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The Evil Twin (Sweet Valley High Book ) - Kindle edition by Francine Pascal. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Find the complete Sweet Valley Twins book series listed in order. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $ Common KnowledgeSeriesSweet Valley Twins Sweet Valley Twins and Friends Series, No. 82 and Steven's Enemy; Amy's Secret Sister by Francine .

Sweet Valley Twins Ebook

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This series is alternately titled Sweet Valley Twins and Friends. * Sweet Valley Twins-- Super Editions-- Super Chillers-- Magna Editions-- The Unic. Sweet Valley Twins has 1 entries in the series. Sweet Valley Twins (Series). Book Francine Pascal Author (). Series · Sweet Valley Twins. Jessica as one of the book's cover incarnations, from "Jessica's Secret Diary II" Ebook The Older Boy (Sweet Valley Twins Series, Book 15) Kindle buy The Older .

Todd and Liz break up when Todd's family moves to Vermont and Todd eventually becomes romantically involved with the terminally-ill Suzanne.

They break up again over Elizabeth's infidelity and later involvement with Devon Whitelaw at the end of Sweet Valley High, but reunite at the beginning of Sweet Valley University, only to break up again when Elizabeth won't sleep with him.

He then loses his virginity to Elizabeth's good friend Enid while they're at the college looking for sanctuary and companionship. The two are constantly breaking up and getting back together as well as committing infidelity. Liz cheats on Todd numerous times as does Todd on her, once even with a supermodel and is later horrified to find out Todd's been having a recurring affair with Jess--and she discovers it only after having planned most of her and Todd's wedding!

He eventually gets a successful job as a sports journalist and his column is picked up by several papers. Enid Rollins is Elizabeth's best friend when they meet in a creative-writing class pre-series, until they grow apart in senior year.

Enid is described as pretty, with curly brown hair and big green eyes. As a young teenager, Enid was a problem user of drugs and alcohol until she was involved in a bad accident; she has reformed and become a model student: quiet, sweet, and straitlaced. She is a member of the Pi Beta sorority, but joined only to lend Elizabeth moral support. In college, Enid reinvents herself and begins to use her middle name, 'Alexandra'.

She immediately joins an elitist sorority and enters into a high-profile romance with big-shot college basketball player Mark Gathers.

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She also has an affair with Todd Wilkins, even falling for him and becoming dependent on him when Mark abandons her. She does patch things up with Elizabeth, but never again are they close friends. She is a beautiful former child actress and star reporter for the Oracle. Senior year sees her friendship with Elizabeth unravel as Liz makes new friends from the school merger but they eventually mend their relationship. Maria holds the distinction of class valedictorian, snatching it out from under both Liz Wakefield and Winston Egbert, who were each considered a shoo-in for the honor.

Lila Fowler, Jessica's best friend and arch-rival. She and Bruce Patman are bitter rivals, as her family her father George owns a computer company wants to modernize Sweet Valley; while Bruce's family wants to maintain the history of the town, from when canning was the main industry.

One of the wealthiest people in town, she is a "poor little rich girl" stereotype. The Fowlers and the Wakefields are close friends and even Elizabeth, who usually doesn't move in the wealthier circles, is often friendly towards Lila.

At first Lila is very snobbish and devious, but an attempted rape by John Pfeifer, plus her parents' remarriage, helped make her more sympathetic. Winston Egbert, the class clown, had a major crush on Jessica, mainly during the first few books. He dates a girl named Mandy Farmer, who later moves away, and then begins dating Maria Santelli, a popular cheerleader.

In college he starts going by the name of "Winnie" and clerical error leads to his placement in an all women's dorm, where he meets popular sorority girl Denise Waters, arguably the love of his life. Unfortunately, life after university sees Winston transform from a goofy, cheerful oddball into a mean, resentful businessman whose wealth from the dotcom boom can't cure his loneliness.

After a night of drunken debauchery, he falls from a balcony to an untimely death. Later a romance bloomed between her and English teacher Roger Collins.

Roger Collins is an English teacher who serves as advisor to the school newspaper, The Oracle, and is one of Elizabeth's favorite teachers.

Bruce Patman is a rich, handsome snob. Considered to be a rival of the nouveau-riche Fowler family, as he and his old-money family want to preserve the town as it was when canning was the main industry. He once dated Jessica, which ended badly and made them bitter rivals. Later he dated Regina Morrow, who helped him become a bit more sincere, but after her death he fell back into his arrogant routine.

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Later he dated Pamela Robertson. Despite his arrogance, family means much to him and he becomes very caring toward his orphaned cousin Roger once he gets used to this formerly-poor nobody actually being his own blood. His parents' deaths softened him and made him more sincere, and according to Sweet Valley Confidential, this leads to an eventual romance with his one true love, Elizabeth Wakefield.

They move in together and things work out initially--until he professes to being in love with someone else. Olivia Davidson is the arts editor of the Oracle and one of Elizabeth's best friends. She dies in the earthquake that hit Sweet Valley. Nicholas and Regina Morrow, wealthy but down-to-earth siblings and close friends of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth did not normally move in the wealthier circles of Sweet Valley, but the Morrows' down-to-earth nature won her over. Regina was deaf, but had radical surgery to restore her hearing; she dated Bruce seriously and helped change his personality for the better. Regina got in with the wrong crowd following her breakup with Bruce and experimented with drugs; she died after snorting a small amount of cocaine, which aggravated a rare heart condition.

Nicholas once had romantic feelings toward Liz, but nothing came of it as she had a steady boyfriend, and they chose to remain friends. Liz helped Nicholas cope when his sister died. Amy returns in the Sweet Valley High books as a completely different character. Whilst she once shared interests with Elizabeth, such as working on the school newspaper, she returned much more like Jessica, a boy-crazy gossip.

Later, she mellows and becomes enamored of Barry Rork. Jeffrey French is Elizabeth's "preppy" ex-boyfriend, the handsome blond star of Sweet Valley High's soccer team who disappeared from the series following their breakup.

They begin a serious relationship after Todd moves to Vermont, but break up shortly after Todd's return. Cara Walker is Jessica's close friend. Early in the series she was a notorious snob and gossip, but her parents' split in which she was separated from her brother made her more mature and attracted Elizabeth's warm concern. She dated Steven Wakefield for a time and almost ran away to get married so they wouldn't be separated when her family moved to London, but they realized it wasn't practical.

Years later they are reunited married, though unhappily. Cara bakes constantly, eating to hide her feelings of hurt at Steven's rejection as rumors of his cheating run rampant in Sweet Valley - and worse when the truth is revealed that he's actually involved with another man, former SVH soccer star Aaron Dallas.

Ken Matthews is a star quarterback and dater of several Sweet Valley ladies during the course of the series. In the first few books, he is called "Kenny" by his friends and teachers, though that nickname soon disappears.

He is Jessica's steady boyfriend for part of junior year, and also secretly dates Elizabeth after Todd moves away. Sweet Valley Twins Series by cover. Series description.

Jessica Wakefield. Lila Fowler. Amy Sutton.

Roberta Manning. Mary Giaccio. Lois Waller. Betsy Gordon. Madame Andre. Janet Howell. Winston Egbert.

Steven Wakefield. Caroline Pearce. Bruce Patman. Julie Porter. Ellen Riteman. Kimberly Haver. Sweet Valley Middle School. How do series work? Helpers Avron , zjeszay 44 , readingrebecca 34 , EmScape 29 , E-romance 18 , lampbane 11 , demure 7 , r. Top bar: Sweet Valley Twins Series by cover 1—7 of next show all.

Best Friends by Francine Pascal. Teacher's Pet by Francine Pascal. The Haunted House by Francine Pascal. Choosing Sides by Francine Pascal. Sneaking Out by Francine Pascal. The New Girl by Francine Pascal. Three's a Crowd by Jamie Suzanne. First Place by Francine Pascal. Against the Rules by Francine Pascal. One of the Gang by Francine Pascal.

Series: Sweet Valley Twins

Buried Treasure by Francine Pascal. Keeping Secrets by Francine Pascal. Stretching the Truth by Francine Pascal. Tug of War by Francine Pascal. The Older Boy by Francine Pascal.

Second Best by Francine Pascal. Boys Against Girls by Francine Pascal. Center of Attention by Francine Pascal. The Bully by Francine Pascal. Playing Hooky by Francine Pascal. Out of Place by Francine Pascal. Claim to Fame by Francine Pascal. Jumping to Conclusions by Francine Pascal. Standing Out by Francine Pascal. Taking Charge by Francine Pascal. Teamwork by Francine Pascal. April Fool! This title releases July 9, Pre-order online.

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Sort By: Filter Sort. Sorted By:Photograph: Alpha If you were a teenage girl in the s there's a good chance that you spent large chunks of the decade engrossed in the adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, the American twins with "shoulder-length blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and perfect California tans" who fell in and out of love with each other's boyfriends, gossiped behind each other's backs and Learned about Life at Sweet Valley High.

The Sweet Life 4: Power Play Sweet Valley High 4. Available for download. A television version of George M! Teamwork by Francine Pascal.

Shelve Teacher's Pet.

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