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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Every year, the website ppti.info—a sort of online round. Buy This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works (Edge Question Series) on ppti.info ✓ FREE SHIPPING on. THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING Also in this issue: October 3rd, Lists! Liszts! Self-referential tripe! Monkeys? Oh yes, there are monkeys. Secrets and lies!.

We have the illusion of being separate, and we do not understand the creative system that we exist in, as a system that is designed for life to thrive in synergy with other life.

See a Problem?

We cannot comprehend that all solutions are possible at all times when you divide all possible relationships by the infinite possibilities in the fixed system of the universe. And our lift has been diminished by our perception of time as real and by our inability to believe that all solutions are possible at all times, if they are in balance and harmony with whole or the universal system.

We do not realize that what we are wanting or desiring is possible, if it allows the whole to stay in balance, and we are harmonized with the vibration of the point of becoming with everyone and everything in the present moment.

This gives us the creative power to observe and perceive from the sea of infinite possibilities, all possible outcomes. Below is an experiential understanding of each dimension or how it would be perceived by a unique individual in the system. A single dot. And everything and everyone within the fixed system of the universe is within the dot. All possibilities exist within the dot because everything exists within that dot as a point in a system. All possibilities exist within length.

Where you perceive time and what happens over duration of time. And where the universe begins and ends. DIMENSION 5 — This is where you experience probable futures that collapse into the fourth dimension for you to perceive as real through your awareness in the dimensions of length, width and height. So all possible timelines that are possible.

And it allows for different universes under different conditions as well. DIMENSION 10 — We are back to a single point in the system where all possibilities that are possible exist within that one point within the system where everyone and everything exists in the present moment in the point of becoming.

What happens over a period of time. To be viewed or perceived. And to take this further, consider all ten dimensions as part of a universal system that allows us to perceive choice by looking at all possible outcomes. And the force that causes the collapse is relative to our perception of ourselves, each other and this fixed system of infinite possibilities. Our use of the universal creative system is underpowered. And we are creating chaos over order because we do not understand the vast magnitude of our power.

As a whole, we are indivisible. But divided by relationships?

We are everything we need for all life to thrive in balance and harmony with each other and this planet. What are we telling us?

This takes us out of the illusion of being separate and allows us to access the point of becoming in the present moment, through all our relationships.

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We are one with everyone and everything in the tenth dimension, and yet we are our own unique self embodying our light with purpose and meaning and most importantly, connection, in our perceived 3-D reality. We need to be able to decode what the present point of becoming wants us to understand and assimilate to create order over chaos through our relationships.

This awareness started happening once I changed my perception of my relationships and started deeply valuing and understanding what my relationships were offering me. We are in the dark in the illusion of being separate in our perceived bodies. In a sense, we are truly in the dark. As a result there is so much pain and suffering because we feel powerless and disconnected from our authentic power of being one in the tenth dimension.

We expand our awareness and understanding of the tenth dimensions through our relationships, in our 3-D perceived reality, in order to access all possible possibilities within the system. If that were to happen, would new understanding or awareness be exchanged? We would never be more than who we are.


To say it another way, if we were all perceptually aware of the tenth dimension. Would we each be a unique individual?

Would we have an opportunity to know ourselves in a different way so that we can expand our awareness? And what are we expanding? Who we are. Which when there is no illusion of being separate, there is no other. There is only vibrational alignment, which is love.

If I were to communicate what is the most critical and most profound understanding we can assimilate to raise our vibration and to learn to focus our electromagnetic awareness in the tenth dimension where we perceive our 3-D reality. To say it another way, if you are not aware of the point of becoming in the present moment where everything and everyone exists? We cannot find you, in your perceived 3-D reality. Without you? We are less than who we are as unique perceived individuals of everyone and everything in the present moment of becoming, across all times, under all conditions the universe can exist, through our relationship to you.

And to say it yet another way, I am less than who we are, without you.

And this is important for all of us to consider. All possible possibilities within the universal creative system of the universe, cannot exist in your perceived 3-D reality, without your awareness in the tenth dimension. If your awareness is not in the tenth dimension, we cannot communicate with you in your perceived 3-D reality. This automatically drops you into the probabilities.

We can all develop the skillsets of maintaining our awareness in the present point of becoming, in all our relationships, at a high vibration. We can do this by the following norms: 16 1. By valuing feelings.

Both our own and the feelings of others. By listening to understand. Both our perceived self and others. So we remain present in the point of becoming in all our relationships. By being curious. So that we have the space to understand both ourselves and others.

And to decode what others are offering us to give us new understanding and awareness from the tenth dimension. By valuing connection. So that we are reminded of the creative opportunity that is being offered to us in our relationships. We have so much more space for others when we have coherent understanding of the universal creative system. We have more compassion and empathy as we see them coping with their feeling of powerlessness.

Essentially, we are not dimensional until we perceive ourselves as a universe. This would allow us to see that each of us is having our own perceived experience as a unique individual in the system. And yet there is an experience where we have the awareness that we are all one as everyone and everything, in the point of becoming, in the present moment in the tenth dimension, as an omniverse. And yet we resist.

Because we do not want to accept that we are a holographic universal creative system.

We embrace the illusion of being separate, because it makes us feel human. The question is, what are we creating as an outcome of perceiving our hologram as real, and forgetting who we really are?

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Or do we want to go back and reconsider another choice? We have the power to create by reconsidering and then collapsing that new choice into the fourth dimension to perceive over a perceived duration of time, if it works. We have given up that power because we are too attached to perceiving this reality as real. We can build a new world where we all thrive and live our dreams, by reconsidering our choices from the past.

Think of classical music without Mozart or Stravinsky; of painting without Caravaggio, Picasso or Pollock; of drama without Shakespeare or Beckett. Think of the incredible contributions of Michelangelo or Leonardo, or, in recent times, the outpouring of deep feeling at the death of Steve Jobs or, for that matter, Michael Jackson or Princess Diana.

Think of human values in the absence of Moses or Christ. As scholars, we cannot and should not sweep these instances under the investigative rug. It is the only thing that ever has. And in this context I am thinking especially of the titles of Gerhard Richter.

In , when I visited Richter in his studio in Cologne, he had just finished a group of six corresponding abstract paintings which he gave the title Cage. Cage has often applied chance procedures in his compositions, notably with the use of the I Ching.

Richter in his abstract paintings also intentionally allows effects of chance. In these paintings, he applies the oil paint on the canvas by means of a large squeegee. He selects the colors on the squeegee, but the factual trace that the paint leaves on the canvas is to a large extent the outcome of chance.

The title, like an explanation of a phenomenon, unlocks the works, describing their relation to one of the most important cultural figures of the twentieth century, John Cage, who shares with Richter the great themes of chance and uncertainty.

Coincidences are actually so rare that when they do occur they are, in fact memorable.

So when a coincidence happens, that coincidence had to work awfully hard to escape the system. What is it? Look harder. Mathematicians perhaps have a theorem for this, and if they do, it might, by default be a theorem for something larger than what they think it is.

Not one. Not three. They seem to me to be a signal from larger point of view that wants to remind us that our lives are distinct, that they have meaning, and that they occur throughout a span of time. We are important, and what makes us valuable to the universe is our sentience and our curse and blessing of perpetual self-awareness. Its ambition had been to bring together the social sciences in one department, indeed, most in one building, William James Hall.

Clinical psychology, experimental psychology, physical and cultural anthropology, and sociology, all of these would be in close quarters and intense conversation. But now, everyone was back in their own department, on their own floor. From my point of view, what was most difficult was that the people who studied thinking were on one floor and the people who studied feeling were on another.

In this Balkanized world, I took a course with George Goethals in which we learned about the passion in thought and the logical structure behind passion. Goethals, a psychologist who specialized in adolescence, was teaching a graduate seminar in psychoanalysis. Winnicott called transitional the objects of childhood—the stuffed animals, the bits of silk from a baby blanket, the favorite pillows—that the child experiences as both part of the self and of external reality. The transitional objects of the nursery—all of these are destined to be abandoned.

Yet, says Winnicott, they leave traces that will mark the rest of life.

Specifically, they influence how easily an individual develops a capacity for joy, aesthetic experience, and creative playfulness. Transitional objects, with their joint allegiance to self and other, demonstrate to the child that objects in the external world can be loved. We give up the baby blanket, but we continue to search for the feeling of oneness it provided.

As a scientific proposition, the theory of the transitional object has its limitations. But as a way of thinking about connection, it provides a powerful tool for thought. Most specifically, it offered me a way to begin to understand the new relationships that people were beginning to form with computers, something I began to study in the late s and early s. Just because This Explains Everything has pages that follow one another, readers should not assume, nor should they attempt, to read it from cover-to-cover.

Take an idea, and as you troll through tweets, timelines and blog posts, pay attention to your data feed, and the world around you, and see if anything in your experience reflects, requires or contradicts the deep and elegant idea you internalized.

And then, as only good books can do, go back and sample it for the next intriguing thought. The book can be looked at in two ways: as either a grab bag of intellectual tidbits, or as a worthy mess. Perhaps those are not so far from each other.

The brilliance of asking an open ended question to reveal what such a question invokes in a star-filled universe of cerebral talent does not preclude further analysis to help bring order to the chaos such a question generates. Indeed, many of the writers discuss the emergence of order from chaos as a deep and elegant idea.

As an editor, however, Brockman seems satisfied with leaving his contributors to disorder or to some order neither documented nor fathomable by this reviewer. The book would benefit from categorization of the responses, perhaps even a culling of redundancy, or a search for points of debate within similarities to expand and increase the value of the cleverly short assays of thought.The first is that we are strangers to ourselves.

Scientific Theories That There is clearly no sense of any self-containment in This Explains Everything. Those who naturally flit from idea-to-idea, constantly hunting for novelty and insight may not need a book like This Explains Everything, though it may act as a serviceable field guide. In a sense, we are truly in the dark. The numeric numbers in the Fibonacci sequence provide balance in the universal creative system of the universe. But balance of what?

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