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This title is not currently available for purchase. Share. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Kosla (Marathi Edition) by [Nemade, Bhalchandra]. Kosala is a novel in the Marathi language by author Bhalchandra Nemade. It narrates the journey of a young man, Pandurang Sangvikar and his friends. Kosala (English: Cocoon), sometime spelled as Kosla, is a Marathi novel by Bhalchandra . "Existentialism in Marathi Novels" (PDF). Existentialism in the.

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Download >> Download Kosala marathi novel pdf Read Online >> Read Online Kosala marathi novel pdf kosala marathi novel online reading kosala novel. Kosala defied many conventions of Marathi novels at the time of its publication. The opening sentences read thus: I'm Pandurang Sangvikar. Now, for example. Kosala Marathi Novel Pdf Free Download -- DOWNLOAD.

The largest part of the novel describes his student life in Pune. This is dominated by descriptions of his college mates, teachers and others.

Kosala defied many conventions of Marathi novels at the time of its publication. The chatty, fragmented nature of the text and the circumvention of standard punctuation also confounded some critics. Nemade refused to use quotation marks.

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The fact that rules for standard writing represented the establishment and breaking them was apt in a first-person narrative of someone enraged by the establishment seemed to escape people. Speech in Kosala was revolutionary for another reason: it was realistic to the point of being shocking, since until then, Marathi novels used rather artificial, formal speech.

Oh yes, I would. Because even my shirts know it. At that time, Marathi fiction required a strong plot with a central problem and its denouement.

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A certain post-independence idealism further demanded that protagonists be heroes; that is, they should have positive characteristics so that readers could identify with and hopefully look up to them; a good-for-nothing protagonist who resigns himself to a nondescript life was discordant with this. This, however, does not mean that Pandurang faces no struggle; in fact, the nature of his struggle and his futile attempts to get a grip on life elevate the novel above just another rebellious work breaking conventions for the sake of breaking them.

Pandurang is intelligent enough to sense the absurdity of life and sensitive enough to be hurt by it. A childhood incident then follows, in which Pandurang tries growing some flowers, but his father destroys the flower bed, saying that if bananas were planted instead, they would yield more money.

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The father is said to be well-respected in the town, but is depicted as an insincere person, lying and deceiving others for petty gains. Many variations of this theme appear later in the novel, depicting corrupt and cruel people.

There is an iconoclasm evident in depicting grown-ups as selfish bullies. A key incident in the initial section of the novel shows Pandurang hunting and killing rats in his attic after some rats kill a baby rabbit that he has brought home as a pet.

Pandurang hunts like a madman, in a frenzy driven by the brutal death of his cuddly pet; but it is also obvious that the rats like the prize bull are not unlike his father. The narration style is influenced by The Catcher in the Rye. Principal characters are: Pandurang Sangavikar, whose father is a rich and respected man in his village, comes to Pune for higher education.

Living in a hostel, Pandurang decides to enjoy college life. For this he becomes the secretary of the debating society of the college, prefect of the hostel and also directs a play at the Annual Day function of the college.

In good faith he gives the management of the hostel mess to one of his poor deserving friends. Though Pandurang tries to help everybody around he eventually finds that he is being used by his so-called friends. Finally when he fares badly in the examinations and his financial position worsens, his life-style invites the wrath of his father.

Pandurang then learns the lesson that good deeds do not count for much in life. Pandurang is a totally new man in the second year of college.

He is carefree and adventurous. Now even his father is hesitant to ask him to mend his ways. The untimely death of his younger sister, Mani, somewhat shakes him but otherwise he does not care for anything. Consequently, he fails in the examination. Pandurang, trying in vain to find employment in the city, ultimately returns to his village with an 'existentially' vacant mind.


He is now one among the many unemployed youngsters of the village. As he tries to understand their view of life, their sorrows and happiness, the real meaning of life gradually starts dawning on Pandurang.

Kosala is influenced by existential philosophy , [5] as the ideas of existentialism such as obsession of birth and death, dread, alienation, and absurdity are clearly exposed in it. Similar to other existential novels, Kosla also explores the life of an individual and disclose numerous questions regarding the meaning of life and the values of existence.

As seen in the existential novels, here also, Pandurang tells his life story from the first person point of view. Kosala is considered as the first existential novel in Marathi literature.

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Kosala is widely regarded as a modern classic [11] and a path-breaking novel [3] which left its mark on the sathottari post Marathi fiction. Chandrashekhar Jahagirdar wrote that, "It was only Kosla , which responding as it did to a crisis in the cultural consciousness of Maharashtra , that opened up new, native possibilities of form and meaning and thus sought to change the direction of both literary taste and fictional tradition".

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