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One way to attract customers is to build a shop that makes people look twice! Some buildings have got bright colours, others have got strange shapes or funny signs. Upstream Pre Intermediate B1. Upstream A1. CEF Level: A1. Authors: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley A1-B1+). Upstream Beginner A1+ (1st Edition) - Student's Book (+ Student's Audio CD). Upstream Beginner A1+ (1st Edition) - Teacher's Book (+ Test Booklet CD-. Upstream Beginner A1+ (1st Edition) - Student's Book (+ Student's Audio CD).

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Upstream Beginner A1 Workbook PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. a1. ppti.info Upstream Beginner Test Booklet - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read use by the students they teach, Under no circumstances may any part of this book . BEGINNER A1+. Virginia Evans - Jenny an article on a mother who is a student . - a quiz about the . at the back of your book for the new words. ٌ Try to speak.

He'sfrom the wordsin Underline Austria. Explain that Austriais a noun,the nameof the countrywhileAustrianis an where people g nationality adjective describin arefrom. He'sfrom Brazil.

She's fromltaly. F identiffingvariouslanguages z a. Readthe instructions thetask. Checkthe Sslistenandcomplete 5s'answers. Askthe Ssto notedownor remember a word or wordsthat theyknowfromeach language or thatsoundfamiliar.

Dothe samefor languages andwritethem in another columnontheboard. Readtheexample thetask. The andexplain using asin the example, Ssmakesentences Provide the information fromthe columns.

TheySpeak English inSpainandMexico. TheyspeakSpanish in Russia. TheyspeakRussian Theyspeakltalian inltaly. Explain words that thereare a lot of English that comefromotherlanguages.

TheSs,in pairs,complete task. Extension 1 Drillyour ontheboard. Individual 5s. Writeprompts words. Austrianetc 2 Askthe Ssto thinkof somemorefamouspeople from thesecountriesor from any other country, help. TheSs, Readtheexample andexplain pairs, andprovide Circulate in askandanswer. Ask some any necessary refort oaElft6the class. Key SuggestedAnswer Schiffer? Whatnationality isClaudia fromGermany. She's B: She's German. Presentthe verb to be affirmative. Say, then write on the board: I am from Spain.

Underline the wordsin bold. Point to a student,sayand write: Youarefrom Spoin. Followthe sameprocedureto presentall persons of the verbto be in the affirmative. Next to the sentences,write the short forms,l'mffou're,etc. Drillyour Ss. Writesomepromptson the board. Individual 5smakesentences.

Referthe Ssto the GrammorReference at the backof theirbooksfor furtherdetails. Allowthe Sssometimeto readandcomplete the text. Write the followingsentences on the the useof the wordsin boardandeliciVexplain bold. Whoisyourfavourite singeri when we askabout a person Whotisyourname? Circulate andprovideanynecessary help.

Asksomepairsof Ssto reportbackto the class. TheSscanhavetheirown tapeswith them and havetheir dialogues recorded. Lateron, they canlistento theirdialogues andcheckthemselves. Dividethe classinto two teams,A and B. Eachteam takesturnsto saya sentence.

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Theotherteamhasto question. Eachcorrectquestion aska corresponding getsonepoint. Allowthe Sssometimeto readandcomplete the factfile. Brainstorm fiorcountriesthe Ssare interested in. Inviteindividual Ss to tell you what they! I know about them i. Write on I the board. TheSscankeepnotesif theywish. I The5schoosea countryandwritea factfileand a short descriptionof it, accompaniedby picturesor drawings,as written homework.

II Display theirwork. TheSsfiletheircorrected of writingin thetr LanguogePortfolio. Seelntroduction for further explanation. TheSs,in groups,make a collagewith their favourite onesandwritetheirnamesandwheretheyare from.

TheSs,in groups,findwordsin theirlanguage that arethe sameas or similarto the English words e. As a variation,the Ss can makea quizsimilarto the one in Ex. Thegroups then swapquizzes and try to guessthe origin of the words. Youare You're: They3 are English. London 4 isthe capitalcityof England. Carol5 is. Thisis a mapof ltaly.

Thereareabout58 millionpeoplein ltaly. Theyspeakltalian there. One of the most famouslandmarksin Italy is the Coliseum. Otherthingsto seein ltaly are: In pairs,takeit in turnsto interview one another. Usethe questionsin Ex. Coliseum Otherthingsto see: Youaregoingto hearfour shortdialogues with peopleintroducing or greetingeachother.

Whichfour of thesesentences do the peoplesay? Then,listenand checkyour answers. Readthe dialogues and match themto the headings. Niceto meetyou,Matt. Introduceor greetone another. Usethe dialogues in Ex. Mum, t h is is Hila ry 5. Hilary, this is my mu m. P lea s e tdo me e t y o u , Mrs Mills Niceto meetyoutoo, Hilary.

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How do Longuageinuse;Pretty you spellyourname? Hello,l'm JimBrown. Pleased Mills. Havea niceday! Say, thenwrite: Say,then write Hello, is lan. Followthe same everyone!

This procedure to presenVrevise the basicexpressions we use when we greet or say 'goodbye'to to the Ssthat theseareways someone. Explain we introduceourselves, others,andgreeteach other.

Gothroughthepictures andelicitthesituations i. TheSschoose whichsentences theythinkwill be heard. TheSs readthe dialogues silently andcomplete the task. Explainto the Ss that they have to use the exchanges from Ex.

TheSs,in pairs, taketurnsactingoutthe exchanges. Ask somepairsof 5s to reportbackto the class. Ss'own onswers Extension Say,then write,on the boardrandomsentences from thedialogues. Askindividual Ssto identifu thesituation in whicheachsentence isused. Checkthe 5s' pronunciation. Presentthe verb to be negativeand interrogative form. Say,thenwriteon the the board: I am not from Russia. TheSsrepeat,chorally Pointto a student, sayandwrite: Followthe sameprocedure presentall persons of the verbto be in the forms.

Then,ask negativeandinterrogative a studenta questionyou will probably receivea negativeanswer for: Areyou Japanese? Elicit the shortanswer: No,l'm not. Ask anotherstudenta questionyou will probably receive answerfor: Areyou a positive Sponish? Elicitthe short answer'. The Ss, in pairs,ask and answerto complete the missinginformation. Circulate and provideanynecessary help.

Answer Key English: MonicaValente andDiegoTavares Germon: KarlSchnyderand KlaraVogel. Allowthe Sssometimeto writethe questions. Choosea studentto cometo the the front. TheothersSsforma line. Introduce student in character as a famousperson to the restof the class, one by one,goingalong theline. Pleasedto meetyou, MrDeNiro. Patrick e. You're andyou'reRussion. I'mLindo andl'mSpanish. Readthe instructions the task.

Allowthe 5ssometimeto complete theSs'answers. Drill your Ss. Write some promptson the Ssmakesentences. Individual e. Extension The Ss write down two correctsentencesabout themselves and an incorrect one. Individual Sstake triesto turnsto saythesentences. Therestof the class find the incorrectone. Whoeverguessescorrectly takesthe nextturnandthe gamecontinues. You're Sl: Thenextstudenton the right continues. He'sPatrickand he'sRussian. You're Lindaand you'reSpanish.

I am not l'mnot Russian. Youarenot Youaren't fromSpain. Youarea tour guidefor CityTours. Findout wherethe touristsarefrom. AskstudentB questions to your fill in table. AskstudentA questions to your fill in table. Yes,they are. Heisn'ta singer. Putthe wordsin the correctorderto form questions. Arevourfriends German? Myfavouritesingersare Ghristina Aguileraand Beyonc6. My favouriteteamis Liverpool. Pleasewritesoonand tell me everything! Love, Stuart. Before you start wdting your composition, think about the topic and write down anything that comes to mind about it.

After that, you can decide what to include. Writea letterto a new pen-pal. Usethe planfromEx. How old areyou? Whereexactlyareyou from? What'syour bestfriend'sname? What yearareyou in at school? What aresomeof yourfavouritethings? Elicitthe mistakesand the rules.

Propernqmesalwaysstart with uppercase. Readthe title and eliciVexplain what a pen-pal is a friendyou writeto. Explain any unknown words. Allow the 5s sometime to read the letter silently and correct the mistakes. Ask the Sssomecomprehension e. How old is Stuart? Whereexactlyis he from? What nationalityis his bestfriend? Who are Stuort'sfavouritesinqers? What'shisfovourite team? Go throughthe incomplete spidergram and explain thetask. Allowthe 5ssometimeto readthe letteragain andcomplete thetask.

Checkroundthe class. InvitesomeSsto usethe plan Ex. TheSswrite the letteras writtenhomework. The5sfiletheircorrected of writingin thei Languoge Portfolio. See lntroduction forfurther explanation. Tellthem not to worryaboutspelling mistakes or how a TheycanwriteawordinLl wordissaidin English at thisstage. At the end of the brainstormlng session. Bringin picturesof peoplefrom aroundthe world, if possible.

Alternatively, usepicturesof famouspeople. Divide the classintogroupsand give one pictureto eachgroup. Eachgroup makesup imaginary information for eachperson age,job, favouritethings,etc. Thegroupscanswaptheirlettersand discuss if theywouldwritebackor not.

Writea similarletterto the one in Ex 1 about yourselfbut with a differentname. Pinit up. Invitethe Ssto writea response to yourletter. Readthe title and explainwhat brainstorming is. Stressthe importanceof writing down anythingthat comesto mind and then select what to includein the compositionand in which paragraph.

Ask the Ss to follow that advicewheneverthey write a composition. Aroundthe UK! Skills readingfor specificinformation Speaking: Present the pointsof the compass. Drawa on the board. Pointto the arrow compass showingNorth and say North.

Repeat the procedure with South,EastandWest. Draw an arrow betweennorth and west and presentnorth-west. Followthe same procedurewith south-west, south-east andnorth-east. Askthe Ssto lookat the mapof the UK.

Howmanycountries are Scotland, in theUK? EngIand,NorthernIrelond, Wales. Readthe instructions andexplain the task. Playthe cassettey'CD, twiceif necessary. The Sslisten,followin theirbooksandcomplete thetask. Focuit UK. Readthe example the task. TheSs,in andexplain pairs,askand answer. Circulate and provideany pairs necessary help. Ask some of Ss to report backto the class. Where's London? Where exoctly? Where's Belfast? It'sin Northernlreland.

Ask them to draw a map of their country ] featuringthe majortownsand cities. TheSsfiletheircorrected of writingin thei Language Portfolio. Askthemto bringin a mapand: S cotland is in t h e: Draw a map of your country with towns and cities. Northernlrelandis in the 3 north-west. Lookat Peter'sfamily.

Who's Peter'sgrandmother?

L o okat the familytree againa n d completethe riddles. M y s isteris my mother's l,ri,rllr -r M y fatheris my grandfather's sll My motheris my father'si i: M y uncleis my aunt'slr. Talkwith your partnerabout Peter'sfamily. Who's Jean? P e t e ris in t ro d u c i n gh i s friend,Tom,to his family. Who'syour favouriteTV f a mily? The Camdens, Ericand Annie,havegot sevenchildren. Usethe words below. Read the task, Read the text quickly and find the inJormation you need.

Do not concentrate on the details or anv unknown words. She'sPeter's grandmother. TheSs readthe phrases, referbackto the familytreeand makesentences asin the example. Askindividual Ssto reportbackto the class. Ask the Ssto look at the familytree. Point to and presentthe namesof the different membersof Peter'sfamily.

Ask questions to presentnew words. T Who'sPetefsfather? Doniel T Who'sPeter's mother? Angelo etc Completethe task by askingindividualSs to namethe differentmembers. AnswerKey Peter'sgrandmother: Derek Peter'smother: Doniel,Petels aunt: Clive,Peter'solder sister: Kevin Caroline, Peter's [.

CarolineisAngelo's doughter. The Sscomoletethe riddles. The Ss,in pairs,talk about Peter'sfamilyusing the familytree and the examplesas a model. Extension Ask the Ssto work in pairsand dictateto eachother their familytrees. When they finish they swap their drawingsin orderto find out if they drew the correct tree. Checkthe 5s' answers. Answer Key mothet; fathetr aunt,uncle Tapescript Peter: Niceto seeyou.

Comein ondmeetmy fomilytThis ismymothe4Angeloand thisismyfatheqDaniel. Hi, Tom. Pleasedto meetyou. Where'severyone eIse? They're in thelivingroom. OK Comeon,Tom. LetSgo andseethe restof thefomily. Ask andexplain individual their favouriteW Ss to describe familyto theclass. Havea class discussion. Ss'own answers. Tellthe 5sthat scanning a textwill helpthem quickly locatespecific information andefficiently. Scanning involvesmovingyour eyesquickly down the page seekingspecificwords or Scanning phrases.

Stressthat whenscanning, it isn'tnecessary to focuson meaningor unknown words. Read the instructionsand explainthe task. Allow the Sssome time to scanthe text and write down the names. Checktheir answers. The Ss listenand completethe task. Checkthe Ss' anSwers. Allow the Ss some time to go through the article again and complete the sentences.

Individual5s use the exoressions to mare sentences. J o Readthe instructions and exolainthe task.

Upstream Beginner Test Booklet

The Ss try to rememberfive things about the Wallacefamily and tell the class. Write the thingsthe 5s remember on the board. TheSsreadthe text againand decidewhether the statementswritten on the board are corrector not.

Ask individualSsto correctthe onesthat aren'tvalid. T TheWallaces orefromLiverpool,England. T Melisso's mum'snameis Rose. Ask the Ssto usethe modelof the familvtree Ex. TheSsreferto Ex. The 5s produce the family tree as written homework. Displaytheir work. TheSsfiletheircorrectedpiecesof writingin their Language Portfolio. Seetntroductionfor further explanation. LAsk the Ss to write a short descriptionof a family membernot alreadyreferredto. Invite the Ss to read their descriptionand havethe rest of the classtry to guesswho is being described.

Sheis tall and beautiful. Shehasshorthair and blue eyes. Herfavourite actoris BrodPitt. She'smy uncle'soldestdaughter. Havethe 5s talk aboutthe membersand their relationship to eachother. Ask the Ss to make a fictionalfamilytree for themselves. Theypresenttheir fictionalfamilyto the class. Extension The 5s write down four incorrectsentences about the Wallacefamily.

IndividualSstake turns to say one of their sentences. Whoevercorrectsit takes the next turn and repeatsthe activity. Bethhasgotlonghaironda beautifulsmile. Bethhas got short hair and a beautiful smile. TheSs, in pairs, ask and answer the questionsabout themselvesand their families.

Check round the class. Ask somepairsof Ssto reportbackto the cta5s. But there'slotsmore First,meet my grandmaand grandad,Frankand Rose. They live with us and they both love cooking. That'sgreat news for Mum! Now,meetmy mum! She'scalled Elizabeth, but mostpeoplecall her Beth.

She'sgot short hair and a beautifulsmile! She lovesflowers, - andmydad,of course! Whereareyouandyour familyfrom? Whatareyourgrandparents called? Whatareyour par ents' names? Whatdoesyourmother looklike? Haveyougot anybrothers or sisters? Areyouan only child? That'sgreatnewsfor mum! He'sverycleverfor hisage. PatchandTonyhavea lot of fun together. Makeyour family tree and presentit to your class.

First, meet my WhatdoesRuthFlashlooklikeT quiteshortandpretty. She's got long,fair B: She's hairandblueeyes. What's shelike? She's verykindondfriendly. What doesyour bestfriend look like? My bestfriend's called Readand completethe sentences. Go aroundthe classand find out informationabout your classmates. Write eachclassmate's nameonly once. Studythe table. I havegot fairhair,but I haven'tgot blueeyes. She has got a brother;but she hasn't got a Haveyou got a big family? Yes,I have. Hashe got a beard?

Yes,he has. She'squiteshortand pretty. She'sverykind and friendly Reading: Focusthe Ss'attention on the table with the phrasesdescribing appearanceand character.

Go through the table with the 5s. EliciVPresent any unknown words. Allowthe Sssometime to completethe task. Readaloudthe firstsentenceof the examole. Explainthat we usethis question,Whotdoes Ruthlooklike? Readthe answerto this ouestion aloud,then readthe next question. Explain that we usethis question,Whatbshelike? Readout the answerto this question.

The Ss, in pairs,use the prompts in the tableto askand answerquestionsas in the exampre. WhatdoesRayFlashlook like? He'stall and handsome. He'sgot dark"wavy hair and browneyes. Suggested AnswerKey My bestfriend'scalledBetsy. She's tall and veryslim. She has got big, blue eyesond long, fair hair. Sheis very pretty. She is kind and friendlyand very funny. She makesmelaugh. She'sa greatfriend! Say,thenwriteon the board: Repeat the sameprocedure to presentthe rest of theaffirmative forms.

Focus theSs'attention on the factthat the thirdpersonsingular is has got. Sabinohasgot blueeyes. Show your pencilto the Ss again and say: I havegot a pencil. I haven'tgot a pen. Write the negative form on the board and underline haven'tgot. Giveexamples in all persons.

Has Rickygot a pencil? Takehis penciland got a pencilnour? Has Ricky No,he hasn't. Write these on the board and underlineHas Explainthat the last two are short answers.

Elicit from the 5s how short answersare formed. Referthe Ss to the GrammarReference at the backof their booksfor furtherdetails. Allow the Ss some time to completethe task.

Check roundthe class. Refer the Ss to the table and tell them to completeit with the namesof their classmates. Allow them sometime to askand answerthe questions, as in the exampleandcompletethe table. The Ss describetheir bestfriendsin termsof appearance and character. Ask individualSsto reportbackto the class. Readthe title and the introduction. Ask the Ssto say what a 'host family' is a familythatwelcomes into theirhomefor a short international students stay. Askthe Ssif theywouldliketo staywith a familyabroadandif yes,where.

Readthe instructions Allow the Ss some time to answer the Checktheiranswers. Allowthe Sssometimeto Exolain complete the phrases. Individual Ssreadout fromthe text. Tapescript Ray: Whotareyou doing? Well,what do theylikedoing? Erm,Mr Richardsonlikesgardening. PerhapsI can get him somegardeninggloves. Yes,that'sa goodidea.

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And whot oboutMrsRichardson? Maybea videoaboutcooking?

They've Morio: I know! I cangethero Mexiconcookbooktoremindherof me! Havetheygot any children? Danny likes playing computergames. A computergamefor Danny,then. DoesshelikedollsT Maria: Shereadsoll the time. I conget hera storybook. Thebooksorenextto thecomputergomes Divide themroles. Askthemto the Ssintopairsandassign given performan interviewusingthe information and provideany to them,and recordit.

Circulate necessary help. Asksomepairsof Ssto reportback to the class. The5s listenandcomplete thetask. TheSslisten verifli their and answers. ReferyourSsto the text in Ex. Askthemto usethe text,aswellastheirown ideas,in order to writea similartextabouttheirfamilies. The Sswrite the entryas writtenhomework. TheSsfiletheircorrected lntroduction for further their LanguogePortfolio. See explanation. Readthe StudySkillsbox and explainany of unknownwords.

Explainthe importance In this way, readingthe choicesbeforehand. Ask and exolain the Ssto readthe choices, A-Eandthe names Havethemguesswhich of the peoplecarefully. Ss'own answers Note: TheSscanbringtheirown tapeswith them recorded.

Lateron they and havetheir dialogues canlistento theirdialoques andcheckthemselves. They repeatthis until times. Hereyou are. At the end of the game,ask5s whichobjects theyareholding. Usuaily, duringthe courseof the game,someobjectsmultiply,whileothers disappear altogether!

What do you t h ink'a nost rami '. Are you a student? Do you want to studYand learn about another country? Hosttamilies from aroundthe world are waitingto welcomeYouinto their ho m e s. Readthe text 1 the nameof InezCordez'husband, sonand daughter 2 how old hersonand daughterare. Listenandmatch Mexico. We've gota houseright by the. Before you listen, read the choices carefully.

Listen and match the choices to the people.

Be careftrl: Work in pairs. Student A is AshleyBriar. Student B is InezCordez. Act out the interviewand record it. Usethe following: Listenand readabout the Cordezfamilyagainand completethe phrases. Then,chooseany two and makesentences. Your family would like to be a host family. Write to'The Host Post',giving detailsof you and your family.

Saythe sentences. No,I can't. Yes,I can. Oh, hello,I needa cardfor my mobile phone. Canyou posttheselettersfor me, please? Sure,no problem. Iistening for specific information choosing the right ad Reading: Playthe cassettdCD,twice if necessary.

Readthe sentences. Ask individualSs to translatethe wordsin bold. Then,5schoose the correctquestion. Say,then write on the board: ThisisLaura's brke.

The Ssrepeatafter you. Underlinethe words in bold. Elicitthe use of 's to show that somethingbelongsto someone.

Point to and presenVelicit the activities play baseball,ride o bike,coolgplay football,swim,play tennis,ski,dive,takephotos, playchess, surfthelnternet, ridea horse. I can play tennrs. Point to a student and say: Youcan play tennis.

Point out that can is the same in all persons. Presentthe negative, interrogativeand, short answersin the sameway. Draw the Ss' attentionto the full form of can in the negative cannot and the short form can't for spellingreasons. The Ss ask and answerusingthe prompts and the exchangesas a model. Ask some pairs of 5s to reoortbackto the class. Thisis my book. Thebookis mine. Follow the sameorocedureand write the rest of the possessiveadjectivesand pronouns.

Elicitthat we usethe possessiveadjectives pronouns beforea noun,while possessive areusedon theirown. T my Allow andexolain the Ss sometime to fill in the gapswith the appropriateform.

TheSsreadsilently the task. Check andcomplete the Ss'answers. Game Go throughthe instructions with yourSsandexplain the game.

Inviteindividual Ssto cometo the frontof the classand pickan object. TheSscirculate, asking questions as in the example, in orderto find out to whomthe objectbelongs. Repeat the gameas many timesasyouthinkisnecessary. Gothroughthe rubricwith yourSsandexplain thetask. TheSslisten, followin theirbooksandcomplete thetask.

AnswerKey askingforhelp: The5s,in pairs, actoutsimilar dialogues, using ' the promptsandthe exchanges in Ex. Then,askpairsof Ssto reportbackto theclass. Goodmorning, howcanlhelpyou? Sure, noproblem. Havea class discussion asto wheretheywouldliketo go and whichof theactivities thevwouldliketo do.

Variation you can ask your Ss to checktheir Alternatively, answers with theirpartners first,Then,asksomepairs of 5sto reportbackto the class. Ask them to act out a similardialogue about Camp Surpriseand recordit. Checkround the class. New Releases. Notify me. Description "This series is specially designed for students from absolute beginner to intermediate level.

Each book consists of five modules and provides systematic preparation in all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - required at these levels. The Workbooks for Upstream Beginner to Pre-intermediate contain Vocabulary, Grammar, Communication, Reading, Listening and Writing sections with a variety of motivating tasks and useful exercises, as well as the tapescripts of the listening exercises. Other books in this series.

Add to basket. Upstream 4 Daniel T Weaver. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Follow us.The My LanguagePortfolio has been designedto stimulateand supportthe learningof the English language. Havethey got a website? LAsk the Ss to write a short descriptionof a family membernot alreadyreferredto.

Point to a student and say: Havetheygot any children?

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