Those who intend to live for long should pacify the deity residing over here. Therefore, we shall bring the flesh of black antelope and offer sacrifice at the leaf hut. Valmiki Ramayan, Ayodha Kand Meat is again replaced with some plant part; Nothing more to say.

The rites as prescribed by the scriptures will have to be carried out. You know and recollect that tradition also. Lakshmana who is slayer of enemy heroes having understood his brother's words carried out accordingly. Again Rama said to him. O gentle Lakshmana! E-texts of different Ramayana versions. A picture gallery of Ramayana.

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An audio rendering of Valmiki Ramayana. An attempt to date Ramayana period. Ramayana in pictures. An Indonesian version of Ramayana. Influence of Ramayana in Thai art. Ramayana in prose by Rajagopalachari Rajaji. Ramayana links from Berkeley University.

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Ramayana summary in German.Code Gita-Sangrah. Code Vrat-Parichay. Flag for inappropriate content. Mini Jiminie Park.

Since there was no one to receive there were no givers. Search inside document.

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