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The Alt+Click gesture may not work on some Linux distributions. You can change the modifier key for the Insert cursor command to. Ctrl+Click with the “editor. 82 time-saving Hotkeys for Linux Mint. Extensive Linux Mint Shortcuts. Comments (11) Shortcuts. Export as: PDF, Spreadsheet, Printer-friendly Shift +Arrow Keys, Select a range of items in the indicated direction. Ctrl+S. I have not included universal keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste) or Ctrl+S (save). Note: Super key in Linux refers to the key.

Linux Shortcut Keys Pdf

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October 29, at am · Filed under Linux. Linux has many keyboard shortcuts. Knowing them makes Use commands: bg to run in background or fg to. Linux Bash Shell Cheat Sheet. Basic Commands. Basic Terminal Shortcuts. Basic file manipulation. CTRL L = Clear the terminal cat = show content. Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcut latest working hot keys Interface – GUI) as Windows Operating System and is based on Debian Linux Distribution.

When you are at the desired application, release both super and tab keys. By default, the application switcher moves from left to right. You can also use Alt key instead of Super here.

Graphical PDF Manipulation Tool PDF Arranger 1.2.0 Adds Shortcut Keys, Other Refinements

While using an application, press Super and left arrow key and the application will go to the left edge of the screen, taking half of the screen. Similarly, pressing Super and right arrow keys will move the application to the right edge.

Super and up arrow keys will maximize the application window and super and down arrow will bring the application back to its usual self. You also have the calendar here. If you press these keys again, an opened notification tray will be closed. Console This is particularly helpful when you have to use applications that can only be run from the terminal.

Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts

It not work on a few applications such as the default terminal in Ubuntu. Use custom keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu You are not limited to the default keyboard shortcuts.

You can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts as you like. You have to provide an easy-to-recognize name of the shortcut, the command that will be run when the key combinations are used and of course the keys you are going to use for the shortcut. Selecting a large block of text Shortcuts to Select and Edit Text Much of EditPad Pro's editing power and convenience lies in the many keyboard shortcuts it supports.

I don't mean the keyboard shortcuts you can assign to menu items in Options Preferences Keyboard. I mean editing commands, such as holding the Shift key down while pressing the arrow keys to select some text. With a bit of practice and experience, using these key combinations will make text editing much faster.

You can keep your hands on the keyboard, and do in a few keystrokes what would require many keystrokes in other editors. In this tips and tricks section, I will explain you some of the more special shortcuts, which are not often found in other text editors.

To jump to the next or previous word, hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow keys. But when you press this magical combination, all your missing classes will be imported, and the unused imports will vanish.

It activates the quick fix. Imagine you create a class which implements some interface. You will get an error because the inherited methods are not yet implemented.

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While you are on the line of code where the error occurs, press this combination to activate the quick fix. Now, select the "Add unimplemented methods" option. You can use the quick fix at every error you ever receive. This quick fix comes in handy in other situations too.

My favorite is the "Split variable declaration. Or you could use the "Add unimplemented methods" fix here. The best thing you can do if you see an error is to use the quick fix.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Imagine, that you need to have a look at the "Foo" class. But, where is the "Foo" class?

Is it in the "Boo" project and in the "foo. Or somewhere else?

With this shortcut, you don't need to know. Just press it, type "Foo," and you are in.

What gets launched depends on your settings. It will either launch the class that was last launched my preferred way or it will launch the currently selected resource the default way.

If you want to change its behavior read the previous post. A much faster way would be if you could just hit the shortcut and invoke the particular wizard.Similar to the search in Firefox, it shows you results as you type.

Let me demonstrate a quick way to create a new class now. Cancels the current operation, moves back a directory or takes the current operation and moves it to the background.

With a bit of practice and experience, using these key combinations will make text editing much faster. Note: The keyboard shortcuts mentioned in the list is intended for Ubuntu You can, and you should also learn keyboard shortcuts for the applications you use most of the time.

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