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Did you mean the solved questions of BCA? Free Download The university provides Ignou BCA question papers for last 10 years on its official website. Bachelor in Computer Application – BCA Question Papers. BCA 1st SEMESTER QUESTION PAPERS · BCA 2ND SEMESTER QUESTION PAPERS. 1 IGNOU BCA Solved Question Papers – All Semester. Download IGNOU BCA Sample Papers PDF; IGNOU BCA 1st Semester.

Ignou Bca Solved Question Papers Pdf

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bca solved question paper is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so IGNOU BCA 1st Semester Solved Assignments of Revised Syllabus for Download Set wise NMMS Model Question Paper PDF for the year . IGNOU Question Papers: Check out and download IGNOU previous year papers (from to ). Download Ignou Java Question Papers PDF - ppti.info Download ignou BCA Question paper for all semester Bca Solved Question Paper - [Free] Bca Solved Question Paper [PDF] [EPUB] IGNOU BCA. Solved Question Papers – All Semester.

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IGNOU BCA Semester I Papers

Television commercials Traditional advertising is meant for persuasion and is made to give off positive aspects information about a object or specifically a product to make them purchase or believe in the ideas that the advertisement provides. The present day advertisement evolved and now brainwashes the people to buy or believe in the things in the advertisement. Advertising is a good way of persuading the people to purchase a product or believe in an idea that the advertisement presents.

Advertisement is made for persuasion but people have used this tool to actually control the thoughts of many people. For example, subliminal messages are contained in many different advertisements available today.

These messages are hidden in words or drawings to control the people. Subliminal messaging is one unethical way of advertising. Following ethics decides whether the ad is made for information or manipulation. If the ad contains unethical ways of persuasion then it is made for manipulation. For the huge benefit they crave, they threw ethics and joined the dark side. Now advertisement are solely made to persuade people to pay more money than the actual cost of the product or an idea.

These ads most of them today are mainly legal scams pasted in the window of your nearby super market. Is advertising the definitive way to make us informed in our daily decision making or is it just an exceptionally authoritative kind of mass deception that companies use to persuade their consumers and prospects into buying their services or products that they buyers do not need?

In the global market, consumers have been exposed to ever ever-increasing amounts of advertising message. Consequently, the openings geared towards advertisement by firms have been on the rise to make sure that the buyers get the information. The paper presented here will carefully examine whether advertising is aimed at provision of information to the general public and passing useful information to the customers or just to manipulate them and lure them into buying.

Advertising can be used interchangeably with the word marketing. Talking of marketing draws our minds initially to money, services, goods and more importantly consumers. The role of advertising should be to help the society and the public at large through adequately correctly providing information concerning services and products that are produced.

Advertising is a kind of communication that is untended to persuade people; readers, viewers and listeners to take some action. Another definition of advertisement as described by various researchers is; the non- personal communication of information concerning products, ideas or services in a normally persuasive way which is paid for by the sponsors and passed on through various mass media.

Manipulation basically makes use of lies to bring about benefits. Advertising can be categorized into two throughout this research. One category is the innocent way of giving information to customers concerning a given product or service while facing them.

There is a second category of that has a manipulative outcome on people. In all circumstances, people exposed to one or another kind of advertisement are driven in to purchasing products purchasing they may not really have needed. This is the image of manipulation in advertisement that makes consumers more commodity fetishists.

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Bachelor in Computer Application – BCA Question Papers

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IGNOU BCA Question Papers PDF | Previous Year Question Papers

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He is somebody who works hard with complete determination and possesses a true sportsman spirit. He is determined to taste success and does whatever it takes to achieve the same. An ideal student is one whom every other student looks up to.

He is applauded for the way he carries out all his tasks be it in the classroom or the playground. He is a favourite among the teachers and is entrusted with various duties in school. Every teacher wants his class to be filled with such students. Many students want to fulfil the expectations of their parents but lack the determination and many other factors that make for an ideal student.

While some try and fail, others fail to try in the first place. But should the students alone be blamed for this failure? It is their duty to help their children understand the importance of doing well in school. Now, many parents show their children the bigger picture and tell them as to how fetching good grades and working hard during the school days would help them as they get on with their professional and personal life later.

However, most of them do not teach their children as how to stay determined and motivated to work hard and achieve the set goals. Parents must work together with the children to help them do well in school. They need to look for ways to impact them positively and encourage them at every step. It takes time to inculcate habits that make a student ideal.

Both the parents and teachers need to put in efforts to bring out the hidden potential in a child. An ideal student is the one who is good in academics as well as in co-curricular activities. While every parent wants his child to do well in school only a few are able to fulfil these expectations.

Characteristics of an Ideal Student Here are some of the key characteristics of an ideal student: An ideal student sets goals and works extremely hard to achieve them. However, an ideal student is one who looks for solutions to such problems rather than coming up with excuses.

An ideal student will always be seen donning a positive outlook. Even if the syllabus is vast, even if the teacher schedules a test without giving much time to study, even if there is a sudden call for some competitive activity.

An ideal student remains positive in every situation and takes on the challenge with a smile. He does not hesitate asking questions in the class. An ideal student also goes out of his way to read books and surf the internet to widen his knowledge about different things.

An ideal student is also ready to take initiatives. Conclusion It takes a good amount of determination to become an ideal student. If a child develops the aforementioned characteristics from an early age he would certainly be able to achieve a lot as he grows up and takes on bigger challenges in life. Everyone aspires to be an ideal student however only a few are able to become one.

It takes a good amount of effort to achieve that kind of excellence. Being good at everything then becomes a habit and you do not want to settle for anything less. Here are a few techniques that should help you become an ideal student: The first thing you must do if you aspire to be an ideal student is to get organized.

De-clutter your room, cupboard, study table and everything around to bring in positive energy.

Begin by waking up and sleeping on the same time each day. Also prepare a schedule to accommodate your studies as well as other activities. Stick to the schedule you prepare to make the most of your time. Prepare a list of things you need to accomplish during the day every morning. Having a list at hand helps in better time management. This gives a feeling of accomplishment and keeps you motivated. Do not hesitate to take initiatives in school as well as elsewhere. Take up new projects to test your calibre and understand where your interest actually lies.

This way you will not only learn about various new things but also understand your ability to perform them. Inculcate the habit to read, watch informational videos and other such content. This is a good way to learn new things, understand different perspectives and enhance your overall knowledge and ability. So if you want to be an ideal student then choose to be friends with those who are serious about their studies and are driven to perform rather than those who take their life casually.

It is essential to complete 8 hours of sleep each day. You must not compromise on your sleep in any case as it leaves you lethargic and hampers productivity. However, it is essential to squeeze in half an hour to one hour to indulge in physical exercise. It may be running, jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga, dancing or anything that interests you.

Conclusion Parents must understand that their child cannot attain excellence on his own. They must thus be open to help him at various steps rather than merely setting high expectations. They are nurtured to become ideal by their parents and teachers.

Having an ideal student as a best friend makes a good impression on the teachers as well as other students. The environment at home has a great impact on the way a student performs in school. However, the parents and teachers can only guide a student and it ultimately depends on how driven he himself is. Here are a few things that make a student ideal: Ideal Students are Favourite in School Ideal students are the ones who are good at almost everything in the school.

If your friend is good in studies you also get help in studies. He also motivates you to study with devotion and take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, dance, etc.

Ideal students are also a favourite among the teachers. Teachers give their example to others in the class and ask them to learn their good habits. Every teacher wants her class to have ideal students. Being organized does not only mean keeping things intact but also means the ability to prioritize and organize your tasks in an efficient manner so as to complete them on time.

This becomes a habit and even as such a student grows up he remains organized. Those who are organized can manage both personal and professional life efficiently. An ideal student knows how to strike a balance between different activities and as he grows into a professional it becomes easier for him to maintain a work-life balance.

He is also quite hard working and determined and this helps a great deal later in life. Conclusion The life of an ideal student may seem tough from a distance. However, it is actually much more sorted as compared to those who procrastinate and do not give complete attention to their studies and other tasks.

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Bca Question Papers Of First Semester Fundamental

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