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This wasn't the case when cartoonist Jim Davis wrote "Primal Self," a shockingly creepy vignette for the book Garfield: His 9 Lives. DOWNLOAD BOOK Garfield: His 9 Lives => ppti.info?book= Garfield: His 9 Lives pdf download Garfield: His 9 Lives. Garfield, his 9 lives by Jim Davis, , Ballantine Books edition, in English - 1st ed.

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Garfield: His 9 Lives is a book of illustrated short stories showcasing the " nine lives" of comic strip character Garfield. It was adapted into an animated. WHY WE LOVE IT: In , Jim Davis created a groundbreaking series of illustrated short stories called Garfield: His 9 Lives, setting the Fat Cat. Garfield book. Read 19 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Garfield lives his life to the fullest 9 times!Cave Cat -- the first.

It was adapted into an animated television special in The book is divided into ten segments; the first one displays the creation of cats in general, where the latter nine reveal events in Garfield's nine lives. Each of the nine stories has a short preface of Garfield in his modern incarnation, explaining how these various lives shaped aspects of Garfield's personality, such as the origin of his fear of the veterinarian, his love of destructive behavior, his proclivity for a slothful lifestyle, and his extremely playful side.

The one-hour-long television adaptation produced in featured ten separate segments, just like the book.

Garfield, his 9 lives

Six of these were adapted from the book, and an additional four were newly written for the show. In , a DVD version was released. It can be seen as a hybrid of the book and the special as, like the special, it features several lives created exclusively for it. Garfield's eighth life, the current one, is also left out altogether, with each life's prologue instead being set during the eighth life.

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Garfield by Jim Davis. Garfield Jon Arbuckle Odie. Garfield home media Happy Birthday, Garfield Garfield: The Movie Garfield: Behind the Scenes.

Garfield At Large: His First Book Pet Force. Big Fat Hairy Deal Garfield: Garfield GB goes from an orange tabby cat straight into a brown Jack Russell Terrier, complete with a werewolf-styled, spine-cracking back arch, golden eyes and erupting sharp claws In the Boom!

Ungrateful Bastard : In "Garfield" after Odie saves Garfield from being hit by a truck, Garfield promises that he'll always be grateful to Odie. Cut to the two in their senior years, and Garfield is recounting the events to his grandchildren, but paints Odie as the one who was nearly hit by the truck to make himself look good.

Odie is not amused.

Wretched Hive : St. Paul, Minnesota.

Garfield: His 9 Lives

At least from the Vikings ' perspective. Aside from the tropes carried over from the book, the special provides examples of: Arc Number : The numbers "" Garfield's birthday, June 19th appear often, such as the serial number of the Lab Cat and outside the Space Cat's ship.

In the same story, Amenhotep III was murdered and his throne usurped by his brother. In real life, he probably died of natural causes and was succeeded by his son. Art Shift : Often, as just like the book, the special was directed by many people. Ascended Extra : Odie has a much bigger role in the TV version of "Space Cat" than he did in the original book's story.

Bad Boss : Garfield supervising the pyramid-building slaves in "King Cat". Big Sleep : After hearing her last piano concert from married mother Sara, Diana jumps down onto the piano keyboard, yawns, and drifts off into a deep sleep from which she never wakes up. So heartbreaking. On the upside, becoming a dog allowed him to escape being recaptured. Book-Ends : It opens and ends with God in the opening segment, creating cats; in the ending, talking to Odie and an out-of-lives Garfield.

Crossing with Ironic Echo : "King Cat" opens and closes with the Pharaoh sending his pet to supervise the construction of the pyramids.

First, Garfield carried by dogs and whipping Odie. Later, Odie - the pharaoh's brother pet - carried by cats and whipping Garfield. Eventually he does. Cats Have Nine Lives : God lampshades this "Well, let's just say it'll make for a great plot of a story, okay?

Celestial Bureaucracy : Takes it one step further, by having God's computers 'on the blink' and not being able to keep track of the number of lives. Death by Adaptation In the book, "Space Cat" is a simulation.

In the TV special, Garfield really dies and has to meet God as he ran out of lives. Fortunately, Garfield gets to live again and even gets the full nine lives back. Embarrassing Slide : The " decapitation slideshow" in "Court Musician" is briefly interrupted by a slide of the jester in a pool party. Face Framed In Static : God. And apparently he was modeled after Garfield's voice actor Lorenzo Music.Want to Read saving….

Garfield’s Nine Lives

Garfield -- the marvelous cat we all know and love. Dec 10, Fyo rated it really liked it Shelves: His 9 Lives by click link below Download or read Garfield: This was very fun and inventive. Be the first to like this. Garfield dislikes going to the vet for these reasons and still throws up at the sight of lab equipment. It's like Jim Davis got his staff together and said, "hey, draw me some fanart, will ya? Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

The Exterminators -- no mouse was safe from the exterminators.

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