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Starting as an add-in with Microsoft Office and incorporated as out-of-the-box functionality in Office , users have the ability to save files directly to PDF format. Download the Microsoft Office ‘Save As PDF’ Add-in and save the file to your hard disk. Save your Office file as a PDF without needing additional software or add-ins. Use PDF format when you want a file that: Office and Newer Versions. Replied on May 26, You can save a file as a PDF, just as in Office with the add-in only you don't need to install the add-in.

Pdf Add-in For Office 2010

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Documents related Office , including an overview, product guide, getting started, and new features. Office has Built-in Save As PDF & XPS option. Need of any Add-on or third party software to convert documents into PDF/XPS format. Office includes a built-in PDF writer to help you save any "Save as PDF" add-on to export files as PDF format in their Office programs.

Create PDF Documents in Office 2010

Then select Document and clear Document properties. Set any other options you want and choose OK. Also, modify the file name if you want a different name. Click Publish.

Otherwise, make sure Document is selected. To create a set of bookmarks in the PDF file, select Create bookmarks using. Then, choose Headings or, if you added bookmarks to your document, Word Bookmarks.

If you want to include document properties in the PDF, make sure Document properties is selected. To make the document easier for screen-reading software to read, select Document structure tags for accessibility. Bitmap text when fonts may not be embedded If fonts can't be embedded into the document, the PDF uses bitmap images of the text so that the PDF looks the same as the original document.

Encrypt the document with a password To restrict access so only people with the password can open the PDF, select this option. Word opens the PDF content in a new file.

You can copy any content you want from it, including images and diagrams. Word This information also applies to Microsoft Word Starter To see the Save As dialog box in Word and Word , you have to choose a location and folder. If the file size is more important than print quality, click Minimum size publishing online.

This will generate a basic PDF that preserves the layout and format of your original document. If you need more control over the options for your PDF, such as adding bookmarks, use the Word desktop app to convert your doc to a PDF. Click Open in Word to start using the desktop app.

Tips: Tell us how you would use this feature in Word for the web. At the bottom of the Word for the web window click Help Improve Office. When the PDF format file is viewed online or printed, it retains the format that you intended. Great post, Sandip! Check out the Office videos available on the Office Facebook Page for some more details!

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If the Word document has a background colour, converting it to pdf leaves a white strip down the side. How do I stop this happening. There needs to be a single button that converts documents to PDF.

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Great that it converts to PDF …. How can I create the PDF so when views the user cannot select and copy the content?

That is so much easier to use than to go to Save As, and then scroll down to pdf. Can you offer any help for this? I need to save Word documents quite often as pdf.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Word & Excel With Save As PDF & Save As XPS Option

Skip to content. Sandip Dedhia Sandip Dedhia is the founder of Blogsdna.Click here to see the steps for reinstalling Acrobat in a simplified mode Close all open applications. If you need more control over the options for your PDF, such as adding bookmarks, use the Word desktop app to convert your doc to a PDF. Open the.

This will generate a basic PDF that preserves the layout and format of your original document. Close all Office applications. In the Links tab we have the following options: Convert Links - If this is checked, all links in the current document will be detected and converted as active links in the resulting PDF file.

In the Pack and Go Wizard, select the location to which you want to export the file, and click Next. For more information about the registry, see the Windows documentation or contact Microsoft. Click the [Application Name] Options button. Click OK when finished.

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