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An earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the Earth. Earthquakes can be extremely violent. They are caused by weird movements of the Earth's tectonic. We have provided below essay on earthquake under two categories named short essay on earthquake and long essay on earthquake. We are. Earthquake Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Find long and short essay on Earthquake in English language for Children and.

Earthquake Essay In English Pdf

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An earthquake is a natural phenomenon like rain. Earthquakes have occurred for billions of years. Descriptions as old as recorded history show. Earthquake essay pdf presentation tentang lingkungan geguritan always be yourself essay espanol best travel essays in english my aquarium essay yourself . Free Essay: Earthquakes Earthquakes, one of the most destructive natural phenomena, consist of rapid vibrations of rock near the earth's surface. Because of.

As the rocks move alongside these planes, it brings about tectonic earthquakes. Human Activities Man is known to influence various natural activities and earthquakes are no exception. Nuclear bombing, building of dams and mining are few such human activities that can cause earthquake.

Effects of Earthquake Mild earthquakes are harmless however the violent ones can cause mass destruction. Numerous lives are lost, several people are injured and many houses and other buildings are devastated during this natural calamity. Conclusion Earthquake is a dangerous natural calamity that has caused huge damage in various parts of the world. It cannot be avoided as the scientists are not able to predict its occurrence accurately.

Long Essay on Earthquake Management — Essay 4 words Introduction Earthquake is a natural calamity which is capable of causing vast destruction and there is no way to stop it from occurring. Our planet has been hit by a number of strong earthquakes of different magnitudes that have led to the loss of many innocent lives and heavy damage to the property. A need for disaster management for earthquake was felt owing to the huge and frequent damage they had been causing around the world.

However, it has largely failed in predicting the exact date and time of occurrence of the earthquake.

Since it is almost impossible to forecast and avoid the occurrence of earthquakes, we must prepare ourselves to lower the losses caused by these. Japan for instance is highly prone to earthquakes.

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However, their preparedness to handle this natural calamity ensures little or no damage to property and life in the country. The recent earthquakes that jolted India have shown how under-prepared we are to handle this natural calamity. A need to build an environment which is earthquake resistant has been felt. Though, this cannot be full proof however efforts in this direction can certainly help bring down the magnitude of losses.

Extensive research is going on in this direction. Builders are being encouraged to build earthquake resistant structures. Special degree in Earthquake Engineering is being imparted to prepare our future generations to tackle this natural disaster smartly. Structural Earthquake Engineering, Geo-technical Earthquake Engineering, Remote Sensing and Seismology are the fields that are being explored and taught.

Do not Panic during an Earthquake It is but natural to panic during any difficult situation however doing so only worsens the problem.

We must thus not panic during earthquake. We should rather act wisely. Do not use elevator. Take the stairs to go down. Make sure you are at a safe place as you come out and not somewhere where there is a possibility of falling objects or collapsing building. Get under a table or bed if you cannot move out. Help those caught inside or in need if you can.

Earthquake: Precautions to be taken People living in earthquake prone areas must stay alert and prepared to handle this natural disaster at all times. Conclusion The government must take measures to ensure the destruction caused by this natural calamity is lowered. In case of a severe earthquake, the government must take measures to help people who lose their houses and other important belongings.

The government must be prepared to handle such an emergency situation efficiently so that people do not suffer further. Long Essay on Earthquake in India — Essay 5 words Introduction Earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates shift and climb over one another.

This leads to mountain building referred to as orogeny which is the cause of severe earthquakes.

Thus, the tectonic plates that lie under the surface of Earth are responsible for this natural calamity. Just like many other parts of the world, India has also experienced numerous earthquakes in different areas. While some of these have caused serious destruction others have largely gone unnoticed. Major Earthquakes in India Our country has suffered from some major earthquakes in the past that have led to severe damage and immense panic among people.

Jammu and Kashmir in India was jolted by this quake and tremors were felt in many other parts of Northern India. With its epicentre in Afghanistan, the quake caused tremendous destruction in the country as well as in its neighbouring country Pakistan.

Statistics reveal that people lost their lives and as many as were injured during this earthquake. The May Nepal Earthquake: Yet another severe earthquake in Nepal that led to havoc in India too as strong tremors were felt in various parts of our country including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi. With its epicentre in Dolakha and Sindhupal Chowk, Nepal it was a 7.

Earthquake Essay

Considered to be an aftermath of the April earthquake, it took away lives and injured more than people. The April Nepal Earthquake: This is said to be one of the major earthquakes that has ever occurred in the recent times. It was a 7. The epicentre of this earthquake was Gorkha District in Nepal however strong tremors were felt in various parts of India too. It led to the devastation of many buildings and took as many as 9, lives.

Magnitude and intensity of the earthquake can be measured with the help of variety of scales such as Richter scale, moment magnitude scale, modified Mercalli scale, etc. Earthquake is a life threatening event that responsible for the huge damage to the living and non-living beings.

Earlier, it was quite hard to imagine the intensity of the earthquake before its occurrence. However, now-a-days, it has become easy to estimate the magnitude and intensity of earthquake because of the instrumental advancement in the world. People, in the ancient time, believed that earthquake occurs as mother earth was angry with them. It was Aristotle a great Greek philosopher who relate the occurrence of earthquake to some physical factors.

According to him, the compression of air within the arch escapes cause shakes of some part of the earth surface and called as volcanic activity.

Earthquake Essay 3 words Earthquake is a natural calamity can occur anytime and anywhere on the earth surface, cause lots of disturbance of to the living beings and useful natural resources. If we think about the earthquake, we also think that nothing is more destructive than this natural calamity. Earthquake has its long devastating history from the ancient time all over the world however its monotonous regularity makes us more fearful.

Earth crust consists of several unfixed solid rock faces which move slowly below the surface under the range of millimeters to kilometers. The rate of movement increases with the thickness of plates. Such huge moving plates get separated from other plates and get out of their boundaries.

Earthquake occurs when such moving plates clash with each other and separate. Sometimes volcanos located around edges of the Pacific Ocean, known as Ring of Fire bursts and releases lots of lava, gas, etc which causes pressure and imbalance within the earth surface and produces earthquake waves in the surrounding areas. Thus, volcanic activity within the earth surface is one of the reasons for earthquakes.

Faults created by the volcanic activitiy are filled up by the strong earht surface movement which causes tremor. Everyone should take care of them when earthquake occurs by following some precautions like: People should stay calm and stay inside or outside the door but away from windows, buildings and power lines. They should stand against the wall near to the center of building, at doorway and crawl under some heavy furniture like a desk or table. Never use flammable things like matches, candles, or any other flame as they caught fire with broken gas lines.

Never use elevators as they may stuck. Long Essay on Earthquake Earthquake Essay 4 words Earthquake is a natural calamity which has power to destroy human lives in few seconds.

It is lonely responsible for the huge damage to living and non-living beings. Earlier, people were unaware of the reasons of earthquake occurrence and the extent of damage. They believed that earthquake occur whenever mother earth become angry with them. It was Aristotle a great Greek philosopher who made people aware that earthquake occur because of some physical factors.

He told that, some parts of land moves whenever air compressed within the arch escapes which is called as volcanic activity. Earthquake waves cause movement in the surrounding areas because of air pressure and imbalance. Another reason of earthquake occurrence is isostatic adjustment. Thesis statement of earthquakes essay on earthquake engineering phd thesis. These by yukosaka teacher essays on essay about.

Earthquake Essay

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The nature of earthquakes

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College application essay. Conclusion graffiti essay no gpa.Edit Mode. They are different from earthquakes followed by a series of aftershocks by the fact that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously the main shock, therefore none have notably higher magnitudes than the other. The energy released in earthquakes from this belt is about 15 percent of the world total.

Retrieved from " https: An earthquake is a tremor that is produced when two surfaces of earth, underneath the surface, slip against each other and release seismic waves. Earthquake is a dangerous natural calamity that has caused huge damage in various parts of the world. Raised blocks get down and cause imbalance on the earth surface which inturn cause earthquake. Essay on EarthQuakes Words 11 Pages.

Earthquake may occur anytime in any part of the world. A need to build an environment which is earthquake resistant has been felt.

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