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“Money: Master the Game will be a huge help to investors Tony Robbins dropped by my office for a. minute appointment that lasted for. —Maria Menounos, actress, journalist, and TV personality. “What Tony Mike Tyson, and actress Kim MONEY M MONEY Master the Game. “He has a great gift. He has the gift to inspire.” —Bill Clinton, former president of the United States. “Tony Robbins is a human locksmith—he knows how to.

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Read MONEY Master the Game PDF - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins Simon & Schuster | In his first book in two. MONEY Master the Game Book Cover Title: MONEY Master the Game Author: Tony Robbins Genre: Self-Help Publisher: Simon and Schuster. THE GAME. 7 SIMPLE STEPS TO. FINANCIAL FREEDOM. TONY. ROBBINS. SIMON & SCHUSTER. NEW YORK LONDON TORONTO SYDNEY NEW DELHI.

Some people seek an extremely luxurious life, which is a perfectly normal desire. Others, however, prefer a simple yet comfortable life. None of the alternatives is certain since the concept of right and wrong is not applicable in such cases.

MONEY Master the Game: Summary + PDF

It is only your decision. Regardless of the level of financial success you desire, 5 strategies will guide the process and accelerate your personal progress: Save more money and invest the difference. Money Mustache, a Colorado personal finance blogger who declared himself retired at the ripe old age of By saving half of his income while keeping his cost down and investing the extra money, Mr.

Money Mustache, his wife and son live a life free of financial worries with enough time to spend together as a family. If you find it difficult to believe in a random blogger on the Internet, the late billionaire Sir John Templeton followed the same principle. Make more money and invest the difference.

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If you receive an income, consider investing all or a portion of it in your financial freedom goal. Only then will I allow my expenses to increase.

Reduce rates and taxes and invest the difference. As stated earlier, taxes and taxes are one of the biggest barriers to wealth accumulation. Each year, the government takes approximately half yes, half of their income through various taxes to pay for their waste.

The way is to diversify your investment activities into asset classes to avoid catastrophic losses, maximizing your growth potential.

Change your lifestyle and invest the difference. How much do you live where you live?

How much less would it cost you to live elsewhere and maintain the same standard of living? Sure, it might be cool to live in New York.

MONEY Master the Game

But how much do you spend just to get by? Asset allocation is the key to successful investment and the only way to truly diversify your portfolio.

But what if the stock market is crap? Asset allocation goes beyond simply owning a lot of stock.

Asset Allocation is about owning a lot of unrelated asset classes: domestic stocks, international stocks, emerging market stocks, bonds, real estate, Treasuries, commodities, etc. That way, if one of your buckets spills a leak, you do not lose everything.

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Create A Source Of Lifetime Income As the topic itself already says, the main point of step five is to create a source of lifetime income. The strategy for this is simple: Build up wealth by investing in a low-cost investment portfolio, low rates, and of course with well-allocated tax benefits.

He is so convinced that every single person can succeed financially that he wrote Money: Master the Game to provide everyday people with a blueprint for financial freedom.

Master the Game apart from anything else is the simple, easy-to-follow advice that Tony provides. He has the personal experience and charisma to help you understand and implement this important advice for both your everyday errands and future financial plans.

If you are ready to get help clearing the myth-laden cobwebs from your financial vision, let the Tony Robbins money book show you how. Robbins is a master of metaphors and anecdotes that can help you take action in your life, no matter your current financial situation.

Master the Game was created to seize those dreams of financial freedom with a lifetime income plan. So, why wait any longer?

You are also allowed to takes risks to chase your dream: launch a startup or start freelancing for example. Financial Vitality: half discretionary spending If you can cover half of your discretionary spending sport, entertainment you are halfway through never having to work at all again.

Financial Independence: all basic costs Once you can cover half your discretionary spending and all your basic costs, you reached the point where you do not have to work again unless you want to.

Financial Freedom: some luxury spending When you can afford some significant luxury spending sport-scar, holiday house etc. Absolute Financial Freedom: whatever you want There are many steps you can take to achieve the level you would like to achieve.

Cutting costs, save more, find a way to save on taxes or.. Move to a cheaper country. Or to a country that will provide you with lots of things you like.


Italy, for example, can give you sea, best food and wines in the world and all the history and culture you want. Investment Vehicles Tony Robbins goes into the nuts and bolts of investment and describes many different investment vehicles you could use. Get the book on Amazon for the accurate descriptions.Pick one of five financial goals to show yourself that financial freedom is within reach. If you want to do more, learn more and be more, this is your place.

Sales tax may apply when shipping to: Money Mustache, his wife and son live a life free of financial worries with enough time to spend together as a family. What is important is how you have improved the world around you. Step 5: Create a Lifetime Income Plan.

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