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INSTANT reference on all Medicines available in Pakistan. PharmaGuide. SMARTPHONE VERSION. Pakistan Edition. (Application contains data on CEPHALOSPORINS only by default. Complete Data is available through yearly subscriptions. Users having complementary. Partition Manager 6. Bueno, explico de las dos formas m aacute s reconocidas, por xploits y por troyanos. Pakistan pharma guide pdf free. Direct Link #1.

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online or download.. free pharma guide pakistan downloads - - Pharma Suite Plus Pharmaguide Welcome To The Pharma ppti.info Free Download Here. PharmaGuide Pakistan EditionInstant and Predictive Search by:BrandGeneric Name (e.g. Cefoperazone)Contents (e.g. Cefoperazone and. pharma guide pdf free download PDF | ppti.info Arthritis medication articles The nurses quick guide to drug calculations: Nursing made.

In order to provide efficient health care service, hospital pharmacists shall be appointed in all the hospitals of the country at the rate of one pharmacist for each fifty beds. Efforts will be made to increase the availability of qualified pharmacists for this purpose. The Hospital Pharmacy System will be properly organized on scientific lines under the supervision of graduate pharmacists.

They will be assigned with specific duties to provide an efficient drug supply system and where possible a limited production of pharmaceuticals. Model Hospital Pharmacies shall be set up in each Federal and Provincial Government teaching hospital in line with the system in any developed country to set an example for the others to follow. The system will ensure the availability of essential drugs in health facilities according to their level.

Allocated drug schedules for different categories of hospitals and health units will be followed as far as possible. The drugs shall generally be procured under generic names through competitive tenders and a system shall be developed for monitoring supplier performance. The average lead time form order to receipt shall be minimized. The provinces would coordinate and exchange information on costs in order to ensure reasonable purchase prices.

All bulk supplies of drugs to health institutions shall be obtained in government approved special packs. The provincial government shall also share the results of their drug testing with Federal Government. Companies supplying any substandard drug shall not only be required to compensate for compensate for the loss and shall be debarred for future supplies but their license for manufacture or as the case may be for sale shall be reviewed and cancelled where necessary.

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Their services shall be effectively utilized in management of prescription drugs. To implement this, to begin with. In order to maintain uniformity throughout the country the Federal Government being so authorized shall notify such drugs or classes of drugs from time to time. However, a well defined quality control program with special reference to the inspection and laboratory services exists at both the Federal and Provincial levels of the country which shall also be strengthened as under.

Inspection Services: 9. In addition, the DHOs have also been appointed as ex-officio inspectors in some provinces who are supervise the district drug inspectors. In some areas separate inspectors have been appointed for factory inspections and for inspection of sale outlets but without any chain of command.

In most cases they lack facility of transport and funds for purchase of samples. Under the Provincial set up, uniformity in their set up and a hierarchy shall be created with proper chain of command and clearly defined duties for each level and efficient system of management and control. Additional inspectors shall be appointed to check specifically the sale of spurious drugs. The inspectors shall also be provided with regular training to keep abreast of latest quality control techniques and inspections for compliance of Good Manufacturing Practices GMPs and Good Sales Practices GPs.

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Similar requirements shall be laid for Quality Control Department also. For that the Good Procurement, Distribution and Storage Practices shall be developed and implemented.

In case of thermolabile drugs, cold chain shall be ensure from the level of manufacturer to the end-user in order to maintain the quality and potency of the product the impoters, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers shall be required to ensure storage facilities which would maintain the quality of the drug in accordance with Good Storage Practices for each level. Facilities of all the licensees shall be reviewed carefully in accordance with the Good Storage Practices at the time of the renewal of their license.

Information regarding products of standard quality shall be widely disseminated to medical and pharmacy profession to build their confidence on all competitive products available in the country.

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The Drugs Act, shall be amended so that the seller of such drugs is also made equally responsible as that of the manufacturer and that the punishment for this offence shall be enhanced.

Laboratory Services: 9. Four are for routine analysis out of which one is under the Federal Government at Karachi as Central Drugs Laboratory CDL and one each under the Provincial Governments of Punjab, Sindh and NWFP at Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar respectively the law provides that any one who is not satisfied with the results of the these laboratories can appeal requesting for retesting of the sample by an Appellate Laboratory.

This however lacks necessary manpower and The Central Drug Laboratory, Karachi is housed in an old dilapidated army barracks and this along with the Provincial Laboratory are also defierent in well qualified staff and equipment. The said Drug Testing Laboratory, Karachi is also not properly housed. There is no laboratory in Baluchistan and thus the CDI is performing test on behalf of that province 9.

It shall also be manned with more technical staff and equipped with new instruments and other facilities. Like-wise the provincial laboratories shall be strengthened.

Besides its existing functions, it shall be used for testing of drugs prior to registration, for organized post-marketing surveillance and for stability and bio-availability studies none of which is being done at present.

From the Government platform, a Drug information Bulletin is issued from time to time to provide unbiased information to the medical profession.

This shall be published on regular basis and distributed to all doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals. Apart from providing these with accurate and timely information, the bulletin will endeavor to promote the concept to essential drug and their rational use. Similarly Standard Treatment Guidelines in important areas shall be prepared and published and made available for wider circulation.

On the basis of world-wide information monitoring, these Centers will also undertake post-marketing surveillance studies of newly registered drug products containing newly developed drug substance. These Centers shall also provide regular information on drug to prescribers and pharmacists.


The curricula shall be revised to include promotion of concept of essential drugs, rational drug use and related subject, e. Facilities of foreign training shall be provided to pharmacists working in the Drug Control Organization to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge in the field.

Their services shall be effectively utilized in management of prescription drugs in particular with the objective of their rational use.

The teaching curricula for pharmacy student shall be revised to provide adequate training to prepare pharmacists to render efficient health care service with special emphasis on hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy service. These funds will be spent for conducting researches on the development of new drugs and encouraging rational drug therapy. Published Quarterly. A retail sale audit report of almost pages providing sales of all medicines.

PharmaGuide, now has completed its three decades of successful operation. The company is well known for its publications to cater the needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare profession. PharmaGuide has an envious history of unprecedented leadership success.

All our products and services are targeted to objectively disseminate information and knowledge for better human care. We are sure our efforts have helped the healthcare professionals in enhancing their service quality for the ailing community. We are dedicated and committed to develop and offer useful products. Consequently during the coming decade, we will strive more to expand and extend our business boundaries and professional services.

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We will ensure that the professional needs of each of its individual customer segments i. We will ensure that the quality and authenticity of our products are at the highest level of professionalism.

Both the quality and quantity of the products will always be superior. In coming decades PharmaGuide intends to further elevate its stature of a world recognized entity for authentic and reliable products. PharmaGuide Book Hand Book published annually providing essential prescribing and trade information.For his "pioneering research into a new class of molecules" for "lowering cholesterol,"[ sentence fragment ] [71] [72] Research and development[ edit ] Main articles: Drug discovery and Drug development Drug discovery is the process by which potential drugs are discovered or designed.

The drug has also been administered by direct IV push over min. In the labellling of drugs the use of generic names with at least the same prominence as brand names and necessary information in national language shall be made as a mandatory requirement.

Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Multan. Following general frame work is designed to achieve above objectives; - 3. Inject deep IM into large muscle mass.

Brand Generic Name e. For example, diseases involving fewer than , patients in the United States, or larger populations in certain circumstances are subject to the Orphan Drug Act.

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