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Editorial Reviews. Review. The second book in the One Night trilogy is a stunner. There's One Night: Denied (The One Night Trilogy Book 2) - Kindle edition by Jodi Ellen Malpas. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. We miss you all. xxx. One Night: Denied. JODI ELLEN MALPAS. Contents Dedication Title Page Acknowledgements Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two. Nov 12, Then, Jodi Ellen Malpas did what she does best; she pulled us right back in the latter part of Denied when we finally unravelled a little more of.

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Denied book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The passion that burned between Livy and Miller in One Night: Promised ma. Jul 16, Downloads PDF One Night: Denied (One Night series Book 2), PDF Book Details Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas Pages: Publisher: Orion. The second novel in the dark, sensual and spellbinding One Night Trilogy. He's amazingly wealthy, sinfully gorgeous, and can bring her to heights of pleasure.

She has kept herself in a tight little bubble for the past 7 years. I love nan! She is so fun and had me laughing many times. M never mixes business with pleasure. He is very guarded and refuses to answer anything personal every time Livy tries. As Livy starts wiggling her way into his heart, we see the slow build of his feelings toward her.

Your heart will be pounding with the many twists that happen after. The ending will blow your mind and leaving you desperate for the next book. Though he wants nothing more than to have her in every way, his first duty is to protect her at all costs…from his sins, his enemies, and especially himself. Or even in the case of a golden vagina, the word "worship" was overused to the extent that it loses its "holy-ness".

You guys wanna know? Because you know, "my thing" just sounds way cooler. This brings out all the pedo feels in me. I'm sorry but isn't there better pet endearing names than this?!

Seriously, my sweet girl? How does that make my libido turn on at all?! And let's get to the part where the editing was absolutely horribly done that I felt like personally messaging JEM and asking her if she really left out a chapter in the book or if her editing team did a huge mistake. For anyone's curiosity, I'll just paste a quick excerpt between chapters to get my point across in spoiler tag.

Probably to reinforce my decision. Gregory winces as his ex-lover hurls abuse down the line. I know he feels as hopeless as I do. And William? His handsome face tries to smile some ease into me but fails miserably. I snuggle into his side but get no comfort from his embrace. Or did I imagine that? He lifts his eyes and smiles. Familiar anger bubbles but for a whole other reason. Surely he should be happy that Ben is calling.

I pace doggedly around my bedroom. Pulling from his chest. Hearing a heavy sigh of frustration emanate from the bed. This is wrong. My chin drops to my chest. I feel no better after my tirade. I smash my lips back on his and start working him desperately. Something forbidden. There are plenty of reasons to halt what is about to happen.

Trying to cool my boiling blood and rein in my quaking body. And I also wish I could reap what I sow. The sensation of his hands running all over my back and his mouth pressed hard to mine brings me a strange comfort. I watch in silence as Gregory attempts to spit some words out. Something strange.

He groans. I need different.

They were appropriate for Ben. I had no right to interfere. I start inching closer. I shift my position. Our mouths quickly find each other again and my hand starts venturing downward until I have his hard. With a lack of a bra covering my modest breasts. I pull an even swipe of my palm down his hardness and he draws an uneven breath. Gregory pulls back and gazes down at me. We should stop. We should halt it. He shifts.

His head drops briefly. He helps me. The word hits me like a sledgehammer. Hands and lips are everywhere as we explore unknown territory. He starts laughing and quickly snatches the sheet to cover himself. I gasp and yank it back. The rise and fall of his chest under me indicates his heavy sigh.

Not that either of us seem bothered as we battle for possession of the sheets. I flatten my naked front against the door. Only one man can do that. No man could ever fill the gaping hole in my heart. I have nothing to feel remorseful for. But we both freeze when the sound of creaking floorboards muscles in on the happy laughter. I instigated that. I think we both got a little carried away. I hand it back and watch as my. I guess that twenty per cent got the better of me.

I smile a little. I dart over and make quick work of throwing it on.

I fiddle with my ring. I turn around. It makes me smile more. I want Gregory to be able to delete Miller Hart from my brain. He wants to return the favour.

I shake my head and settle back into his side. He moves in when I step away from a tall preppy-type. We just ended up here after I mentioned my membership card and free entry. I talk with confidence.

I can also see men watching me. I accept drinks. This is a dangerous position for us both to be in. He does. My drunken mind has become vengeful and is stamping all over the fact that Miller is away and he will likely watch all of the CCTV footage from the club when he returns. Gregory hands me another and we make the most of our time alone.

The next evening. He grins and takes it from my hand. My cheek is kissed by countless men. I take a deep breath. I shy away from nothing. What are we celebrating? Being complete idiots? I ignore the strawberry in my flute and sip while gazing around the bar. I can see cameras everywhere. I get a look from the doorman. How long will we continue to torment ourselves? Ben is standing in front of us and Gregory is shifting awkwardly on the spot. Ben shrugs sheepishly and drops his eyes to the glass of champagne in his grasp.

I see him shrug at the security guy next to him. Heads are thrown back in laughter and continental-style kisses are exchanged everywhere. He grins and discards our glasses before taking me in his hold and twirling me out on a spin. My mouth snaps shut as I flick my eyes from Ben to Greg.

I know what I should be doing. Ben spots us and starts making his way over. I still feel mad. Everyone halts dancing. Any ounce of sympathy I had for him diminishes instantly. I curse to myself. I should be dragging Gregory away. I gather breath to hit him with another torrent of abuse. But Ben does. Unease sets in. I fulfil my role perfectly. This is a huge deal. I let him take me. In reality. The only sounds now are of confused chatter.

The door is ajar and one tiny push swings it open. His eyes are doing that. There are no words. My shock from his presence is turning into irritation fast. I can still hear the music — the words distressing me. My eyes close.

By Jodi Ellen Malpas

My eyes instantly fill with tears as I breathe erratically and watch him watching me. I drink him in. Get the drinks. Internal fireworks explode. My knees feel weak. His perfect jaw is ticking. But then the club is suddenly filled with music again. I take a worried pull of breath. The music is relentless. William told me to run. His long strides have him in front of me in seconds. I feel pretty lethal myself right now.

I want to forget them all. But I do smack him in the chest again. I hate the desire ripping through my anger. I can feel the fury pouring from him. Shock that I came here. He has no right to be. The whole point was to torture him the only way I know how. He steps forward again. He anticipated this. And he knows that. I knew what I was doing. He fully expected it. The apparently emotionless man is furious.

His mouth is at my ear. I thought my presence would shock him. My strength shocks me. I ignore his accusation. The images all change. I gather myself fast. There will be only fucking.

Jodi Ellen Malpas - One Night Denied.pdf

He growls. I accept his violent kiss. He steps forward. I cry out. His blue eyes search mine for a few moments. He looks dazed. While the contact is in one sense soothing me. There will be no other man.

Nothing will power through the lust attacking every fibre of my being. I start to wriggle beneath him. My hands are a knotted jumble in his mess of waves. I want more hours. He thrusts me up against his office door. If I let this go further.

A lot fucking more. I take my membership card for Ice from my bag and throw it at him. No man can fix me. Tony is cursing. Explicit language is being fired everywhere. By anyone. Handing me a glass cautiously. I need to find him. I spot Gregory. The doorman gives us a wide berth as we throw ourselves out of the club.

He lowers me to my feet and gives me the once-over. The women. Gregory is cursing. All I can hear is shouting. Is he asking me for help? The OCD. I need to go. He catches me and tosses me up onto his big shoulder.

Miller is cursing. I tear through the crowds.

Anger is drenching the happy club atmosphere around me. Ben approaches. Miller really is ruined. Internal lightning bolts strike. I navigate the corridors well.

My legs work fast. I wince. And the whole time. This is another man. Miller has me. Not the man disguised as a gentleman or the loving. I look up. But even though Gregory is well built. I struggle to my feet while the spectacle continues. In my dazed state. My steps forward are tentative.

I wince at the sounds of hard knuckles connecting with flesh. Not my treasured friend. My face is level with his. Both men are so consumed by the determination to win. Both of them have forgotten about me. This is becoming a battle of the egos now. I see Gregory a few yards away. He nods. I need to stop this. He flags a taxi down and makes to put me inside. I need to stop them. Miller clearly has the upper hand. He staggers back.

This is someone else. I glance up to see Miller tackle Gregory to the pavement. Their rationality has been clouded by caveman behaviour and bashing horns. Some glue will sort it out. After checking myself in. I get up and make my way to the toilet.


Then a palm is resting on my nape and internal sparks begin to fizz. I sit among the masses of Saturday night drunks. I look across the room to see a nurse scanning the waiting area. It looks worse than it is. Four hours later. My face is cleaned up. I hop in.

I exit into the waiting area again. My hair is matted and my right cheek caked in dried blood.

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I look as pitiful as I feel. I shiver and wrap my arms around my body. I sit on the edge of the bed and listen to the nurse chat away. After staring at myself for too long and not bothering to remedy my sorry state. I see him looking to the rear-view mirror once again. He takes a calming pull of breath and glances up to the rear-view mirror.

He offers his hand. He climbs in and shocks me when he starts pulling at his wreck of a suit. Then his hand releases the gearstick and starts to slowly come towards my knee until he gently and cautiously rests it on my bare flesh. He looks homicidal. He knows the answer to that question. He quietly curses and. Chapter Seven Despondency and the look of determination in his eyes prevent me from fighting him. On a mild shake of his head. My hand shoots out to grab the door when he takes another vicious turn into a dark alley on yet another quiet curse.

I look down at him rubbing lazy circles before I pull my leg away and return my stare forward. Then my neck is reclaimed and we begin descending into the bowels of London. You must feel it.

Miller is working hard to try and make me forget. I gasp. He inches forward slowly. We kiss for an age. His breathing is strained as he feels the back of my neck and pushes me further into him. His cheek is bruised and his lip grazed. He finally places me on my feet. A whistling breaks through the silent air. Worshipping me. My arms lift and hold him. The familiarity of his slow-moving lips makes me close my eyes and plead for strength.

The severity of his grip stops me from trying to escape. I beg you. Yet in the same breath. And our separation has only proved it. There is little point in denying his claim when the words are a mirror of my own.

We fit perfectly together. He halts. He turns and grabs me. Do I want to escape? I can feel a familiar ease descending. And my reactions to his beauty and touch are still evident. Oh my goodness. He slowly stands. That thought and the sound of the doors snapping into action again yank me from the curious world of Miller Hart and puts me back into a place where everything is.

She needs reassurance. I penetrate him with cold eyes. I can feel his body against mine. I should make the effort. Looking back at the carriage. My last tear-filled vision is of him throwing his head back on a ferocious roar and propelling his fist into the glass.

I dive from his arms through the tiny slit of space left to exit. Oh my goodness! Time seems to slow. I can feel our broken pieces shifting and coming together. He has no scruples. I watch as the train starts to pull away and Miller starts hammering on the door frantically.

Or maybe the consumption of some good English tea will make everything better. If I could. Then I notice breathing. My head is thumping as I take the stairs. Be reasonable. Bespoke suit material. His eyes are glazed. I also notice something hard wedged up against my back. Not broken. I mistook you for a man who I could trust. And it feels like expensive material. Ruined is not.

Suit material. He has no morals. No one is more desolate than I am. Broken is fixable. His one-word counter is seething with determination and confidence. What out of everything have I misunderstood? Ruined is beyond hope. Sleep finds me easily. I told you. I allow my gaze to lift to his face. Memories of the loving. Blue eyes watch me as he reaches forward with his lips and rests them on the material covering my tummy. Damn it. I think.

His eyes are dull. He remains deadpan. He feels amazing. The water feels like stabbing blades on my sore head as I tentatively lather up with shampoo. I take my time. I expect Miller to be gone. And he has a cup of tea in his hand. He still looks beautiful. I immediately flinch on a quiet hiss when I brush harshly over my cut.

I need to stay strong. I would if I could find my tongue. He looks conceited and victorious. You would never allow it while you were conscious. Too much I fear for any of this to ever be right. Miller Hart. The sound of pots and pans clanging downstairs distracts me.

I should be grateful for his quick thinking. With you there is. Let me put us back together again. I feel frustration starting to take hold again. Miller told her to. I need you. I got drunk. Now he looks downright uncomfortable.

Then I found out you fuck women for a living! Did I hurt your feelings? But something springs to mind. The familiar comfort saturates my senses. It worries me. He shrugs and drops his arse to his heels. And I need you to fix me. I swear. Not a soul. I shut the door.We fell head over heels for Miller in Promised so were giddy to satisfy our curiosity and crush on this possessive beautiful and vulnerable man.

So, after finishing reading this book, i recommend to readers to not underestimate this great book. We fell head over heels for Miller in Promised so were giddy to satisfy our curiosity and crush on this possessive beautiful and vulnerable man.

The awareness of his presence by other diners and the staff is powerful. View all 48 comments. Despite his tale of tortured love though.

I can help Miller. The only sounds now are of confused chatter. It could all have been told in one book. I feel no better after my tirade.

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