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Reference List/Books List for. Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. Note: Following list is only suggestive and not exhaustive i) Prelim: Paper I. In addition to our online notes, ClearIAS also releases PDF notes (eBooks). Standard IAS Books for Civil Services Exam – Eg: Laxmikanth for Indian Polity. Standard Books for IAS Preparation India Year Book PDF · UPSC Prelims Gs Paper 2 CSAT Practice MCQ by Disha Publication · UPSC Prelims Gs.

Civil Services Books Pdf

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ppti.info * Unacademy - India's largest learning platform * Clear IAS - UPSC Civil Services Free Online Coaching Website * ppti.info Books For IAS Prelims , India's Ancient Past RS Sharma, Our Constitution, Facets of Indian Culture by Download UPSC/IAS Books PDF Compilation. Following are the link which has details about IAS preparation books needed for General Studies Papers and Optional papers. Apart from IAS exam preparation.

Theory and Applications S. K and V.

Download Free E-Books for IAS Exams

Booklist for Civil Engineering. Shetty R. LSM A.

Jain Steel Structure L. Negi Prestressed Concrete N. Krishna Raju. Powar Invertebrates R.

Free IAS Study Materials – Useful for UPSC Prelims and Mains

Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan R. Singh Animal physiology H.

Singh, Vander. Booklist for English Literature. Booklist for Political Science.

Free IAS Study Materials – For Additional areas in UPSC Mains

Grim A Dictionary of Geology Morrison. Sukadev Sinha Khadi boli ka prarambhik swaroop Nilesh Jain Mahaabhoj mulyankan ke paripekshy Sadaanand shaahee Mohan Rakesh aur ashadh ka ek din Gireesh rastogi Niraala rachita raam kee shakti pooja bhaashy Dr.

They form the foundation of your knowledge which will help you immensely through all stages of the exam. Do not be scared at the long list of books. For a beginner, one year is more than enough to cover the complete syllabus of GS prelims and mains and optional. For the same topic, do not refer to more than one material. Read the latter to cover those parts not covered in the former.

Use internet extensively. Let me give a few examples. Even for Environment, suppose you read about endangered species such as the Red Panda and Malabar Hornbill, Google them and see how they look.

Visuals stick in your mind far longer. IAS Preparation Books are also available in pdf so these can be easily downloaded and can be printed to for convenient reading at any place anywhere.

This format can be efficiently and effortlessly saved in phones and iPad. From all the books for IAS examination. General Studies knowledge is also one of the most important parts of UPSC examination, and you have to be updated as days passes on with the past knowledge too.

As content related to general knowledge has also increased manifold with the increase in some papers.

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NCERT is preferred so that so can cover all the topics and we refer you the books listed down so that you have all details of the topic in depth to understand.But the medium of my study is mixed. It tackles many current issues related to environment, climate change, pollution, water scarcity etc.

For a beginner, one year is more than enough to cover the complete syllabus of GS prelims and mains and optional. Laxmikath,the best book book. Respected sir ……Greetings of the day.

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