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Lectures notes. On. Machine Dynamics II. Course Code- BME Prepared by. Prof. Mihir Kumar Sutar. Asst. professor,. Department of Mechanical Engg. Module Name, Download, Description, Download Size. Module-1 Dynamics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion; Dynamic Force Analysis of Machines, Lecture 1. (7) Dynamic Analysis of Four bar Mechanism: A four-bar linkage or simply a 4-bar or engineering machine design and fall under the study of kinematics.

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addresses dynamic problems of power machines (reciprocating engines and turbo- general approach to solving problems of the dynamics of machinery by. [PDF] ME Dynamics of Machines (DOM) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions, Question Bank & Syllabus. By. Fundamentals of kinematics and dynamic of machines and mechanisms / The subject of this book is kinematics and dynamics of machines and mechanisms.

Free vibrations: if the periodic motion continues after the causes of original disturbance is removed, then the body is said to be under free vibrations. What are the different types of vibrations? Free vibrations, 2. Forced vibrations, 3.


Damped vibrations. State different method of finding natural frequency of a system. Equilibrium method, 2. Energy method, 3.

Rayleigh method. What is meant by free vibration and forced vibration? Free or natural vibration: When no external force acts on the body, after giving it an initial displacement, then the body is to said to be Free or natural vibration Forced Vibration: When the body vibrates under the influences of external forces, then the body is said to be under Forced vibration.

Define resonance. When the frequency of external forces is equal frequency of a vibrating body, the amplitude of vibration becomes excessively large. This phenomenon is known as resonance. What is meant by degrees of freedom in a vibrating system? The number of independent coordinate required to completely define the motion of a system is known as degree of freedom of the system.

What is the natural frequency of simple spring mass system? What is the effect of inertia on the shaft in longitudinal and transverse vibrations? In longitudinal vibrations, he inertia effect of the shaft is equal to the that of a mass one third of the mass of the shaft concentrated at its free end.

State the expression for the frequency of simple pendulum. Give the expression for natural frequency of water, which oscillates in a Utube manometer? What are the different types of damping?

Theory and Applications

Viscous damping, Coulomb or dry friction damping Solid or structural damping Slip or interfacial damping Draw the schematic diagram of a free damped vibration system and write the governing differential equation of the system. Sketch the Time Vs Displacement for under-damped and over-damped systems.

What is the limit beyond which damping is detrimental and why? That is ,aperiodic motion means the system cannot vibrate due to over damping. Once the system is disturbed, it will take infinite time to come back to equilibrium. What is meant by critical damping?

If then system is critically damped, the mass moves back very quickly to its equilibrium position within no time. What type of motion is exhibited by a vibrating system when it is critically damped?

A periodic motion is exhibited Define critical or whirling speed. The speed at which resonance occurs is called critical speed of the shaft.

In other words ,the speed at which the shaft runs so that the additional deflection of the shaft from the axis of the rotation becomes infinite ,is known as critical speed. What are the factors that affect the critical speed of a shaft? The critical speed essential depends on; The eccentricity of the C. Diameter of the disc Span Length of the shaft, Type of supports connections at its ends. What are the causes of critical speed? The Critical Speed occurs due to the one or more following reasons: 1.

Eccentricity mounting like gear, flywheel, pulleys, etc 2. Bending of the shaft due to own weight 3. Non-uniform distribution of the rotor material,etc Differentiate between transverse and torsional vibrations. In transverse vibration, the particles of the shaft approximately perpendicular to the the axis of the shaft. Due to transverse vibration, tensile and compressive stresses are induced Due to torsional vibration, torsional shear stresses are induced in the shaft.

Define critical or whirling or whipping speed of a shaft.

Dynamics of Machinery

The speed at which resonance occurs is called critical speed of shaft. In other words, the speed at which the shaft runs so that the additional deflection of the shaft from the axis of rotation becomes infinite, is known as critical speed What are the causes of critical speed?

The critical speed may occur due to one or more of the following reasons: i ii iii 3 Eccentric mountings like gears, flywheels, pulleys, etc. Define torsional vibration. I In transverse vibrations, the particles of the shaft move approximately perpendicular to the axis of the shaft.

II Due to transverse vibrations, tensile and compressive stresses are induced. III Due to torsional vibrations, torsional shear stresses are induced in the shaft.

Define node in torsional vibration Node is the point or the section of the shaft at which amplitude of the torsional vibration is Zero.

At nodes, the shaft remains unaffected by the vibration. Define torsional equivalent shaft. A shaft having variable diameter for different lengths can be theoretically replaced by an equivalent shaft of uniform diameter such that they have the same total angle of twist when equal opposing torques are applied at their ends.

Such a theoretically replaced shaft is known as torsionally equivalent shaft. The critical speed essentially depends on: i The eccentricity of the C.

G of the rotating masses from the axis of rotation of the shaft, ii Diameter of the disc, iii Span length of the shaft, and iv Type of supports connections at its ends. PA College of Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering 10 ME - Dynamics of Machinery 8 What are the conditions to be satisfied for an equivalent system to that of geared system in torsional vibrations?

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Dynamics of Machinery - DM Study Materials

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January June 2. February 6. Trending on EasyEngineering. February October Representation of Vibratory Behaviour.

Free Vibration with Viscous Damping. Critical Damping and Aperiodic Motion. Logarithmic Decrement. Harmonic vibration of single DOF system. Phase and Phasor representation.

Lecture Response of base excitation systems.

Transmissibility and Isolation. Whirling and critical speed. Longitudinal vibration of bars. Torsional Vibration of Shafts. Transverse Vibration of Beams6. Lecture Problems and Solutions Contact Webmaster:The mass of the flywheel is kg and radius of gyration mm. The radius of rotation of the ball is mm when governor is at maximum speed. Find the stiffness of each spring when a refrigerator unit having a mass of 30kg is to be support by three springs. A single cylinder engine has an out of balance force of N at an engine speed of 30rpm.

June 2. The work I was doing involved clarifying the specification, distinguishing between mandatory requirements and desirable characteristics, some reading, some drawing, some computation, but, above all, taking decisions.

Hence inertia effects due to masses are neglected.

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