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Microchip Technology Inc. DSB. PIC16F84A. Data Sheet. pin Enhanced FLASH/EEPROM. 8-bit Microcontroller. M. Devices Included in this Data Sheet: • PIC16F • PIC16F • PIC16CR • PIC16CR84 . Electrical Characteristics for PIC16F83 and PIC16F PIC16F84A datasheet, PIC16F84A pdf, PIC16F84A data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microchip, This powerful ( nanosecond instruction execution) yet.

Pic16f84a Datasheet Pdf

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PIC16F84A datasheet, PIC16F84A circuit, PIC16F84A data sheet: MICROCHIP - pin Enhanced Flash/EEPROM 8-Bit Microcontroller,alldatasheet, datasheet. of the PIC16F84A Device Data Sheet. 1. Module: Electrical Characteristics. Voltage frequency characteristic graphs have been added. The Device Data Sheet. M PIC16F84A Data Sheet pin Enhanced FLASH/EEPROM 8-bit Microcontroller Microchip Technology Inc. DSB Note the following details of.

Microchip received QS quality system certification for its worldwide headquarters, design and wafer fabrication facilities in Chandler and Tempe, Arizona in July Revision History Conversion Considerations Migration from Baseline to Mid-Range Devices To this end, we will continue to improve our publications to better suit your needs.

Our publications will be refined and enhanced as new volumes and updates are introduced. If you have any questions or comments regarding this publication, please contact the Marketing Communications Department via E-mail at docerrors mail. We welcome your feedback. Most Current Data Sheet To obtain the most up-to-date version of this data sheet, please register at our Worldwide Web site at: The last character of the literature number is the version number, e. Errata An errata sheet, describing minor operational differences from the data sheet and recommended workarounds, may exist for current devices.

The errata will specify the revision of silicon and revision of document to which it applies.

To determine if an errata sheet exists for a particular device, please check with one of the following: Customer Notification System Register on our web site at www. PIC16F84A 1. Additional tion. The data memory RAM contains 68 bytes. The Refer- a pin-to-pin basis. Some pins are multiplexed with other ence Manual should be considered a complementary device functions.

These functions include: A block diagram of tions and details for each pin.

Connects to crystal or resonator in Crystal Oscillator mode. Output is open drain type. PORTB can be software programmed for internal weak pull-up on all inputs. Serial programming clock. Serial programming data. This buffer is a Schmitt Trigger input when configured as the external interrupt.

This buffer is a Schmitt Trigger input when used in Serial Programming mode. PIC16F84A 2. These are the program memory and the data memory. This memory is not directly mapped into the data memory, but is indirectly mapped. Accessing a loca- tion above the physically implemented address will cause a wraparound. For example, for locations 20h, h, h, C20h, h, h, h, and 1C20h, the instruction will be the same.

Banking requires the use of control bits for bank selection. Indirect addressing uses the present value of the RP0 bit for access into the banked areas of data memory.

Setting the RP0 bit selects Bank 1. Each Bank extends up to 7Fh bytes. The first twelve locations of each Bank are reserved for the Special Function Registers. Note 1: Not a physical register. Those associated with the The Special Function Registers Figure and core functions are described in this section.

Those Table are used by the CPU and Peripheral related to the operation of the peripheral features are functions to control the device operation. These described in the section for that specific feature. TABLE The upper byte of the program counter is not directly accessible.

This is the value that will be in the port output latch. Use of data memory. The C and DC bits operate as a borrow or C bits, then the write to these three bits is disabled. Interrupt flag bits are set when an interrupt The INTCON register is a readable and writable condition occurs, regardless of the state of register that contains the various enable bits for all its corresponding enable bit or the global interrupt sources. RB4 pins have changed state Legend: Addressing wide.

The low byte is called the PCL register.

This reg- INDF actually addresses the register whose address is ister is readable and writable. This is the PCH register. The second cycle is executed as a NOP.

The stack space is not part of either value of 0Ah. Writing to the INDF register indirectly results in a causes a branch. For memory map detail, see Figure Maintain as clear for upward compatibility with future products. Not implemented.

PIC16F84A 3. A byte write automatically erases the location and The EEPROM data memory is readable and writable writes the new data erase before write. The is not directly mapped in the register file space. Instead write time is controlled by an on-chip timer. The write- it is indirectly addressed through the Special Function time will vary with voltage and temperature as well as Registers. There are four SFRs used to read and write from chip to chip.

Please refer to AC specifications for this memory. These registers are: Read as '0' bit 4 EEIF: The bit is cleared by hardware once write is complete. The WR bit can only be set not cleared in software. The RD bit can only be set not cleared in software.

This mechanism prevents accidental writes to data EEPROM due to errant unexpected code exe- To read a data memory location, the user must write the cution i. The WREN bit is not cleared by hardware.

The WR bit will until another read or until it is written to by the user be inhibited from being set unless the WREN bit is set. PIC16F84A 4. P Data Latch 4.

pic 16f84a datasheet pdf

Input Buffer Note: On a Power-on Reset, these pins are con- figured as inputs and read as '0'. All Q D write operations are read-modify-write operations. Therefore, a write to a port implies that the port pins are read. This value is modified and then written to the port EN data latch. Shaded cells are unimplemented, read as '0'. A From other Q D single control bit can turn on all the pull-ups. This is per- RB7: The weak pull-up is automatically turned off when the port pin is configured as an output.

RB4, have an interrupt-on- 2: Only pins configured as inputs can cause this interrupt to occur i. The input pins of RB7: This will end the D Q mismatch condition. Internal software programmable weak pull-up. PIC16F84A 5.

Using PIC Timer with PIC16F84A

Note that there is only one prescaler available DS Thus, a prescaler 5. Timer0 can operate as a timer or as a counter. The prescaler is not readable or writable. If the TMR0 register is written, the increment is Clearing bit PSA will assign the prescaler to the Timer0 inhibited for the following two instruction cycles.

The module. When the prescaler is assigned to the Timer0 user can work around this by writing an adjusted value module, prescale values of 1: When the prescaler is assigned to the increment, either on every rising or falling edge of pin WDT, prescale values of 1: Restrictions on the external clock input are BSF 1,etc. When assigned to discussed below. Writing to TMR0 when the prescaler is assigned to Timer0 will clear the prescaler count, but will not change the prescaler assignment.

The prescaler is shared with Watchdog Timer refer to Figure for detailed block diagram. This overflow sets bit trol i. The interrupt can be masked by execution.

This sequence must be followed even if the WDT is disabled. Shaded cells are not used by Timer0. PIC16F84A 6. This design keeps the device in RESET while the processors are special circuits to deal with the needs of power supply stabilizes. With these two timers on-chip, real time applications. These features are: It runs off its Address h is beyond the user program memory own RC oscillator for added reliability.

One is memory space h - 3FFFh. These values are for design RF 3 guidance only. See Table for recommended values of C1 and C2. A series resistor RS may be required Note: When using resonators with frequencies for AT strip cut crystals. Use of a series cut crystal may give controller is rated. In addition to this, the oscil- XT kHz - pF - pF lator frequency will vary from unit to unit due to normal 2 MHz 15 - 33 pF 15 - 33 pF process parameter variation.

The user needs to take into Note: Higher capacitance increases the stability account variation, due to tolerance of the external of the oscillator, but also increases the R and C components.

Since each crystal has its own characteristics, the user should consult the REXT crystal manufacturer for appropriate Internal OSC1 Clock values of external components.

These bits are fications state the pulse width requirements for the used in software to determine the nature of the RESET. MCLR pin. Microchip Technology. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from September Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 18 April , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The leakage current on the MCLR pin is strongly dependent on the applied voltage level. The specified lev- els represent normal operating conditions.

Higher leakage current may be measured at different input volt- ages.

PIC16F84A Datasheet

Negative current is defined as coming out of the pin. The user may choose the better of the two specs. The timing parameter symbols have been created fol- lowing one of the following formats:. TppS2ppS 2. The temperature and voltages specified in Table apply to all timing specifications unless otherwise noted. All timings are measure between high and low measurement points as indicated in Figure Figure specifies the load conditions for the timing specifications. Load Condition 1 Load Condition 2.

Instruction cycle period TCY equals four times the input oscillator time-base period. All specified values are based on characterization data for that particular oscillator type under standard operating conditions with the device executing code.

All devices are tested to operate at "min. When an external clock input is used, the "Max.

PIC16F84A M Microchip part number information XX In the event the full Microchip part number cannot be marked on one line, it will be carried over to the next line thus limiting the number of available characters for customer specific information. For OTP marking beyond this, certain price adders apply. Please check with your Microchip Sales Office. E1 A1. Dam-bar protrusions shall not exceed 0. Mold flash or protrusions shall not exceed 0.

Height A 0. Voltage Range 2. When either of these bits is set, the maximum IDD for the device is higher than when both are cleared. This section discusses how to migrate from a baseline 2. Revisit any computed jump operations write to device i. The following is the list of feature improvements over 3. Eliminate any data memory page switching.

Redefine data variables for reallocation. Instruction word length is increased to 14 bits. Change reset vector to h. Data memory paging is redefined slightly. Four new instructions have been added: Interrupt capability is added.

Interrupt vector is at h. Stack size is increased to 8 deep. Reset vector is changed to h. Reset of all registers is revisited. Five different reset and wake-up types are recognized. Registers are reset differently. These timers are invoked selectively to avoid unnecessary delays on power-up and wake-up.

PORTB has weak pull-ups and interrupt on change features. FSR is a full 8-bit register. PS0 Bits FOSC0 Bits RA0 Block Diagram RB0 Block Diagram RB4 Block Diagram RB4 Interrupt on Change R RAM. See Data Memory Reader Response Microchip's development systems software products. The web site is used by Microchip as a means to make Plus, this line provides information on how customers files and information easily available to customers.

To can receive any currently available upgrade kits.

The view the site, the user must have access to the Internet Hot Line Numbers are: Connecting to the Microchip Internet Web Site The Microchip web site is available by using your favorite Internet browser to attach to: A vari- ety of Microchip specific business information is also available, including listings of Microchip sales offices, distributors and factory representatives.

Other data available for consideration is: If you wish to provide your comments on organization, clarity, subject matter, and ways in which our documentation can better serve you, please FAX your comments to the Technical Publications Manager at Please list the following information, and use this outline to provide us with your comments about this Data Sheet. Reader Response. Would you like a reply?

What deletions from the data sheet could be made without affecting the overall usefulness? Microchip Technology Inc. Microchip Technology Singapore Pte Ltd. Palazzo Taurus 1 V. Le Colleoni 1 Tel: The Tel: All rights reserved.

Printed in the USA. Information contained in this publication regarding device applications and the like is intended for suggestion only and may be superseded by updates. No representation or warranty is given and no liability is assumed by Microchip Technology Incorporated with respect to the accuracy or use of such information, or infringement of patents or other intellectual property rights arising from such use or otherwise.

No licenses are conveyed, implicitly or otherwise, under any intellectual property rights.

Part Number Start With

The Microchip logo and name are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The SFRs used to control the peripheral modules are described in the Reset Vector h section discussing each individual peripheral module.

PSA and PS2: Connecting to the Microchip Internet Web Site The Microchip web site is available by using your favorite Internet browser to attach to: Reader Response From: Y N Device: DSA Questions: What are the best features of this document?

How does this document meet your hardware and software development needs? Do you find the organization of this data sheet easy to follow? If not, why? What additions to the data sheet do you think would enhance the structure and subject?

Is there any incorrect or misleading information what and where? How would you improve this document? How would you improve our software, systems, and silicon products?

Jose Maria Alfonso Barroso. Guillermo Hernandez. Richard Kammers. Ricky Cox. Cristi Samoila. Alejandro Perez Contreras. More From Carlos Navarro M. Carlos Navarro M. Manffred Mogollon. LM LMN. Popular in Technology. Muhammad Shuaib. Andreja Milovic. Vu Thi Duong Ba. Anonymous YX8k82zOy. Patent cases: Continuing applications; continued examination filings, applications containing patentably indistinct claims, and claims examinations. Rajesh Lenka. Jacob McCauley. Yam Chaulagain. Tesda Ptc Malilipot.

Ma Godfrey. Alisher Agzamov. Devin Hamden v. Total Car Franchising Corp, 4th Cir. Scribd Government Docs.

Barriers to Effective Implementation of Strategies. Konchog Eddie. June Angeli Muyco. American Greed: Alexander Lone Wolfgang.Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It also contains the individual and global interrupt enable bits. It can also to provide the product development engineer with a link relocatable objects from pre-compiled libraries, complete microcontroller design tool set for PICmicro using directives from a linker script.

The interrupt can be avoid infinite interrupt requests. For borrow the polarity is reversed. This value is modified and then written to the port EN data latch. The data memory is partitioned into two areas. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of this specification is not implied.

RB4 are an input, i.

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