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Search results. 4 results for Books: "Parimarjan Negi". 1.e4 vs The Sicilian I ( Grandmaster Repertoire). 1 February by Parimarjan Negi. Looking for books by Parimarjan Negi? See all books authored by Parimarjan Negi, including 1.e4 vs The Sicilian III, and 1.e4 vs the Sicilian II, and more on. Grandmaster Repertoire - 1. e4 vs. the Sicilian III Nov 1, by Parimarjan Negi · Paperback. $$ $ Get it by Friday, Mar Only 6 left in stock.

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Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Parimarjan-Negi books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. “It is with great delight that we have this summer published Parimarjan Negi's book 1.e4 vs the French, Caro-Kann & Philidor. In Quality Chess. Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The Sicilian I (hardcover) by Parimarjan Negi My jaw kept dropping at the attacking ideas that Negi exposes in this book.

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Shamkir Chess Carlsen's Elo performance was nearly ! All other games were drawn.

Games and video from Now Iran is climbing the list of the top countries in the world — currently at number 25, with the average rating of the top ten players rising by the month. The country's 15 GMs, 23 IMs, and total titled players obscures the fact that among the top ten, only two were born before Iranian Chess Federation. Andrew Martin uses the games of Kupreichik to show why this line could catch many French aficionados unprepared and is very dangerous for Black.

Parimarjan's first chess book

Attacking players will love this line and the unusual complications that it promotes. Discuss Rules for reader comments User. Still no ChessBase Account?

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Openings, Middlegame, Endgame Lessons. Play, analyze and train online against Fritz. In Quality Chess we have done our upmost to set the standards in chess literature over the last decade, especially in books concerning the beginning of the game.

But let us assure you all that this book is as entertaining, thoughtful, creative and progressive as a book on the chess opening can possibly be. The book talks perfectly to amateurs and is very easy to follow. But it is also high in quality. This is shown by how the Dutch no 1.

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Anish Giri, used a new idea in the book to win a game against Brazil in the Chess Olympiad in Tromso a few days after the book was out. We eagerly await the coming volumes, as will much of the chess World. He says that his writing style has evolved from heavy theory to trying to help the readers feel comfortable with the resulting positions.

Still, in my opinion as you have no doubt guessed by now , the main trump of the Negi series is in the theory. Negi continues to find some wonderful new ideas, both for White and, crucially, for Black. I have to admit up front that I was a bit surprised by some of his choices.

Against the Dragon I would have predicted a 9. Bc4, avoiding the classical Soltis in lieu of This in itself is not so surprising as without the inclusion of Kb1 and Re8, the Soltis Yugoslav attack is well-known to lead to a draw pretty much by force in every line. Could Negi really have busted this bastion of the Dragon?

The answer is: almost! The main line, shown below, culminates in Black needing to find the strong novelty 21…Rb8!

Here I would have bet money that Negi would recommend the Maroczy, but instead we see an invitation for Black to transpose back to a regular Dragon after 5. Still, things are definitely more exciting after 5.Anish Giri, used a new idea in the book to win a game against Brazil in the Chess Olympiad in Tromso a few days after the book was out.

These positions can be tricky to handle for White over-the-board, because I find that players on the black side usually have far more experience with these positions and can occasionally whip up a deceptively dangerous attack on the queenside. The French game below Caruana-Meier is a good example of this.

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Ng3 Bg6 6. Grandmaster Repertoire - 1. This is a serious book for advanced players, one that will drive the theoretical discussion on the Najdorf for the foreseeable future.

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