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Chapter 1 – “Why Are We Afraid”. “Why are you fearful? O you of little faith.” Matthew You would have liked my brother. Everyone did. Dee made friends like. A Note to the Reader. This “Fueled” tool was originally designed as a summer agenda for the men of Columbia, SC who are involved in Focused Living Men's. Editorial Reviews. ppti.info Review. Bestselling author and reknowned pastor Max Lucado offers to readers this introductory message to his new book.

Max Lucado Fearless Pdf

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In Fearless, Max Lucado author of The Numbers of Hope, and pastor of Oak Hills Church, shows you how life can be lived with confidence and joy, when. Because Jesus takes our fears seriously. Book review by Paula R. Kincaid. The Layman. Fearless – it's not only the name of Max. Lucado's newest book, it is. Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear. Q & A with Max Lucado. Q: Why fear? Max: I wrote a book about fear because fear is everywhere. You can't open.

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Fearless Quotes Showing of Feed your faith, and your fears will. Imagine Your Life Without Fear. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats?

Fear never pulled a family out of poverty or a country out of bigotry. Fear never saved a marriage or a business. Courage did that. Faith did that. People who refused to consult or cower to their timidities did that. But fear itself? Fear herds us into a prison and slams the doors. Its not the absence of storms that sets us apart. It's whom we discover in the storm; an unstirred Christ.

Love is risky. They cannot give to the poor. Benevolence has no guarantee of return.

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The fear-filled cannot dream wildly. What if their dreams sputter and fall from the sky? The worship of safety emasculates greatness.

No wonder Jesus wages such a war against fear.

Book Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

We begin to wonder if love lives in heaven. If God can sleep in our storms, if his eyes stay shut when our eyes grow wide, if he permits storms after we got on his boat, does he care? How would she turn out?

Would she be born healthy? Would she remain healthy? Would she be pretty, smart, successful? Would she make a difference? Many times I've wondered and worried about my kids; when they first spend the night, or drive a car, or go away to college or go out on a date.

Fear can grab us in a lot of places with our kids, or our possessions, our finances, our careers, our future, or our life. The author is a pastor and the teaching in the book comes from the Bible, and primarily the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.

We can fear a lot of things, but as the author points out, Jesus spoke quite a bit about fear. Of these, 21 urge us to 'not be afraid' or 'not fear' The second most common command, to love God and neighbor, appears on only eight occasions. Max Lucado has an almost-artistic style to his adjectives and methods of describing explanations.

His writing is very conversational and you get the feeling that his words just roll off his pen. He is a master story-teller, using very graphic terms to draw you into the story. Then, before you know it, you understand the author's point with clarity. Each chapter revolves around a story to make the point. He bypassed common terms for spring shower, squall, cloudburst, or downpour. He recalled more than winds and white tops. His finger followed the column of synonyms down, down until he landed on a word that worked.

A seismologist studies earthquakes, a seismograph measures them, and Matthew, along with a crew of recent recruits, felt a seismos that shook them to the core. Sudden fear. We know the fear was sudden because the storm was. Not all storms come suddenly. Prairie farmers can see the formation of thunderclouds hours before the rain falls.

This storm, however, sprang like a lion out of the grass. One minute the disciples were shuffling cards for a mid-journey game of Hearts; the next they were gulping Galilean sea spray.

Peter and John, seasoned sailors, struggled to keep down the sail. Matthew, confirmed landlubber, struggled to keep down his breakfast. The storm was not what the tax collector bargained for. Do you sense his surprise in the way he linked his two phrases? This story sends the not-so-subtle and not-too-popular reminder: getting on board with Christ can mean getting soaked with Christ.

Disciples can expect rough seas and stout winds. Christ-followers contract malaria, bury children, and battle addictions, and, as a result, face fears. The disciples scream, Jesus dreams. Thunder roars, Jesus snores. He slumbers.

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Who could sleep at a time like this? Could you? Could you snooze during a roller coaster loop-de-loop? In a wind tunnel? At a kettle drum concert?

Fearless by Max Lucado

Jesus slept through all three, at once! In a stern, on a pillow. Why the first?

From whence came the second? First-century fishermen used large, heavy seine nets for their work. They stored the net in a nook that was built into the stern for this purpose. Sleeping upon the stern deck was impractical. It provided no space or protection. The small compartment beneath the stern, however, provided both.

It was the most enclosed and only protected part of the boat. He rested his head, not on a fluffy feather pillow, but on a leather sandbag. A ballast bag. Mediterranean fishermen still use them. They weigh about a hundred pounds and are used to ballast, or stabilize, the boat.

Did Jesus take the pillow to the stern so he could sleep, or sleep so soundly someone rustled him up the pillow?

But this much we do.

This is a premeditated slumber. In full knowledge of the coming storm, Jesus decided it was siesta time, so he crawled into the corner, put his head on the pillow, and drifted into dreamland. His snooze troubled the disciples. Matthew and Mark record their response as three staccato Greek commands and one question. We begin to wonder if love lives in heaven.

If God can sleep in my storms, if his eyes stay shut when my eyes grow wide, if he permits storms after I get on his boat, does he care? Fear unleashes a swarm of doubts, anger-stirring doubts. And it turns us into control freaks. When life spins wildly, we grab for a component of life we can manage: our diet, the tidiness of a house, the armrest of a plane, or, in many cases, people.

The more insecure we feel, the meaner we become. We growl and bare our fangs. Because we are bad? In part.

But also because we feel cornered. He was a German pastor who took a heroic stand against Adolf Hitler. It also deadens our recall. The disciples had reason to trust Jesus. They had witnessed him heal a leper with a touch and a servant with a command Mt.

Peter saw his sick mother-in-law recover, and they all saw demons scatter like bats out of a cave.Courage exists in the presence of fear. Max helps you see Jesus in the brokenness and calamity of this world. Fear can only subside when we know every outcome is good. It's whom we discover in the storm; an unstirred Christ. Ideas that I never picked up on in my 40 years of reading the bible. The question: The small compartment beneath the stern, however, provided both.

Catalog God's goodness.

Over the next four decades, my brother drank away health, relationships, jobs, money, and all but the last two years of his life.

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