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It is to this mission that The Smart Grid: An Introduction is dedicated. There are in fact two grids to keep in mind as our future rapidly becomes the present. The state of smart grid deployment covers a broad array of electric system capabilities automated meter reading approaches to a new level, and is seen as a. formed, multi-agency Smart Grid Task Force is responsible for coordinating ppti.info

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PDF | 75 minutes read | The smart grid, which is known as the next-generation power grid, uses two-way flows of electricity and information to. PDF | Smart grid holds a great promise for a cleaner, more efficient power; healthier air; and lower greenhouse gas emissions. A smart grid. PDF | On Feb 15, , M. N. O. SADIKU and others published SMART GRID – AN INTRODUCTION.

In particular, the nexus of smart grid technologies and utility-owned broadband networks offers significant benefits to communities. Here are three case studies demonstrating how smart grid and broadband networks are helping to revitalize communities and drive new growth in local economies. Smart grid case studies Chattanooga has long been an innovative city in the world of tech, and their wholesale adoption of the smart grid is a perfect example of how transformative the technology can really be.

The project gradually expanded to allow EBP to begin offering enterprise broadband services to local business. EBP also launched time-based pricing to incentivize customers to modify their energy consumption behaviors. Smart grid automation either prevented or automatically restored more than 23, customer outages, according to EBP.

In addition to measuring electrical system operation, the sensors also collect data on environmental factors such as humidity levels, wind and sunshine, and they provide information on cybersecurity issues such as sensor network intrusions and the presence of cell phone signals.

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

The project will help researchers test a variety of sensors and their effectiveness in such deployments, and explore ways to protect smart grid technologies from cyber attacks. In addition to offering gigabit speeds to residents in the city and battling several lawsuits from Comcast and local pay TV operators , the mid-sized southern city has since gained a reputation as a center for innovation.

City officials have claimed that the FTTH broadband network has attracted a handful of companies to open offices and facilities in the city, including Volkswagen, creating new jobs and driving economic growth in the city. HEMC initially built its fiber network in response to requests from local schools and governments wanting access to high-speed broadband.

Those companies were Emerson, a company provides power and building control systems, smart-grid connectivity provider EnerSphere and Hong Kong-based energy management company Jetlun. This loss can be easily started solving the major environmental problem like carbon minimized by using smart grid technology.

Load Shedding, and massive green house gas emissions. They have introduced currently, is considered as the most significant problem in bi-directional power, Plug in Hybrid vehicles, home Bangladesh. This can be solved by smart peak management.

So it is high time The grid system of Bangladesh needs major improvement Bangladesh Power Development Board BPDB should look because it is facing some major problems like- forward to adopt the smart grid technology for improving and 1. Overloading of system components. Poor planning of distribution network.

Lack of reactive power support and regulating services. This huge amount of It is proven that smart grid technology is much more investment is a burden for a country like Bangladesh with beneficial and effective in modern power system rather than such an economic condition.

By using smart grid technology traditional grid system of Bangladesh. Smart grid technology both economic loss and investment can be reduced.

The table is beneficial from all respect of technical and economical below shows the amount BPDB is expending every year by point of view for Bangladesh. So this technology can create a using traditional power system [13].

Technical Benefits: Operating revenue 71,,, TK The traditional technical situation compared to smart grid Operating expenses can be shown as follows: Operating loss 3,,, TK Distribution system is not atomized. Atomized and it process real-time information from sensors and meters for fault location, automatic It is clear from the table that every year BPDB is giving reconfiguration of feeders, voltage and reactive power huge amount of loss instead of income.

Each and every Optimization. So if the technology is adopted and implemented there amount of real power to minimize will be a significant reduction in operating expenses which transmission losses. One of the main reasons of load Smart grid required digital radios shedding is due sufficiency of circuit to wirelessly control the Smart grid technology is almost new in Bangladesh.

Fresh breakers in distribution network and distribution network. Under this graduate engineers can create own employment by designing these breakers not automatic radio system the area will be divided in the smart grid and they can sale their own design in different controlled.

Young victimized. Most of the meter is electromechanical Most of the meter is digital. It can Smart grid technology is consumer friendly as consumers and security system of these meters is detect non working meters and very inefficient and poor. There are many useful applications under this system.

Opportunities, Developments, and Trends

Under this Only distributed sources can integrate. It can integrate renewable energy and distributed sources. If there is a problem safety alert will inform persons who are not Billing problem is a major concern.

It can eliminate billing error, detect home at that time. Consumers can save a good amount of cost Meter readers are not concerned about nonpayment of bills, remotely bill collection but very much concerned disconnect for non paying by peak load reduction in smart buildings.

Smart grids

Based on the about harassment and corruption with consumer and reconnect after nationwide pilot data consumers can reduce their electricity consumers. Smart Every year a lot of transformer lost due Theft detection of transformer buildings, homes and offices can encourage consumers for to theft and authorities failed to find level is possible.

Bangladesh government can implement smart those transformers due to technology. At present, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is top listed Control of power flow is limited and one Power flow is automated, way.

Smart grid technology flow pathways. It can reduce carbon gas emission because smart grid system gives continuous B. Economic benefit: It can also reduce green house gas The system loss of Bangladesh is still high. At present the emission. For example: Electric Power system loss in Bangladesh is This initiative has consumers about smart grid. This task can be taken by the already been proven in Europe, America, Canada and some government or professional engineers who are working in this developed Asian countries.

Because they have already field.

Electronic print media and news papers can play a vital developed smart grid and day by day they are progressing role here. Government can take initiative for training rapidly. From perspective of Bangladesh, development of programs and workshops where consumers will be taught smart grid should not be considered as a dream.

Rather it about the use of smart grid, associated benefits and the should be taken as a scope to improve the power sector of potential implementation issues. Bangladesh and certainly the implementation of such a In Bangladesh as well in many other universities do not technology would be nothing but a serious challenge for us.

Introducing First of all government and high officials should be this technology in the curriculum can be a good way of make concerned about smart grid. Most of the Bangladeshi the students familiarized with it.

In case of technical and engineers and even government engineers do not know about engineering universities, they can include this topic in the smart grid technology. They may be trained by professionals relevant courses as well as perform some research activities in or multinational companies who are researching, working and developing the technology in Bangladesh. Then the second step for Security of smart grid should be taken as a major the engineers may be to introduce smart grid technology and consideration.

The whole smart grid technology is controlled convince to the policy makers about the benefits, usefulness by digital communication network where important and and necessity of smart grid. So, proper encryption must be Second challenge of the smart grid will be financial.

The sixth challenge of smart grid money. For a developing country like Bangladesh, it is almost would be to ensure the cyber security. So at first a pilot project of smart grid can be undertaken jointly with IV.

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If the project Developed countries have started developing and becomes successful then government can go for further implementing smart grid since when the technology was first expansion of smart grid. If government take smart grid as a introduced. Compare to the developed countries especially in national project then third challenge will be to withstand Europe and North America; Bangladesh is still lagging far against corruption.

To get rid of these problems, policy behind by every technical and economical aspects. They are makers can invite an online based tender notice and set up an giving strong effort in this sector and spending their man, and evaluation committee, where honest national and international money to be more developed.

They are investing a great deal bureaucrats, person appointed from the relevant ministries and of amount in this sector. For example, according to the IEA at least two or three Member of parliament may be appointed.

International Energy Agency the electricity sector in European Union EU has an annual turnover exceeding The committee will be completely out of any kind of billion and contributes 1.

Investment in this influence. So it can be The third challenge of smart grid will be the policies and said that investment in smart grid technology is not worthless regulations.

Though most of the developed countries had and this technology can contribute greatly in our GDP. But it may be BERS should step forward to amend different sets of rules not possible due to some hurdles like- corruption, insufficient and policies.

They can make new policies and regulations technological support and political uncertainty. In that case according to Energy Independence and Security Act of smart grid technology can be a good choice.

This law is the only a technology that once it is implemented, then it will be very major piece of federal legislation that addresses the easy to maintain and operate the whole system. As a result modernization of the United States electric utility transmission less amount of resource will be needed for operating the entire and distribution system by upgrading to the smart grid. At the same time the implementation of the technology that is, its design, planning utilization of the available resources will be optimized to a operation and maintenance.

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