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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design is a sumptuous celebration The book is packed with more than 1, images of concept artwork. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Art & Design [Weta] on I bought it as a gift for my best friend, and the book is absolutely gorgeous! The cover. Chronicles: Art & Design (Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) [Daniel Falconer] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

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The Hobbit: The Art of War: The Battle of the Five Armies: Chronicles. Weta reviews; Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #, in Books (See Top in Books). The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Chronicles: Art & Design explores and The book showcases art by the film's concept art directors Alan Lee and John. Wow. Wow. Wow. That's one "Wow" for each of the Hobbit artbooks that were published so far. This artbook is still hardcover, pages, and is.

As a bonus feature, unique to this book, there is a special fold-out replica of the portrait of the Master of Lake-town, played by Stephen Fry, exactly as it appears in the film. Compiled by Weta Workshop senior concept designer Daniel Falconer, this is the third book in The Hobbit Chronicles series and it has been created in full collaboration with key members of the production's creative team to ensure the most comprehensive and authentic film companion possible.

As the previous volumes, the book is published as an embossed hardcover edition without dustjacket. All books ship directly from Weta's warehouse in Wellington, New Zealand in a specially commissioned cardboard box sturdy enough to ensure your book will arrive in great condition.

Product Types. An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit: Sign In. Rateliff calls this the " Doctor Dolittle Theme" in The History of the Hobbit, and cites the multitude of talking animals as indicative of this theme.

These talking creatures include ravens, a thrush, spiders and the dragon Smaug, alongside the anthropomorphic goblins and elves. Patrick Curry notes that animism is also found in Tolkien's other works, and mentions the "roots of mountains" and "feet of trees" in The Hobbit as a linguistic shifting in level from the inanimate to animate. The first men to talk of 'trees and stars' saw things very differently.

To them, the world was alive with mythological beings To them the whole of creation was 'myth-woven and elf-patterned'.

The Art of the Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

He portrays Bilbo as a modern anachronism exploring an essentially antique world. Bilbo is able to negotiate and interact within this antique world because language and tradition make connections between the two worlds.

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For example, Gollum's riddles are taken from old historical sources, while those of Bilbo come from modern nursery books. It is the form of the riddle game, familiar to both, which allows Gollum and Bilbo to engage each other, rather than the content of the riddles themselves.

This idea of a superficial contrast between characters' individual linguistic style, tone and sphere of interest, leading to an understanding of the deeper unity between the ancient and modern, is a recurring theme in The Hobbit. In many ways the Smaug episode reflects and references the dragon of Beowulf , and Tolkien uses the episode to put into practice some of the ground-breaking literary theories he had developed about the Old English poem in its portrayal of the dragon as having bestial intelligence.

The Hobbit may be read as Tolkien's parable of World War I with the hero being plucked from his rural home and thrown into a far-off war where traditional types of heroism are shown to be futile.

As Janet Croft notes, Tolkien's literary reaction to war at this time differed from most post-war writers by eschewing irony as a method for distancing events and instead using mythology to mediate his experiences. Well, it seems a very gloomy business. Lewis, friend of Tolkien and later author of The Chronicles of Narnia between and , writing in The Times reports: The truth is that in this book a number of good things, never before united, have come together: a fund of humour, an understanding of children, and a happy fusion of the scholar's with the poet's grasp of mythology The professor has the air of inventing nothing.

He has studied trolls and dragons at first hand and describes them with that fidelity that is worth oceans of glib "originality. Auden , in his review of the sequel The Fellowship of the Ring calls The Hobbit "one of the best children's stories of this century". The Hobbit was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for best juvenile fiction of the year Instead of approaching The Hobbit as a children's book in its own right, critics such as Randell Helms picked up on the idea of The Hobbit as being a "prelude", relegating the story to a dry-run for the later work.

Countering a presentist interpretation are those who say this approach misses out on much of the original's value as a children's book and as a work of high fantasy in its own right, and that it disregards the book's influence on these genres. Rateliff [] and C. Sullivan [25] encourage readers to treat the works separately, both because The Hobbit was conceived, published, and received independently of the later work, and to avoid dashing readers' expectations of tone and style.

Legacy[ edit ] The Lord of the Rings[ edit ] While The Hobbit has been adapted and elaborated upon in many ways, its sequel The Lord of the Rings is often claimed to be its greatest legacy. Tolkien wrote the later story in much less humorous tones and infused it with more complex moral and philosophical themes.

The differences between the two stories can cause difficulties when readers, expecting them to be similar, find that they are not. Further, Tolkien's concept of Middle-earth was to continually change and slowly evolve throughout his life and writings.

By contrast, offering advanced younger readers modern teenage-oriented fiction may not exercise their reading skills, while the material may contain themes more suited to adolescents. The Hobbit introduces literary concepts, notably allegory , to young readers, as the work has been seen to have allegorical aspects reflecting the life and times of the author. While Bilbo may be seen as a literary symbol of small folk of any gender, [] a gender-conscious approach can help students establish notions of a "socially symbolic text" where meaning is generated by tendentious readings of a given work.

Margaret's School, Edinburgh.

'The Art of the Hobbit' Book

The first motion picture adaptation of The Hobbit, a minute film of cartoon stills, was commissioned from Gene Deitch by William L. Snyder in , as related by Deitch himself.

Since then all "authorized" adaptations have been signed-off by Tolkien Enterprises. The series was released on audio cassette in and on CD in The adaptation has been called "execrable" [46] and confusing for those not already familiar with the plot.

Composer and librettist Dean Burry was commissioned by the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus , who produced the premiere in Toronto, Ontario, and subsequently toured it to the Maritime provinces the same year. In Decembers of , [] , [] and , [] Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and New Line Cinema released one part each of a three-part live-action film version produced and directed by Peter Jackson. In a one-volume edition was released by Unwin Paperbacks.

The cover was artwork by the original illustrator David Wenzel. The majority are mostly character designs and the related, such as costumes, weapons and other props. There are Bilbo and his entourage of dwarves, trolls, goblins, and creatures. Each character has many designs variations shown, but mostly from the hair and facial hair — probably more hairstyles that you can find in a hair saloon brochure. The environment art are mainly of close ups of locations and interiors.

The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles - Art and Design.pdf

There are a few of those wide shots as well but could have been printed bigger. Many of the nice textured pencil drawings are from John Howe and Alan Lee.

Those who like production design will enjoy the insightful commentary.Deep down we all want to stay home and feel safe, but we all dream about someone knocking on the door and saying "Come on an adventure and let's have a fun ride.

Not only is the book beautiful inside and out, but it has everything you would want in an art of the movie book.

A visual voyage there and back again.

The Hobbit Chronicles show the incredible attention to detail that goes into everything that is being produced for these films and are a wonderful opportunity to showcase the designs and artistry of so many people within their respective departments. The majority are mostly character designs and the related, such as costumes, weapons and other props. As a bonus feature, unique to this book, there is a special fold-out replica of the portrait of the Master of Lake-town, played by Stephen Fry, exactly as it appears in the film.

Hammond and Christina Scull is an absolute must!

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