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"I read this book toward the end of my freshman year at college. "Chicken Soup for the College Soul serves up a taste of what every student needs: love, hope, parking lot of the international school in Indonesia, where I teach English. Maya Angelou With love we dedicate this book to the billion phenomenal So from our hearts to yours, we offer you Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul May novel of interrelated stories about culture shock in Indonesia, Ladies of the. We would love to hear your reactions to the stories in this book. Please future editions of Chicken Soup For The Soul You can send us either stories you have.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul has entries in the series. Chicken Soup For The Soul. IdentifierChickenSoupForTheSoul. Identifier-arkark:/ /t5p85jw3r. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul book. Read 42 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of.

Buku yang sangat menyentuh: Kebanyakan mereka mengatakannya, bahwa selalu ada badai,namun mereka bahagia dengan pernikahan: Mar 16, Renee rated it it was ok.

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My mother bought me this as a gift, something to read before my wedding this April. It is what is expected from the Chicken Soup series: I have to admit that a few stories made me tear up, and a lot in the ninth section of the book I found quite soothing during this planning process.

So yes, not high literature, but good for its intended purpose. Jul 16, Natalie rated it really liked it. Aug 11, Marvie Grulke rated it it was ok Shelves: I read a few stories from this.

It's an OK read. Riddle me this? Why exactly is this a good gift? I think I'd rather the actual chicken soup. No offense to the presenter of said gift. Also, I've ranked "The Giving Tree" so there's that to say about my book reviewing skill set. Aug 23, Gizzle Fe rated it it was amazing. What will make love last? There is Commitment, shared interest, unselfishness, physical attraction and communication, but there's more there is Spontaneity, There is Surprises, There is Sharing, There is Forgiveness, There is Sensitivity and above all There is Faith.

Sep 11, Breeana rated it really liked it. There are some really sweet stories in this book that bring goosebumps every time I read or hear them. It was fun reading while engaged to be married. Also, there are a lot of good ideas on how to propose, men! If you're thinking of proposing or know a friend who is , I'd suggest this book for great ideas. Nov 18, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. I love this book i bought it the first time i got married at i read i every once in a while to see all the love and compassion that is in there.

I remmoned any new bride buys this book becuase it will help you though the tough times Apr 28, Shannon mp rated it really liked it.

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Holy, Nellie! Break out the kleenex! I was not expecting to read so many sad stories while preparing for my big day! They were very touching stories that deliver the "real meaning of marriage" message, but with the stress of planning a wedding Jan 05, Jinni-lou rated it really liked it. This was such a wonderful book to read, I love to read real life stories!!! The good thing about books like these is that you can read it little by litte since it's a bunch of stories in one.

Anyone who is engaged should read this book. Apr 29, Auntkel rated it it was amazing. I love all the chicken soup books. I like how they are a bunch of litle short stories so even if you only have just a couple minutes to read you can get one story read.

This ones good even if your not married or engaged right now. Jul 25, Becca rated it liked it. This was a very heartwarming book.

It was a very nice shower gift I received and I actually read the whole thing. Some of the stories even made me tear up. Jan 02, Heidi rated it liked it. This book is enough to keep me interested and is cheesetastic to the max. A guilty pleasure if you will. Fun to read but not all believable. Apr 26, Payal Khanna added it.

Read it long back. Just before my wedding. It has very sweet and simple stories on love and relationships. Perfect gift for a bride-to-be. Mar 07, Sushmitha rated it really liked it.

Apr 19, Erin rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Jan 14, Courtney rated it it was amazing. A very helpful book as I prepare to get married. There were lots of sweet and funny stories from people who have been married and it gave me lots of respite from the stresses of wedding planning. Dec 11, Meena Yegan rated it really liked it. Heart-Felt stories for life time: Jul 08, Kimberly Wilson rated it it was amazing. I'm ashamed to admit this was a wedding gift almost seven years ago, I finally got around to reading it.

I cried and laughed and it made me think more tenderly if my husband. Worth the read. Feb 02, Megan Asmus rated it liked it. Loved the touch of diary it stays next to my wedding album the stories wrre as always inspiring and every moment of stressed id read and could relax! Wonderfully put together. Jan 14, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers Also Enjoyed. Self Help. About Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield is an American motivational speaker and author. He is best known as the co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series, which currently has over titles and million copies in print in over 47 languages. He has worked as a teacher, a workshop facilitator, and a psychotherapist.

The stated mission of Self Esteem Seminars is to train entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. The focus of The Foundation for Self Esteem is to train social workers, welfare recipients and human resource professionals. After three years, the two had compiled sixty-eight stories. Canfield's most recent book, The Success Principles , shares 64 principles that he claims can make people more successful.

In , he appeared in the DVD, "The Secret," and shared his insights on the Law of Attraction and tips for achieving success in personal and professional life. He is the son of Elmer and Ellen a homemaker; maiden name, Taylor. He went to college at Harvard University, B. He is a Democrat and a Christian, and his hobbies include tennis, travel, skiing, running, billiards, reading, and guitar. Other books in the series. Chicken Soup for the Soul 1 - 10 of 49 books.

Books by Jack Canfield. Some a little drier than others but that's okay.

The really good ones more than made up for it. Great reading for the new writer or any writer that needs inspiration. Dec 14, Fonny Jodikin rated it it was amazing. I think this book has inspired me to become a good writer with huge passion for the writing itself. This book has encouraged me once more to pursue my dream as a writer. I've once tried to forget about becoming a full time and dedicated writer.

But this book has burnt the desire once more to become one. Aug 06, Judine rated it it was amazing Shelves: It shows the support needed by struggling authors AND how they get it from their family and friends.

Without support and feedback, it is next to impossible to make it as a writer and that's why my friends are such a valuable sounding board for me.

Feb 25, Yelena Casale rated it it was amazing. Every story is truly inspirational and made me want to triple my writing efforts. A beautiful book for writer for motivation, inspiration or to just enjoy stories of fellow writers about their writing journey and life.

Mar 30, jacky rated it liked it Shelves: I bought and started reading this on a vacation. I believe it was just on the Cape, but I remember that while other people went off to other stores, I wanted to stay in the bookstore. The stories were held my attention at the time, but none jump out at me in my memory now.

Mar 23, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: It's one of those book that just reaches out and touches your heart. I enjoy it for the sentimental and emotional journey that you go through when reading the short stories. Nakokornihan din ako sa sarili ko kung bakit ko binili 'to. Wala eh, para kasi akong naliligaw na bata na kahit kanino sasama para lang makabalik sa tahanan.

Jul 20, Kristine rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I always thought I should give up on writing because I can't do it for a living anyway, but this book made me want to write again. Aug 23, Yvonne rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a must-read for writers, whether you're a professional or someone who just likes to pen a poem every now and then.

It truly soothes the soul. Reading this gave me motivation to do my best this month! Dec 01, Amanda Rice Roberts rated it liked it. Okay, so this one is not for everybody Jun 26, Vernie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I read this every time I wanted to be reminded that more than anytingwriting is my destiny. Sekitar sepuluh tahun yang lalu, saya pernah membaca buku Quantum Learning, yang mungkin saat itu sedang ngetrendnya istilah Quantum.

Pelajaran fisika mekanika quantum masih lumayan segar di kepala saya saat itu. Pada saat itu materi dalam buku itu kira-kira "memprogram" diri sendiri untuk mencapai tujuan pelajaran dengan membuat semacam pohon perencanaan. Di benak saya saat itu, saya memutuskan untuk belajar menulis.

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Namun, setelah mencoba, saya hanya berhasil pada tahap menulis buku harian. Dan buku harian saya itu sekarang entah kemana akibat dari pindah kos-kosan. Selagi marak-maraknya jejaring sosial Friendster, dan kebetulan ada fasilitas blognya, maka saya mencoba belajar menulis di sana. Tetapi sayang, friendster sekarang berubah. Pada perjalanannya, kegiatan menulis saya tidak dapat bekerja dengan baik.

Entahkah itu kehabisan ide, merasa hal yang akan saya tuliskan itu akan biasa saja, atau mood yang tidak dapat terkumpul dengan full team: Setelah saya renung-renungkan sekarang, benar apa yang dikatakan oleh Sitta Karina pada twitternya: Menulis, fiksi maupun non-fiksi, lahir krn kecintaan kita pd kata dan cerita.

Jadi, bisa diawali dg banyak membaca. Hal ini dulu yang mungkin tidak saya identifikasi sebagai salah satu penghambat dalam menulis.

Dalam buku ini Anda tidak akan menemukan tips-tips menulis ataupun kiat-kiat menulis yang sukses. Buku ini memercikkan inspirasi. Buku ini adalah kumpulan tulisan dari penulis yang merasakan bahwa menulis itu adalah bagian dari hidup mereka yang berharga.

Kita dapat mengetahui bagaimana proses bagaimana sisi lain dari penulis ketika mengawali, dan mempertahankan dunia kepenulisan mereka. Baiklah, saya akan mencoba menyarikan buku ini dengan bertanya pada mereka. Menurut anda, apa itu menulis?

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Terry McMillan: Menulis adalah tempat perlindunganku. Aku tidak bersembunyi di balik kata-katanya; aku menggunakan kata-kata itu untuk menggali di dalam hatiku untuk menemukan kebenaran. Christine Clifford: Peran yang paling kusukai dan memenuhiku dengan perasaan bangga Kate M. Menulis adalah sejenis doa, yang terus membantuku mencapai dan menaklukkan hidupku tanpa merasa, pada akhirnya, ditaklukkan olehnya.

Apa pelajaran berharga dalam menulis?

Gene Peret: Yang pertama adalah dalam mewujudkan impian apapun harus dibutuhkan usaha. Impian mempunyai kekuatan yang sangat besar, tapi hanya ketika diperkuat oleh penelitian, pembelajaran, dan usaha. Yang kedua adalah jika kita menjalani prosesnya, kita akan mencapai tujuan kita. Gregory Poirier: Uang bagiku merupakan produk sampingan yang menyenangkan dari menulis; uang bukan alasanku menulis.

Nora Profit: Jangan sampai kau meragukan dirimu sendiri. Kau akan rugi. Siapakah yang mengenalkanmu menulis? Cookie Potter: Ayahku membacakanku cerita atau bercerita untukku setiap malam.

Ia sangat suka bercerita tentang cerita yang suatu hari yang akan ia tulis dalam bukunya. Mengapa Anda terus menulis? Catharine Bramkamp: Dunia memerlukannya. Itu pekerjaan kami. Marilyn Pribus: Ketika kita menulis tentang hal-hal yang dirasakan orang di manapun-saat sulit, saat menyenangkan, keputusasaan, kegembiraan-sandi dikirim, seorang sahabat sejiwa menangkapnya, dan hubungan penting itu terjalin.

Apa pesan dari teladan Anda dalam menulis? Sue Grafton: Ayahku mengatakan: Membungkuklah bersama angin. Ketika kekecewaan datang, sesuatu yang pasti kamu alami, jangan menjadi kaku karena perasaan pahit. Bersikaplah anggun. Anggap dirimu sendiri sebagai sebatang anak pohon, menyerah pada keadaan tanpa patah atau putus.

Dan Millman: Ayahku berkata: Kalau ada satu fakta yang tidak benar, seluruh cerita akan rusak. James A. Michener menyarankan pada penulis muda untuk melakukan penelitian mendalam sebelum mencoba menulis sebuah novel. Apa pesan Anda bagi para calon penulis? Howard Fast: Ada penulis yang berpenghasilan jutaan, dan ada penulis lain yang berpenghasilan sangat sedikit, tapi itu bukan ukuran nilai.

Nilai sejati ada dalam dirimu dan hanya bisa diukur oleh pengertianmu akan keadaan manusia. Belajarlah untuk berpikir jernih, pahami mediamu dan pahami orang-orang. Irving Wallace: Weidman menasihatiku "Pikirkan tentang menulis satu halaman, hanya satu halaman, setiap hari.

Di akhir hari, di akhir satu tahun, kamu mempunyai halaman. Dan tahukah kamu apa yang kamu punya? Kamu mempunyai sebuah buku lengkap. Seperti profesi lain di luar penulis, kegagalan, frustrasi, tantangan, adalah masa-masa yang cukup berat.

Para penulis ini berbagi kehidupan bahwa pada suatu titik akan ada kepuasan tersendiri yang entah itu sesuai dengan harapan sebelumnya atau tidak. Namun, pada intinya saya yakin mereka sependapat, bahwa mereka itu menikmati hidup ini dengan menulis.

Kembali pada tulisan saya di atas, saya membuka-buka lagi laman blog saya, kok ya masih belum terinspirasi? Pertanyaan kedua: May 17, Braxton Schieler rated it liked it. If you are unfamiliar with the Chicken Soup series, the idea is that a bunch of different short stories about a bunch of different topics fitting under one larger topic i. They were encouraging and led to some m If you are unfamiliar with the Chicken Soup series, the idea is that a bunch of different short stories about a bunch of different topics fitting under one larger topic i.

They were encouraging and led to some major takeaways on the craft of writing and what writers do. They don't talk about writing, dream about writing, even read. They write. You don't have to look that far to find a story. Anything deserves to be written about. But my complaints about this book are simply: Once you've read three or four of them you've read them all, and so, even though the majority of them were great by themselves, reading this book at one time was painful. Splitting it up and reading it when you need some inspiration would be better, but as I read it to work on getting my page count for school that was not an option.

Aug 09, Amy "the book-bat" rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoy these books because the stories are inspirational and encouraging. I like to keep books with short stories like this in the bathroom because the stories are perfect for the short minutes spent or even for the longer moments. In the case of Writer's Soul, it is very encouraging to read how different authors handle rejection and eventually managed to get published. If they can do it, maybe I can too?!

I aspire to he a writer someday and enjoyed how encouraging this book was towards that goal. Jul 08, Megan Schemenauer rated it it was amazing. Most stories and quotes are extremely inspirational in motivating me to write!

Rasa takut ditolak lebih buruk daripada penolakan itu sendiri, begitu kata Nora Profit, salah satu penulis yang menyumbang kisah dalam buku ini. Bayangkan, karena begitu takut tulisannya ditolak, saat menerima surat dari sebuah majalah nasional dimana ia mengirim karya, Nora langsung melempar surat tersebut dan melupakannya. Lima tahun kemudian ketika sedang membersihkan rumah, ia menemukan surat tersebut. Ternyata isi surat itu adalah pujian bahwa tulisannya sangat bagus dan majalah tersebut ma Rasa takut ditolak lebih buruk daripada penolakan itu sendiri, begitu kata Nora Profit, salah satu penulis yang menyumbang kisah dalam buku ini.

Ternyata isi surat itu adalah pujian bahwa tulisannya sangat bagus dan majalah tersebut mau menerbitkan. Kaget tentu saja, menyesal apalagi. Nora telah melewatkan kesempatan hanya karena rasa takut ditolak yang begitu besar. Banyak di antara kita—yang ingin menjadi penulis—mungkin punya ketakutan sama dengan Nora. Kisah tentang kesungguhan, ketekunan, kepercayaan diri, pengorbanan, dukungan dari orang-orang terdekat juga keraguan—bahkan penyepelean—terhadap kemampuan seseorang untuk menjadi penulis, hingga kisah tentang kerendahan hati penulis yang telah sukses dan terkenal.

Alex Haley alias Alexander Murphy Palmer Haley, seperti dikisahkan Bud Gardner misalnya, adalah penulis yang membumi, tidak arogan karena keterkenalannya. Kita mungkin tak terlalu familiar dengan namanya, tapi bila disebut The Autobiography of Malcolm X, sebagian besar pasti pernah membaca, minimal tahu.

Bud Gardner menceritakan pengalamannya mengundang Haley dan bagaimana Haley begitu akrab dan rendah hati pada para pembacanya. Profesor tersebut mengatakan tulisannya jelek dan memberi saran untuk mengubah jurusan jurnalisme menjadi perawat. Catherine pun membakar ceritanya dan selama 14 tahun tidak pernah menulis dan menyingkirkan cita-citanya. Hingga suatu hari Catherine bertemu sekelompok penulis. Penulis tersebut memotivasi dan memberinya kartu nama. Sepulang dari pertemuan tersebut, Cateherine langsung menulis sebuah novel setebal halaman, menyerahkannya kepada penulis yang pernah ia temui, dan sebulan kemudian ia mendapat kabar bahwa novelnya layak terbit.

Selama 20 tahun sejak itu, Catherine telah menulis 20 novel. Selain kisah-kisah yang menggugah, ada juga kisah yang cukup kocak. Francis beberapa kali bolak-balik ke redaksi majalah tersebut untuk bertemu langsung dengan editor, namun resepsionis tak pernah mengizinkan.

Francis tak putus asa. Beberapa hari kemudian ia membawa 25 cek berlangganan ke kantor LAM. Ia pun diberi kesempatan untuk menulis artikel politik. Jangan salah, buku mereka bahkan hingga dicetak jutaan kopi. Meski tak semua penulis kisah dikenal secara luas Indonesia khususnya , namun kisah-kisah mereka akan memberi sudut pandang lain mengenai dunia menulis. Menulis, bukan sebuah hal yang mudah, meski juga bukan hal yang sangat sulit. Tak cukup bakat serta keinginan, tapi juga keberanian untuk memilih dan menjalaninya.

Nov 07, Ty rated it it was ok. Some okay collections of essays. This is my only experience with one of the Chicken Soup books, so maybe they are all like this, but I didn't find most of the selections inspiring. In fact, for a book that I assumed was a pick-me-up, there was an awful lot of dying. I admit I eventually moved on to the next one once that seemed to be where an essay was going. Also, any collection such as this has to cherry pick a bit. But in this case, it seems they picked a whole lot of ultra-lucky break stories.

And "you can too"?

None were a guarantee of best seller status, but if you can afford to rub elbows in social circles with famous people in the writing world, or attend their exclusive classes, your chances are better, you have to admit, than a writer in Oklahoma with two part time jobs barely making rent. There were a few stories catering to the latter type of experience, and those are the ones I generally found most useful.

Sep 26, Lacey Louwagie rated it liked it Shelves: To be fair to this book, I don't think I'm the right "audience" for the Chicken Soup books, or I'm just not inspired by inspiration. This book is full of stories by authors who ran up against one obstacle or another, or wrote about how meaningful writing is, or about how it had changed their life or someone else's. This book might have hit the mark for me more when I was sixteen, but right now, inspiration isn't really what I need on my writer's journey.

Instead, I'm much more interested in readi To be fair to this book, I don't think I'm the right "audience" for the Chicken Soup books, or I'm just not inspired by inspiration. Instead, I'm much more interested in reading books that help me deepen and broaden my skills; stories that only offer inspiration feel a little empty. In fact, I often found the stories depressing rather than inspiring, as the writers talked about one-in-a-million "lucky breaks," or how wildly successful they ended up being.

Are these books supposed to make one feel inadequate? Also, it seems the Chicken Soup books rely on cliches, and that's something that writers are taught to scorn, so I almost gave it two stars, but I did record a lot of quotes about writing from within its pages -- so if it's worth quoting, I guess it's worth at least one more star. Feb 04, Eric Juneau rated it it was ok. I needed a little pick-me-up for my writing these days or maybe a Phoenix Down or Philosopher's Stone.

We all need some motivation some times. I was hoping that this book could add a little gumption to my typing fingers.

But the articles just don't give much to inspire. In fact, a lot of them did the opposite. They told me just how much more others achieved with so little to start with. The "genius" authors as I call them -- the ones whose success and talent cannot be duplicated or learned.

It I needed a little pick-me-up for my writing these days or maybe a Phoenix Down or Philosopher's Stone. It just comes naturally to them. And that's the other thing. This book is out of date. We've got people talking about Vietnam and writing in the 's. These people didn't have to deal with self-publishers saturating the market or eBook piracy or god, forbid Fifty Shades of Gray. And some of the stories have a Christian spin on in. As in "God was sending me a message to write this book", which is the bane of every slush reader.

Anyone who says they were commanded to write a book by God scares me. So if you're looking for something to keep you writing, look somewhere else.

It has just as much chance of bringing you back down. Bit of a poor effort when it's got the opposite effect. Aug 03, Andrea rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone with a passion for writing.Karena banyak orang yang merasa tersembuhkan dengan cerita itu.

I was not expecting to read so many sad stories while preparing for my big day! His first book has sold over 60 million copies. It's one of those book that just reaches out and touches your heart. Readers Also Enjoyed.

I have to admit that a few stories made me tear up, and a lot in the ninth section of the book I found quite soothing during this planning process. They were encouraging and led to some major takeaways on the craft of writing and what writers do.

How I became a writer; Living your dream; Defining moments; Finding your voice; Mentors; Making a difference; Overcoming obstacles; A writer's life; The power of perseverance; and Insights and Lessons. There were a couple of other psychic references as well, so I couldn't help feeling as if the book was taking a somewhat superstitious turn The last stories were also slightly darker than the rest, which in my opinion goes against the grain, and to some extent, the whole point of the series.

Bahkan Bob Hope, yang menjadi mentor bayangannya, meminta Perret untuk menuliskan lelucon baginya yang digunakan di tayangan televisi.

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