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A Disgraced Lords Novel, A Taste of Seduction, Bronwen Evans, Loveswept. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5%. Start by marking “A Taste of Seduction (Renegade Angels, #3)” as Want to Read: The release of A Taste of Seduction is on hold until I finish the Crossfire series, which is also published by Penguin. Sylvia Day returns to the "stunning new world"* of the Renegade Angels for a. Praise for A Taste of Seduction "An intimate portrayal of family, deceptions and love, Regency style." ~Debby Conrad, author of Everything but the Truth A Taste .

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The release of A Lush Kiss of Surrender and A Taste of Seduction are on hold at this time, as I'm no longer working with Penguin USA and my other publishers. 12/24/ Sylvia Day Captivated By You Epub Free Ebook Download Taste Of Seduction By Sylvia Day Pdf Free Download and Read Online Of PDF. Razor's Edge - Sylvia Day Afterburn & Aftershock - Sylvia Day Bared To You ( Crossfire #1) - Sylvia Day. ppti.info

She fought its inky manacles, sat up and bore down, pushing through the agony. Catherine bit down on her lower lip, trying to control the horrible sensations coursing through her lower body. So much pressure. She forced another push.

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Seven more times, until the child passed through the birth chamber. Her head fell back against the pillows, perspiration dripping down her forehead, into her eyes, blurring her vision. At last, it was done. She tried to lift her head, tried to see, but the effort proved too much. She moved toward the head of the bed carrying a tiny bundle, swathed in white. Born out of duty and subservience, not passion and love. She could still love the child, even though she hated the man. A stab of pain tore through her, stronger than any before, searing her insides, burning a path through her lower belly.

She jerked her hand back in agony and clutched her stomach. She shook her head from side to side and fought the nightmare claiming her body. Hot, sticky wetness slipped between her legs, pooling around her thighs. Too much blood. Her eyes drifted shut. Too weak A pain tearing the life from her. Push, Catherine. A scream surged through the room, bounding off the walls, filling her brain with its agony. She was so cold. And so tired. If she squinted, she could just make out the baby.

What beautiful red hair. Gathering her wavering strength, she forced out the next words. Far away. Before Belmont sees her. When the time is right, give her this. A short while later, the Earl of Belmont received news of the birth of his beautiful, black-haired daughter Oh, Meriel. She heard him rustling about in the woods, pushing through the brush, his voice closing the distance between them, taunting her with his nearness. She should never have taken the short cut.

What a foolish idea. Danger lurked in the woods. So did he. Meriel ran faster, her nimble body darting around trees and branches long familiar to her. But she was not prepared for the two-legged monster chasing her. Why then, did she feel like a trapped rabbit running for her life? She peeked from behind the green leaves of a bayberry bush.

The woods lay quiet, save for a few swallows chirping and a gentle breeze whispering through the trees. She pulled her worn shawl closer and waited. Lord Jared Crayton, second son of the Duke of Worthington, stood not three paces from her.

She sucked in a deep breath and straightened, determined not to let him see her fear. He laughed, tapping his tan gloves against his breeches.

All alone. I do not play games with strange men in the woods. If you stopped long enough, you would no longer consider me a stranger. She flinched, took a step backwards. Right into the rough bark of the oak tree.

He moved closer, ignoring her rebuff. She shook her head, looking away. With your child. Sally, Gertrude, and Fanny. All with my blood running through their veins. Even my noble brother will not be able to make that claim. The fact that their families were disgraced and their lives ruined made no difference to him. She wondered how the son of a duke, with the mouth of a poet and the body of a Greek God, harbored such calculating coldness, such cruel intentions.

But scrap by scrap, truth emerged in the shape of a self-centered, cruel beast. Innocents were drawn to him by the golden hair falling just below the collar, the moss-green eyes, the quick, ready smile, and deep dimples.

But Meriel guessed above all, what drew them were the lies, like sonnets, whispered promises of love and protection, and of course, marriage. The young girls, dreamers and believers of fairy tales, thought their Prince rode in from his grand estate on his big white horse, to marry them and whisk them away to a life of wealth and luxury.

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Three girls. Three lies. Three ruined lives.

When would it stop? Meriel swallowed her disgust and tried reason. Why would you bother with any of us?

Why not stay with your own kind? Meriel pulled at the hand holding hers. The rough bark of the oak tree dug into her shoulder blades as she tried to put distance between herself and this man whose arrogant nonchalance toward others sickened her.

Jared Crayton laughed, a deep, menacing sound that swirled around her. She found his kind revolting. He belonged on the ground, slithering about like the viper he was. Her nails dug into the palms of her hands. She 9 Mary Campisi would say nothing. He was, after all, the son of a duke. And the man knew full well how to take advantage of his position and his title.

It would surely gladden my heart and lift my spirits. Well, she would never submit.

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She bit the inside of her cheek harder, not stopping until she tasted blood. Too shy to answer? I, unfortunately, am not interested in an association of any kind with a member of the opposite gender. But there will come a time when my patience will end. He shrugged and gave her a dazzling, harmless smile. Misfortunes occur every day. Nobility or no, the man was worse than the slime at the bottom of a rubbish bin.

Someone must stop him. He stared at her a long while, his handsome features rigid and assessing. Then, just as calm settles after a torrential rain, his countenance relaxed. And he smiled. A shiver raced through her as she thought of the man, his words, and the unspoken threat between them.

What took you so long? Anger and fear warred with one another, each trying to smother the other like a snuffed flame. Anger told her to fight Jared Crayton, expose him to his father as the lecherous coward he was.

But in truth, she doubted the Earl of Worthington cared. Jared Crayton was after all, only a second son, and she was but a commoner. And then there was the fear. You sound odd. Aunt Eleanor always understood her moods, even when she herself did not. No use hiding from Eleanor Linton. She might seem soft and harmless, like a round, gray teddy bear with a little extra stuffing tucked in here and there, but when it came to Meriel, she was fiercer than a 12 A Taste of Seduction mother bear guarding her cub.

Where would she go? Amberden was her home, had been the whole of her eighteen years. She loved this cottage with its wide windows that let in the morning light and drenched the rooms in gold. She adored the patchwork comforters and homemade curtains Aunt Eleanor helped her stitch in beautiful pinks, yellows, and greens.

Books that challenged and entertained, brimmed with tales of explorers from the Far East, sojourning to distant lands where language and lifestyle were as diverse as the people who traveled there. Some volumes expounded on the brilliance of inventors, reconstructing and proving various theories involving everything from ropes and pulleys to stones and crystal. Leave this slice of heaven? Aunt Eleanor darted a quick glance at her husband, one packed with meaning only the two of them understood.

She never heard the horse or its rider, until they pulled up less than five feet from her. He despoiled young virgins, flashing his white smile and well-bred manners at them, casting them under his spell. For those who resisted, as Meriel did that day, he dropped subtle threats with perfect diction and just the right touch of velvet in his voice, making one wonder if his words were laced with menace or mere misinterpretation.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Jared Crayton. The sun glared behind him now, casting a brightness about his face that made it difficult to discern his features. Meriel nodded, clutching the basket between her hands.

He touched her shoulder and she spun around, quickly distancing herself from him. In the next instant, a huge animal lunged out of the bushes, knocking Jared Crayton to the ground, ripping at his white neck cloth. Off, boy! Backing up from his prey, he settled on his haunches, his upper lip curling to reveal sharp teeth. George protected his mistress above everything. Jared Crayton scrambled to his feet, brushing dirt from his breeches. The trembling rage of moments ago was replaced with smooth even tones.

The beast will live. Meriel kept her gaze fixed on him, not trusting his soft spoken words. He mounted his horse, turned, and flashed her a bright smile. There are all manner of beasts about, just waiting to send you into peril. Good day, Meriel. Until the next time. Three days later, George limped home, his left hind quarter raw and bleeding.

A whimper in the far corner brought her back to the present. Poor George lay on his rug by the hearth, head between his paws, golden eyes alert, his left leg bandaged in white cotton.

Uncle Bernard shook his gray head. Living the life of an innocent. How could we thrust such a revelation upon her? They made no sense. He smelled of tobacco and a hint of peppermint and when he smiled from beneath his thick mustache and beard, his eyes brimmed with affection. Tell me what you and Aunt Eleanor are talking about. There it was again. The very word that man warned her about using. She stumbled backwards, but caught herself.

Why would you say such a thing? He cleared his throat. Your father is not dead. She spun around and looked at her aunt. It felt like the time George toppled her over in play, all one hundred and ninety pounds of him landing on her belly.

She considered Uncle Bernard her father. He had raised her. Her gaze narrowed, then widened, as she stared at the tiny picture nestled inside. Uncle Bernard drew her into his embrace, speaking in soft, soothing tones. His words made no sense, scattering about her like errant raindrops, falling to nothingness as they touched her ears.

She blinked hard but the tears continued to fall; soft, silent, and unstoppable. She grabbed the edges of the worn seat to steady herself. Good heavens, what a contraption! It would be amazing if they reached their destination without a broken bone or some other mishap. A long red curl escaped from her bonnet, springing halfway down her nose. Anything to prevent hitting her head again. Please excuse my thoughtlessness.

A blasted headache threatened. The third in as many days. The carriage rolled on, closing in on a destiny she could no longer avoid. But to no avail. And so, with great misgivings and a multitude of questions swimming in her head, Meriel packed a small satchel and readied herself. Not that she owned more than a handful that would be presentable in public.

Dress and style never concerned Meriel. She opened her eyes and looked down at her blue muslin gown. A visiting gown, Aunt Eleanor called it. It matched her eyes and the wide ribbon which bound the annoying mass of red curls at the nape of her neck. You are a rare find, a diamond among a heap of rocks. Montrose will need to protect you from the vultures of polite society. Not for long anyway. Her purpose for meeting Lord Montrose was two-fold.

First, she wanted to ask him how a man could love a woman to distraction and never know she bore him a child. And then she would leave. No one ever interrupted him in his study. It was his rule. Not unless Philip needed him or there was a dire emergency, like a fire in the kitchen or a band of marauders in the foyer. So sorry to interrupt. Very fast. Tap five times. Out with it, man. Anthony cleared his throat. Indeed, sir. Get rid of her. Only those who knew him well, and they were few, would recognize the controlled anger in his voice.

Who in the devil would be so bold as to present herself uninvited, and demand to see the earl? Moreover, how was it she possessed the temerity to present herself to one of the wealthiest men in the countryside without invitation? Anthony rubbed his jaw. Meriel scanned the spacious room for the fifth time, taking in the grandeur surrounding her.

So this was how nobility lived, comforted with luxuriant brocades and Aubusson rugs. She pictured George burying his nails in the tan rug. It matched his coat, almost to the exact shade.

Gold and burgundy damask draperies filtered 23 Mary Campisi the sun, washing the room in a warm rose-colored glow. Not anything like the white and yellow curtains in her humble abode that welcomed the first rays of bright light through the last fading fingers of day. And the accessories. Her gaze settled once again on the three oriental vases sitting on the mantel.

Brought over from a trip to the Far East, no doubt. Her home also boasted three vases on an old pine mantel, but they were simple pottery with a rose design. One even had a rather large chip in it which Meriel turned toward the wall.

Ladies in this society wore fine silks and diamonds, their delicate skin protected from the sun and wind. Or walked barefoot in a field of clover. Hopefully, minus the intrusion of one, Lord Jared Crayton. Then her life would be perfect. A light rap at the door disturbed her thoughts.

The butler, a little man with a twitching nose, entered the room. Meriel grabbed her bonnet and rose from the burgundy sofa. He reminded her of one of the little mice at home who roamed in the lavender fields. She pretended the opulence surrounding her 24 A Taste of Seduction was something she saw every day as she clicked down the black and marble hallway behind the butler: gilt-encrusted mirrors, more Chinese vases of varying sizes and shapes, a huge gold chandelier of ornate design.

They stopped before one of the oak doors and Meriel knew a moment of panic. What if Lord Montrose rejected her outright? Refused to listen to her? Refused to help her rid Amberden of Jared Crayton? She drew in a deep breath, pushing her nervousness aside. Aunt Eleanor said he loved her mother very much.

Certainly, even after all these years that should count for something, if only a few minutes of his undivided attention. A man sat behind a large desk, writing. He was somewhere in his thirties, with closely clipped black hair, save an errant cowlick above his left brow.

He had rough, hard features: thick, bushy eyebrows, a straight, firm nose with a slight crook to the left, high cheekbones and a jaw that was too square. Nothing soft about him, except perhaps his mouth which boasted a pair of well-formed lips. But when he looked up, the frown on his face pulled his lips into a thin straight line and Meriel changed her initial opinion.

There was nothing soft about the man. And then there was the scar. It ran down the right side of his face in a jagged path, from the edge of his bushy brow trailing halfway down his 25 Mary Campisi cheekbone.

Into Her Fantasies by Angel Payne

She swallowed. This man was most definitely not Lord Montrose. Besides being much too young, Uncle Bernard told her Lord Montrose loved her mother beyond reason. She doubted this man ever loved anything in his life. Who was this man? Or nephew? He gave a slight nod, cocked his head to one side, and stared at her as though she were a curious bug and he was trying to decide how to get rid of her.

The man sat back, steepling his long fingers under his chin. He shook his head. The sharp edges of the locket bit into the flesh of her palm. Hear me out. Absolutely not! They trust this man. They want to believe his lies.

So disinterested? It looked small and fragile in his big hand. He turned it over several times, his eyes narrowed on the tiny picture of Lord Montrose. And our eyes Surely you can see that. Perhaps pleading or tears. She would not beg or cry in front of this man who watched her with such arrogance and disinterest. Meriel stuffed the locket in her pocket and grabbed her bonnet. She would leave with dignity.

Without saying a word, she pulled on her gloves. He probably thought she was trying to cheat the earl out of a piece of his vast wealth. As though money or the like mattered to her. It had been a mistake to come. A mistake to hope the embers of a long lost love might still flicker. If the earl were anything like the uncaring man before her, she should count herself lucky to have 28 A Taste of Seduction been spared another humiliation. She clutched the locket, squeezing so hard the broken hinges dug into her palm once again.

Had he detected her intense dislike of him? A tiny part of her hoped he had because good breeding forced her to bid him a proper farewell, despite his rudeness toward her. But there was none.

Then he let out a deep breath and sank back in his leather chair. What the devil! He ran his hands over his face and thought of his encounter with the red-headed stranger. She was beautiful, of that there was no doubt. With her tumbling fiery mane and brilliant blue eyes, the woman was the type who could weave truths from lies and capture the heart of any unsuspecting fool. Not him of course.

Anthony rose from his chair and turned toward 29 Mary Campisi the cherry sideboard. Exactly what he needed. He lifted a crystal decanter, poured two fingers in a glass, and downed the amber liquid in one swallow. The red hair. The blue eyes. The light dusting of freckles on her nose. He poured another drink. Full lips. Fair skin. Not to mention the tall, slender frame. No one would take advantage of Philip Cardinger. Not even a beautiful mystery woman who professed to be his daughter.

He enjoyed the burn of one more whiskey before he straightened his cravat and quit the room. He had a sudden desire to visit Philip, just for a minute or so, to be certain he was feeling well today. And her eyes, a deeper, brighter blue.

Blast the woman! The cough persisted still, turning at times from a dull hacking to a fierce hoarseness that made his fair skin ruddy from exertion. Philip Cardinger was a big man, thick and bulky, though in recent months his face grew leaner, his cheeks hollowed out and pale.

When he exerted any type of energy, his six foot four frame leaned on the stick, his breath coming in short little puffs as he maneuvered from room to room. He was a sick man and the last thing he needed in his life was an upset of any kind, especially one involving a possibly illegitimate daughter.

He was the only one who could get away with calling him that, or Tony, as he often did. Others referred to him as Anthony, but most addressed him as Mr. At least let me see light.

I can dress myself. Pristine shirts. Countless numbers of them. Shiny Hessians. Ten or more pairs.

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Lint and wrinkle free jackets. Hand-tailored, of course. But some days, despite the refinement and luxury, he still felt the dirt under his nails, still remembered the grime clinging to his breeches. It had been years since Philip lifted him from the edges of depravity, rescued him from a hopeless existence as an orphaned stable boy and offered him a new life. Anthony had grabbed on, held tight, refusing to look back and dwell on the death of his parents as anything more than a blessing.

They had never shown him love, or taught him about family, or duty. Those lessons came from Philip. Trust no one. Love no one. They will only hurt you. They will always betray you. Only Philip breached this barrier and gained his love. The silks and satins will up the ante as well. Well done. It was one of the greatest compliments Philip could pay him. The Eleventh Doctor Archives 1: The Eleventh Doctor Archives 3: The Eleventh Doctor Archives 4: The Tenth Doctor 2.

Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Unsuitable and Unforgettable: ScholarlyBrief by Q. Passionate Spaniards: Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo by G. Jack Is a Maniac! Miss Klute Is a Hoot! LEGO Ninjago: The Next Generation: Party Cakes: After The Rift, Book 2 by C. Make Great Money.Anthony pulled at his cravat, loosening the folds. He tugged at his cravat.

The Midnight Breed Series 3-Book Bundle (eBook, ePUB)

What took you so long? Let him help you. If memory serves me, the publication date was August 28th, His gaze swung to the fields of herbs and flowers.

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