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Gwendolyn Field - Escape From Paradise (Epub) - Ebook download as ePub . epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. Rapire si sclavie. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Gwendolyn Field hails from Washington D.C. in the United Escape From Paradise - Kindle edition by Gwendolyn Field. Gwendolyn Field pdf epub ebooks. Can i get them off the internet and sync it to my ipod. It Michelle.

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Download Escape From Paradise ebook freeType: ebook pdf, ePub Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformReleased: July 4. Escape from Paradise book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When college sophomore Angela Birch sneaks from Texas to. Books escape from paradise from third world to first We peruse the unimpeachable altering of this ebook in txt, DjVu, ePub,PDF, dr. activity. You navigational.

Cole ended up looking like a Speedy Gonzales.

I know it's fiction, but what makes me connect to books and characters in them is that there is some amount of truth in them, even if it's just little things.

I thought that the whole book was one unrealistic scene after the other, from the conversations between characters to descriptions of the situations they were in. It's a no, no and no from me. View all 88 comments.

Normally I would start this, as I do with all my reviews with my rating and a witty comment. Starting this review, I am not even sure how many stars I am giving the book. Bear with me, while I am putting my tangled thoughts in writing, hoping to make sense out of the chaos that is my mind and my broken heart.

I promise that by the end, as it is always the way with life, people and books, all will make sense. In the end, those things were like ghosts in my hand. No substance. Nothing to hold. Nothing to keep. An ugly side that you think, only happens to others, in movies, HELL, to everyone except from you.

People are dealing in people, in pain, in sex. Human trafficking, sex slavery, drug dealing. A reality that we refuse to acknowledge, a battle against the darkness of the soul, that as persons we have already lost because we refuse to actually do anything to stop it. What is paradise for you? A place that we lost in the beginning of time and we are fighting tooth and nail to earn back or this part of your soul, tranquil and beautiful where you hide to protect yourself from reality, from evil and nightmares?

There is no paradise on earth, only what we make of our lives. Angela , a young American woman on vacation in Mexico, is brutally yanked out of her life and forced into slavery.

Raped, beaten, abused and controlled mentally and physically. She will lose her innocence and self, in a world that women are objects meant to submit and used by men and money.

The Problem

But when she will lose hope once and for all, a small beacon of light will show her that maybe there is a chance to make it back not sane, never again, but at least alive.

Some of it needed to be pulled from the dirt and dusted off, given wings. An unimaginable tragedy forced him to become Colin Douglas. A man to be feared, a force to be reckoned with. An MI-6 undercover agent undertaking the most heinous missions, investigating the most twisted crimes. A shadow that will succeed by any means necessary, because he knows what becomes of a person even after escaping a nightmare. He is watching his own brother every day lose the battle against the memories.

I am numbed and shocked, driven out of my mind and skin. And despite or because of that, I have to applaud it. Gwendolyn Field could have taken the easy way out. Write this book without the gritty details. I think she could have pulled it off and she would have definitely satisfied more readers.

Life is slaves, bodily functions in buckets and rapes, drugs and murders. We are lucky for the lives we have and we tend to forget that. It takes a book, a movie, a story in the news to remember that all around the world, we are in the minority that is privileged.

The events are horrifying and I repeatedly braced myself and took a few breaths. View all 65 comments. While on holiday with friends, the unspeakable happens to Angela Birch. She is taken, raped by a man she thought could be trusted and thrust into the dark and brutal world of slavery. The man who treats her like his property, is a prominent citizen, kept safe because everyone has a price, even the law.

And so begins her systematic conditioning, she is broken down, molded in to the perfect slave. But deep down, Angela always hopes, she never gives up believing that her parent 5 Captivating Stars!!!

But deep down, Angela always hopes, she never gives up believing that her parents will find her. Everything I thought I knew about myself and life, all of my views, shifted and changed in that room on that day.

Ideas of privacy and entitlement and freedom slipped away. The meanings of strength and weakness morphed and failed to matter anymore. All that mattered was survival with minimal pain. She does what she must to survive, her pride no longer mattered. There is no room for pride when one has no control over their own life. Her emotions are not her own, she feels what her master wants her to feel. She is his puppet and he does whatever he wants with her.

I knew I was just a body. I was ever aware. The way eyes followed me with hunger, even Marco's men. My body was not mine. It belonged to whomever paid the high price to rent it. Or it was gifted to business partners of Marco's as a thank you Until Colin Douglas a man with secrets and a terrible past, sets foot on the "paradise".

Colin has one goal in mind, bring Angela back. No matter what it takes. Even if it means losing himself in the very world he is trying to protect Angela from. He begins to questions his own morals, always conflicted about his actions. But he has no choice, to be found out would be the end of him and Angela.

This is a book about the real subject of slavery in a modern world. It is a story with a happy ending, it's gritty, raw and heartbreaking. It is about survival, it gives survival a whole new meaning. It made me think. View all 68 comments. Jul 01, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: When Angela sneaks off to a tropical vacation with her friends, she thinks the worst thing that can happen is her parents finding out.

But she was wrong. So, so wrong! On her last day in paradise, she meets a gorgeous man who romances her, takes her out dancing She wakes up on a boat where her kidnapper hands her off to his father who is a sex-slave trader. Given that she is an American, they can't risk her going to the authorities so she is kept against her will and forced into their lifestyle. Failing this test would mean death. Passing would mean sexual slavery.

Both options were inconceivable. When he was sixteen, his parents were murdered and his little brother went missing while he was out partying. Several years later, he managed to track him down only to find him just a shell of who his brother used to be - drugged out, brutalized, and mindwashed. From that point on, Colin devoted himself to helping others in similar situations. So when Angela's photo came across his desk, he made it his new mission to find and rescue her.

He couldn't save his brother but just maybe, he could save her. But in order to rescue her, he had to go deep undercover He had to become the very thing that he was rescuing her from.

The first words that come to mind when I think about this book are: Before anything else though, I feel you should know that I actually had an issue with the beginning of the book and the way that she was taken because seriously I mean, really? But at the same time, that was the only frustrating thing that happened in the entire book so I was willing to overlook it and just move along with the story. And move right along it did. Angela was basically thrown into a nightmare scenario having no choice but no comply with this lifestyle.

You must come to terms, pretty girl, with the knowledge that your life will never be the same. You will never return home. You belong to me now, and I will treat you well. But, I cannot trust you, I will have to dispose of you. Do you understand that? I just felt horrible for her!! She was very strong though as a character and you see her go from this sweet, innocent college girl to this woman who understandably did what she had to to survive in this twisted world.

You really experience everything with her. Such a feeling of violation! All that mattered was survival No mind fuck.

The hero of the story wasn't one of her captors and I liked that because it made the book on it's own a bit among these kinds of stories. But I certainly cringed and shuddered my way through more than one scene. There were some parts that made me absolutely sick to my stomach. Definitely uncomfortable. It belonged to whomever paid the highest price to rent it. Yes, it's dark and twisted but not in a gritty way because she was actually being kept in a very luxurious place and treated well all things considered as long as she was compliant, submissive and did everything and anything she was told to do.

Now here's where the angsty part comes in The hero, Colin, has to go undercover, right? To rescue her and all Colin and Angela had a very clear and strong connection. Granted their situation prevented them from acting on it right away but it was there almost from the start and you definitely root for them from the first time they laid eyes on each other. Their scenes were just so heart-breaking and intense View all 42 comments. This book is not meant to glorify the horrors of slavery in any way.

It's meant to show the strength that one can possess under those circumstances, and the power of hope. If you want to see my "cast" please visit my Facebook page. Facebook Page: Chapter One is available for preview! View all 59 comments. Jun 18, xrysa rated it it was ok. When I started reading this book, I knew exactly with what I was dealing.

I had this wrong impression that after TDD I had the guts to read any dark and twisted story out there. Many of my friends enjoyed this book so I want to believe that it's me and not the book. So here's the story. In the beginning we see that she feels guilty but her sorority friends cheer up her mood. So far we read about 20 years old girls having fun in a new city.

Then Angela meets a good looking and friendly stranger who is obviously TOO good to be true. Unfortunately , now she is in the hands of a pervented man who is doing terrible things on her. That's what annoyed the heck out of me. I felt that she had accepted her life or maybe the life that was waiting her a couple of days after her abduction. If survival without pain meant obeying , that's what I would do.

Hey dearest didnt your momma teach you that we should fight for our life? That we dont get what they serve us in that silver plate? Here's one of the stupidest moments. I began feeling sexy and I craved eyes on me.

Darling , did you forgot your place? You are supposed to be a captive there. People were treating you like you were an animal. And now you feel SEXY when your future rapists were setting their eyes on you? I'm feeling disgusted. Here's another good one. But in real life there was nothing sexy about rape.

He is obviously the savior. I liked him in the beginning because he was supposed to be the one who would save her. Doesnt that make him a hero? Of course it does , but he is no different from the others. My last question.

And then we read that she enjoyed it. Let's skip all the other events and focus on the book's ending. Ooooor maybe we shouldn't. See here's the thing. I mean they were actually feeling things for each other? It could have been worse but I'm glad I finished it even if I skip many pages.

You can read La-Lionne's review with whom I agree a lot about this book: I'm anxiously awaiting for Pavlina's and Alex's review. Hurry up girls: View all 76 comments. Soraya Naomi. Have you ever read a book which literally blew you away to a point where you cannot express your emotions in writing??

Well this is definitely one of those for me. Firstly, I would like to applaud Gwendolyn Field for this exceptional book. I cannot believe that this is a debut novel and for this I truly believe she deserves a standing ovation!!! The story will engross you!! CO Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!! The story is about Angela, a girl who goes to Cancun Mexico for a weekend break with her girlfriends without telling her parents.

After a fun fill weekend Angela meets a stunning guy- Fernando He is sexy charming and Angela feels that since its her last day in Cancun she's going to have some fun with him. Little does she know that life as she knew it would never be the same again Struggling to accept her new fate Angela must make a decision Embrace the fact that she is alive and she is now Angel, let go of her past life, accept, submit and Survive Since then his main goal is to get the remainder of his family back and fight crime.

When Colin is takes on the job of finding the missing girl Angela, he has to face the ultimate test. If you like dark books like our famous Dark Duet series than this book is for you!

Its brilliantly written, dark, very sexual and amazingly stunning! Read it! View all 54 comments. Jun 17, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because even within all the ugliness of the world there was beauty.

Some of it needed to pulled from the dirt and dusted off, given wings. The story is about a young college sophomore on a sneak trip to Cancun, Mexico with her girls. Full blown sex slave so readers be warned!

She is collared, she crawls, she is feed like a pet and is punished. The book is told in alternating povs of Angela and Colin. Who is Collin you may ask? Well he has endured extreme loss and single handedly saved his brother from a life as a sex slave and is drawn to the missing American girl Angela Birch and sets out to rescue her. A connection is made, there are sparks and feelings when the two meet and lines blur for Collin His to protect. His to save. His to Will Collin's rescue attempt be successful?

Will he be able to walk away? Will someone make Luis crawl a hallway just once!! Side Note: View all 22 comments. I really try to like it This is a story about Angela She has gone for 3 days break with her friends to Mexico and she meet Fernando.. She finds herself imprisoned on Marco's boat with the choice of live and become his sex slave or death.. There is only one choice for Angela and that is to become Angel and work for her master Marco servicing his patrons at his opulent Spanish villa.

And here my bad feelings begins I didn't like Angela About the sex scenes.. For me I think it was too vulgar View all 53 comments.

This was book number for me in and one I will not soon forget. It is one of those hmm… other readers are liking it and it is only. Damn… I could not put this book down even though it had some very disturbing and graphically sickening moments, I still read it liked a crazed woman.

The author created a setting and characters that jumped off the pages and into my head as well as heart. I felt for all of them, even the bad guys. I felt the slave collar around my neck and the hunger for sustenance, freedom and love.

Every time Marco walked into a room, I felt like I had to get on my knees with my head down. He is broken, bad and beautiful. He vows to avenge what happened to his family years ago, the death of his parents and kidnapping of his younger brother. Colin takes on the last mission of his career as a special agent and that is to find and free Angela Birch. What he did not expect was to fall for her.

She was fucking everywhere. Nothing except love. View all 19 comments. Jun 30, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: D This will not be an ordinary review. This will be more like a statement of defense-review, if you will; an attempt to bring forth arguments in favor of a book that my 3 reading buddies did not like as much as I did. So here goes nothing, girls! D I've listed below the issues written in italic text my reading buddies identified in their reviews and I'll try to argue against them with quotes from the book.

My answer to you, Your Highness, is that not all books can be like Captive in the Dark. I can't quote fragments that I thought were poetic or rich because this would take too much time and frankly, writing this defense-review has taken me almost an hour ok, 2 hours already, so let's just agree to disagree on the writing.

The word "boobs" only appears 6 times, but I understand why it would annoy you so much. After this point, she uses "breasts" and "chest", so we can assume she's grown up a bit. I found Angela to be too vulgar for a beat down slave. As far as I could see, the only abuser she describes as "hot" is Colin, because, as she puts it: If you can find some quotes where she actually says that some of the patrons are hot, please share!

The reason she says "Oh shit. About Colin He is undercover agent extraordinaire.

I beg to differ. As he sold them in his early twenties, making a name for himself among elite artistic circles, he used the funds to quell his taste for high-end drugs. Colin worked out his extra aggression in the weight room; however, the muscle he did have was well-defined and allowed him to move quickly in a fight. By the time Colin was twenty-two, his ruthless temperament had earned him the respect of seasoned thugs.

He rented out nightclubs and took people on spontaneous flights to the Caymens. Colin learned names of the most elusive kidnappers in UK crime rings, and he heard rumored places where captives were held. At twenty-three Colin ventured to London on a lead. He was brought in as a potential buyer and taken to see the slaves.

He finds Graham. He would bring the fuckers down, and spend the rest of his days finding people like them, and making them pay. Colin was grilled for information, and the local police brought in MI-6 agents, personnel of the Secret Intelligence Service. Just like that. Do I need to bring more arguments that Colin's training at the Agency actually existed because the author mentioned it? He decides to take one last job, to find a missing woman, Angela.

Colin said he was willing to pretend and say anything that that dude wanted to hear to get closer to Angela. Well, Colin took a drag, holding the filter between his thumb and middle finger, and shook his head. Bother me all the fucking time.

He's admitting it. He simulated it at first! Here, I would have loved to read about him being more conflicted, about it feeling wrong. After 2 years of being trained to be a slave, yeah, I'd think she'd be confused about how to behave now. That could be a perfectly plausible reaction after such a traumatizing experience. See what you can dig up on Fernando Ruiz in Asia before we meet.

Let's move on to Pavlina's review: I had a choice to make. If I fought against this, how would they choose to kill me? How long would it take? The very idea of that man attempting to take the life from my body filled me with an almost paralyzing fear.

I wanted to be the tough kind of person who could choose death, but everything inside me screamed to live. So when Luis gently pulled my ankle, I let him. With a sinking feeling I acknowledged that screaming would get me nothing but a bed at the bottom of the ocean.

I don't think anybody expects rape to be described as erotic and not vulgar. P And from Kristina's review: This happens after quite some time. Time was a funny thing. At all. And all those small changes added up to something big. After six months in the villa I had changed. Others might call it "giving in" or "caving", but I called it adaptation. In my early weeks I mourned every small change I noticed in myself.

It started with my body. And then there were the bigger changes—the mental changes. Like how comfortable I began to feel in my own skin, walking or crawling around naked. But it was worse than just feeling comfortable…I began to feel sexy, and I craved eyes on me. Why her ass was so precious??

Unless Her Grace or Pavlina would like to explain it to you now? D To sum up, I liked this book. I'm gonna give it 5 stars just to mess with you girls because it was disgustingly graphic, depressing, realistic to some extent and, in my opinion, not at all erotic. I couldn't feel the eroticism in it, even when Angela was with Colin. This book had a chilling effect on me.

Well, girls, I hope my defense-review will make you realize that now, even though I hope you bring counterarguments. Also, please don't take anything in here as evil or offensive on my part. D I enjoyed our BR very much and I'm looking forward to the next! View all 66 comments. Angela and Colin are two people whose lives have been stolen from them. They are living in different parts of the world but their paths are going to collide together by the unfortunate events that stole their freedom.

Angela is an American college student in Cancun enjoying a mini vacation with her sorority sisters. Trusting a local man whose beauty is only skin deep will turn out to be the start of Angela's nightmare. After taken as a prisoner and explained how her former life no longer existed Angela and Colin are two people whose lives have been stolen from them.

After taken as a prisoner and explained how her former life no longer existed she was left with little hope. Colin's life mission was to find his brother and bring justice to those who killed his parents.

Years later he was hired to rescue Angela. As Colin sets out to rescue Angela the lines between saving her or making her his own began to blur. He began to think of her as 'His. No cliffhangers. View all 34 comments. Apr 15, Elizabeth Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story explodes out of the gate and grabs you very early on.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy—and without any shame, I might add—is well-written, dark erotic romance. Escape From Paradise is exactly that. It walks that fine line and provides a perfect balance of dark and light. The situation which Angela finds herself in is interesting, especially as Marco Ruiz, the slave owner, is not written as a total super villain. This makes for a different type of relationship between he and Angela, as opposed to the other slaves, and at moments I almost wondered if, in his own way, he was trying to protect her.

However, he is, indeed, a villain and a slave owner, and the relationship is precariously delicate. He hates the thought of taking advantage of her. Things do get out of hand between them several times before the rescue takes place, and it affects them both in very different and yet similar ways. The chemistry between Angela and Colin is combustible from the start, and I confess that I love a storyline like this where the man is fighting himself and his desires, trying to hold himself back.

The sexual tension ramps up quickly in a situation like this, and I could feel that as it happened. Their attraction for one another is not fully explored, in the traditional manner, until the rescue is complete. This only adds to a certain build-up. For me, though, what makes this story is the writing, the depth of the characters, and the emotions which flow throughout the book. I actually often wonder what became of the characters after that last page, though there is no cliffhanger.

I highly recommend Escape From Paradise for those who love a dark erotic romance with great characters, an exciting storyline and, of course, sinfully sexy love scenes! View all 9 comments. Loved this dark, sensual, scary, entertaining, and emotional ride! Escape from Paradise is Angela's story.

Angela lied to her parents about where she was going. On her final day in Mexico, Angela meets the handsome Fernando Ruiz in a coffee shop.

Weekend in Paradise by Mia Madison

Later that night at a club, Fernando proceeds to drug, rape and kidnap Angela changing her life forever. Fernando tak 4. Fernando takes Angela to his father, Marco Ruiz where she becomes one of his sex slaves, held captive on an isolated island paradise She develops bonds with her fellow captives. Everyday brings less and less hope for her survival and freedom and more and more acceptance that this will be her new life.

She is in a constant battle with her mind and body. Small changes over a long course of time could go easily unnoticed, until one day you look up and realize you're not the same person anymore. Colin's family was killed and his brother was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave when he was teenager. He vowed to find his brother and avenge the death of his parents. He goes "under-ground" infilitrating drug and sex rings in search of his brother. Colin is later hired to find Angela.

He spends 15 months posing as an artist before gaining access to Marco Ruiz. Colin must "become" what he has always loathed. In order to gain Marco's trust he has to present himself as a willing participant in Marco's game.

Enjoying the pleasures that his paradise provides. Including Angela!

Escape to Paradise

Colin struggles with his attraction for Angela and not wanting to "take advantage of her". Their encounters together are heart-breaking, yet sensual When time is almost up, Colin finally gets his best chance at rescuing Angela.

Just when it looks like Angela's escape will be easier then Colin expected Oh shite Colin makes a potentially deadly mistake. Colin and Angela are forced to make choices Will Colin be able to save Angela from captivity? Will she ever be the same again? Was what Angela and Colin shared more then just your hero saving the girl? Will Angela and Colin ever be "free"? You MUST read this gripping, fantastic story and find out.

Being able to feel the pain and suffering that Angela experienced and the internal stuggles that Colin battled made the story that much more real and entralling. This was full of suspense and twists and turns and I couldn't put it down.

This was a standalone with a HEA I think the only thing keeping it from a full five stars would be that I felt that the ending was a bit rushed.

I also wanted more Josef! I would have liked to have known what happened to the other slaves. Overall, a fantastic read that I highly recommend. View all 8 comments. Someone please tell me what the heck I just read!! I was so not prepared for this mind fuck that was zooming through my head.. Move over "Captive in the dark" and make room for "Escape from Paradise" this was gritty, dark, with hotness galore for good measure!!

View all 10 comments. Jun 15, Anja rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was I can't believe that this "treasure" was sleeping on my kindle for such a long time!

Simply perfect for my little dark heart. View all 14 comments. There she meets a handsome man named Fernando, who invites her to go dancing with her. Next thing she knows, she has been kidnapped and is no longer in Mexico, but on a boat heading to Spain where she is will be introduced into the world of sexual slavery.

Colin Douglas life isn't perfect. In his youth, he tragically lost his parents and his younger brother went missing.

His revenge fueled him all those years he spent looking for his brother. That is what eventually led him to become an undercover agent. His next assignment is to locate Angela Birch and to bring her back home to her parents. When I read the first chapter of this book quite a while back, I was so intrigued and couldn't wait for this to be released. The beginning of this book really hooked me. But as the story progressed, I unfortunately couldn't connect with the characters completely.

I felt like the story was being told to me, rather than letting me experience what was happening along with the characters. Maybe if things had been described a bit better, it might have made it more engaging. I didn't quite like Angela, to be honest. She was not so bright, and her friends were no better. In fact, they were terrible friends in my opinion. Who lets their friend hang out alone with a stranger, in a club, in a foreign country?

They should have been keeping tabs on each other. I felt absolutely horrible for everything Angela was going through. I was sickened by it all. But again, I struggled to really connect with her. I wanted her to fight, but I knew she couldn't, at the same time I still wanted her to just do something.

Soon, I found her becoming okay with her predicament, or it seemed like she did. I felt like she was giving up too quickly.

Some things were moving too fast for it to be believable. I couldn't fathom some of things Angela would notice or care about. Shouldn't she be repulsed? She seemed at times too casual about it all. I just didn't really understand her, despite having her POV. Colin interested me from the start. He was introduced with a back story and from that, I knew I wanted to know more about him. He was on a mission to rescue Angela from captivity.

MaryLu Tyndall. Wishlist Wishlist. More in Escape to Paradise Series. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. The Song of the River Trilogy. Full Steam Ahead. Woman of Courage. Sincerely Yours, 4 Volumes in 1. Perfect Ambition 1. A Promise to Love. A Talent for Trouble. Under a Blackberry Moon. Life-Changing Verses about Men: After witnessing the death and destruction caused by the Civil War, a group of disillusioned Southerners board a ship headed for Brazil in Their hope is to establish a new colony, but mysterious challenges plague their efforts.

Will they ever find the utopia they're looking for? MaryLu Tyndall Format: Paperback Number of Pages: Barbour Publishing Publication Date: Escape to Paradise. Related Products.I love the list you put together for us. Everything I thought I knew about myself and life, all of my views, shifted and changed in that room on that day. Sweet Venom: Firstly, I would like to applaud Gwendolyn Field for this exceptional book.

Colin must work fast to find and rescue Angela and his chips all fall to Marco's retreat. I loved it!!! Some horrors will not stay buried for our own good… "A Broken Paradise" continues the epic through the eyes of a young Seer Clan girl named Tiva, an abused runaway who finds herself drawn into a coven of forest-dwelling outcasts trying to escape the partisan religious conflicts of a dying world.

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