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PDF | The present case revolves around the comeback of Narayana Murthy as executive chairman N. R. Narayana Murthy: A Biography (), By Ritu Singh, . Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy was born 20 August he commonly referred to as .. "IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition Recipients" (PDF). IEEE. Retrieved 20 November ^ "WEOY winner ". E&Y. N. R. Narayana Murthy is the co-founder of Infosys Ltd. This biography of Narayana Murthy provides detailed information about his childhood.

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OF HOW INFOSYS WAS BORN AND HOW HER LIFE HAS CHANGED. I was in Pune when I met Narayana Murthy through my friend Prasanna, who is now. Who is Narayana Murthy- profile and brief biography with factsheet. Also get educational qualification, family background, age, marital status. BIOGRAPHY. Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy is the Chairman of the Board and. Chief Mentor of Infosys. He founded Infosys with six other soft- ware professionals.

Risks taken by such entrepreneurs are not so much popularly known. But, i can remember how Steve's biogrophy partly had lot of such stuffs carved in his biography. A good book to read and learn in one day. I like that he never gave into the pressure or ideas of anyone. Contains enough inspiration to give it a read.

Nov 24, Srinivas rated it really liked it A fast paced thriller called Infosys. Jun 24, Meera rated it liked it It is an inspirational book for everyone. And he is working closely with the top management to come up with incentives such as giving higher salaries to top performers to improve the performance of the company.

This is a true example of commitment and dedication. Even after his retirement, Narayana Murthy is willing to sacrifice his luxuries to revive the company. Lack of financial resources is not an excuse for a dull career. If we are passionate about changing our future, our dreams will definitely come true. Life is full of challenges. We all make mistakes but it is important to learn from them and rise in our academic and professional lives.

Of course, the mindset one works with is also quite critical. As recent work by the psychologist, Carol Dweck, has shown, it matters greatly whether one believes in ability as inherent or that it can be developed. Put simply, the former view, a fixed mindset, creates a tendency to avoid challenges, to ignore useful negative feedback and leads such people to plateau early and not achieve their full potential.

The latter view, a growth mindset, leads to a tendency to embrace challenges, to learn from criticism and such people reach ever higher levels of achievement Krakovsky, page The fourth theme is a cornerstone of the Indian spiritual tradition: selfknowledge. Indeed, the highest form of knowledge, it is said, is self24 knowledge. I believe this greater awareness and knowledge of oneself is what ultimately helps develop a more grounded belief in oneself, courage, determination, and, above all, humility, all qualities which enable one to wear one's success with dignity and grace.

Based on my life experiences, I can assert that it is this belief in learning from experience, a growth mindset, the power of chance events, and selfreflection that have helped me grow to the present. Back in the s, the odds of my being in front of you today would have been zero. Yet here I stand before you! With every successive step, the odds kept changing in my favour, and it is these life lessons that made all the difference.

My young friends, I would like to end with some words of advice. Do you believe that your future is pre-ordained, and is already set? Or, do you believe that your future is yet to be written and that it will depend upon the sometimes fortuitous events? Do you believe that these events can provide turning points to which you will respond with your energy and enthusiasm? Do you believe that you will learn from these events and that you will reflect on your setbacks? Do you believe that you will examine your successes with even greater care?

I hope you believe that the future will be shaped by several turning points with great learning opportunities. In fact, this is the path I have walked to much advantage.

Another co-founder, S. The new leadership will take over on August 21; a day after Murthy celebrates his 65th birthday and moves from active leadership to the honorific of Emeritus Chairman for life. The announcement was made in the late evening of April 30, in an event covered live by all major business TV channels. CEO-designate Shibulal, said Infosys was moving into its third chapter where the first was about global delivery models and the second was about developing verticals, Infosys 3.

The assembled wall to wall media however asked some earthy questions of selection committee chairman and Cornell University professor Jeff Lehman who was connected by satellite video questions like how the committee ended up by selecting one of its own members, Kamath as the new Chairman, effectively reducing the committee to just two members -- Lehman and HDFC Standard Life Insurance CEO Deepak M Satwalekar.

Kamath reclused himself before final cut was made, Lehman 26 explained. The company also decided to change its name from Infosys Technologies to Infosys Ltd. Hell continue to mentor people at Infosys, and remains on the boards of several Indian companies.

He is also a member of the prime ministers economic advisory council and an IT adviser to several Asian governments. The bespectacled computer engineer said hes charmed by the idea of teaching at a university.

There are opportunities in India and outside to go and teach at a business school, he said. It would make him feel young, he added.

He dismissed speculation about a run for public office, insisting hes not cut out for politics. Indians worth a fraction of that have servants to clean up after them, but Murthy is reputed to start each day by cleaning the toilet at his house in a middle-class neighborhood of Bangalore, Indias technology hub. A leftist during his student days at the respected Indian Institute of Technology, Murthy believes in distributing the wealth, and stock options at Infosys have created many millionaires.

In contrast, his counterpart at rival Wipro Technologies Ltd. As for charity, Murthy wont discuss his good works. You dont do charity for publicity, he said. Infosys bylaws, meanwhile, will prevent the founders family members from taking over the company. Murthys son Rohan, a Cornell student, has to run his own marathon, he said. He should create another Infosys. Their dream Gates said his original dream was not 'sales,' but a dream computer. Even today he dreams of one such PC that would change the lives of one and all.

He also dreams to see a PC on top of every desk, but rues "we are nowhere near the finish line. Murthy's dream was to set up a company that is respected globally, but as he humbly stated: "We are miles away from it. Since then he was convinced that his future lay in information technology. The second defining moment came when he decided to drop out of school to 29 work on a project that was a huge success.

Gates said he never hesitated to take risk. For Murthy it was quite another story.

While he was in Bulgaria, Murthy was arrested for having talked to a girl in French! He was subsequently released when the Bulgarian authorities found out that he was from India. It was then that he decided to build an organisation that would be globally respected. Gates on Iraq Gates thought 'Iraq was a very good decision'. However, he warned that it does not mean that one 'backs off from a commitment in another country' and added that 'in a good democracy, you get smarter as you go on.

He said when it came to the open economy no one could compete with the US. He also said that Microsoft would hire up to 3, people in the next three years.

Gates also plans to set up rural IT pilot projects in six Indian states; make rural information kiosks accessible to 70 crore million Indians; convert Microsoft products into Indian languages, and have retail outlets in next the next four years. Sense of humour Their sense of humour too was visible at a chat show for a television channel in Delhi.

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We have with us together two icons of our times - Mr. Bill Gates and Mr.

Both iconic entrepreneurs, but in fact both much more than that. As you look into their lives there are so many similarities. Like both started life as hardcore software guys. Bill Gates wrote the basic compiler and Mr. Murthy, in the early 70s, also wrote the first basic compiler.

Both today have given up being CEOs and taken a step back to help with the bigger kind of picture with bigger vision.

N. R. Narayana Murthy

Both of them have superb right hand people i. Both have huge businesses but even larger social goals with larger hearts. Both have wives, Melinda and Sudha, who in fact are even more committed to changing society, to philanthropy and charity. As icons they have to resist tremendous pressures, sometimes to enter politics. Both remarkable men, those come once in a lifetime, once in a generation. Both used to travel economy class, some say they were stingy, for some it is about principles.

If it is stingy, certainly it is not visible in their charity. Ironically both are voracious readers, books are their passion.

One major similarity - both really believe in spreading wealth among their employees through ESOPs but now both have stopped that and the list of their similarities is endless. The school teacher asked me to teach computer to the class.

That was when I got fascinated and completely immersed. My decision to leave school and start a company, thats a nice milestone since it worked. In my case I thought the time was very important to get in and be the very first. So this chip computer comes out and I decided to go to Paul Allen and provide the software for the very first personal computer, which again was incredibly limited.

The willingness to take the risk before anybody else was doing it, I think that was a big help to us. My parents thought that I was going on leave and will come back as the company will not succeed; even Harvard was nice enough to say that I could come back and even today they are willing to take me back. First when I was incarcerated in Bulgaria, a communist country and without food and water for 96 hours. Later I decided that I dont want to be a part of this system and I will go back to India to pursue entrepreneurship and create wealth legally and ethically.

Second was in , we had started the company in It didnt progress because there was so much of friction in business inIndia. I would say that these were the three defining moments in my life. Every couple of years people says that a new company will throw you out of the business and we get to show people not this time.

My vision was not about sales or profits but it was about this computer, what it could do and we dont have that computer yet. We cannot talk to the machine and it cannot talk to us and we are still looking for that computer. I have a dream of having a computer in every home, in every desk. We are not even half way in achieving that goal; here in India we are scratching the surface.

So there is still lot of work to be done as there is no finish line anywhere near. At Infosys, we have a vision to become a globally respected organization, not only in India but also in US, Japan, Germany, Australia UK and thats still a long marathon. Maybe 10, or 12, Infosysians have already made some money but there are 30, other Infosysians who still have to make that kind of money and it is our responsibility to give our best, our commitment to make sure that they and future Infosysians can make money.

#962 N.R. Narayana Murthy

If you get to a point where industry is so hot, it almost hyped then you start to get deviations that not only go up but they also fluctuate, so to pass the risk of those market conditions on to the employees may not be right. But we are actually into shares now where you 33 get your salary and shares of stock and so we cut the variance down and so the predictability is much greater and still plenty of personal wealth.

We are still sharing the wealth but in a different way and it wasnt to do anything with the new accounting principles. If you want to bring those people on board then you need some equitable paradigm and that is why Infosys adopted the ESOPs model. We suspended it because we have to expense it out according to US regulations and then we realized that it is not the best model for us anymore. And then as it was pointed out, we made an analysis and found that by creating a paper or variable performance model, we will be able to provide a decent compensation for all.

People have started questioning. Is democracy important in taking business decisions? It is the real commitment to the future.

It is a must and we, US, stand for it. However, the important question now is that: is it really paying?The couples are parents to two children, Rohan and Akshata. I believe that we have all at some time eaten the fruit from trees that we did not plant. Retrieved 10 June What human qualities are important for success? Second was in Nada Hadi. This did not deter the straight talking Murthy from courting controversy or voicing his opinions openly.

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